Main Plot: Donovan

(Donovan walks out of class looking cautious. Travis sees him.)

Travis: Nightmares?

Donovan: No. Jake and his crew.

Travis: They're at it again?

Donovan: They always are.

Travis: Ouch.

Donovan: You don't know how I'm feeling.

Travis: Don, are you gonna let Jackass Morales, Jomophobe, and Jerky Chambers ruin you?

Donovan: No...

Travis: Then fight back.

Donovan: I don't wanna get in anymore trouble then I already am.

Travis: Do you want Prom crashed on your part?

Donovan: No.

Travis: How about Grade 12? Graduation? Senior Prom? You those to be let down? Along with Molly?

Donovan: No, man!

Travis: Then brush these guys off your shoulders.

Donovan: How?

Travis: We these.

(Travis points at Donovan's fists.)

Travis: And this.

(He points at his head.)

Donovan: Think and fight?

Travis: You know what I mean. Don't let those losers take up anymore of your time. Fight back.

(Travis leaves.)


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Damon

(Damon walks into Mr. Hudson's office.)

Mr. Hudson: Damon. Glad you can make it.

(Damon sees his parents with Daniel.)

Damon: What is this?

Mr. Wells: Damon. We know.

Damon: About what?

Mrs. Wells: Your bulimia.

Damon: Oh no. How did you know?

Mrs. Wells: Mr. Hudson and your friend told us.

Damon: Way to go Daniel.

Mr. Hudson: Daniel, your dismissed.

Daniel: Sorry, man.

(Daniel leaves.)

Mr. Wells: Since November, you've put you health at risk.

Damon: I'm only doing it to look good.

Mr. Wells: You don't need to do that to impress anyone. You look great.

Damon: Don't try and chear me up.

Mrs. Wells: Mr. Hudson: Explained everything to us. This can only mean one thing.

Damon: Oh really? And what's that?

Mr. Wells: We are sending you to rehab.

Damon: What?! Rehab?

Mr. Wells: It's just a rehabillitation center. It's not that bad.

Damon: You can't do this to me!

Mrs. Wells: It's the only way.

Damon: You can't put me in rehab!!

(Damon runs out of the office.)

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(At lunch Cassie walks into the Caff.)

Cassie: Becks! Liam!

Rebecca: Hey Cassie.

Liam: Hello Cass.

(A group of people are looking and grinning at Cassie.)

Rebecca: What's their problem?

Cassie: Do I smell?

Liam: You smell nice.

(A small group walk over to them.)

Freshman Boy: Wow, Cassie. Life probably sucks huh?

Freshman Girl: But I guess some people have to do five years.

(They walk away laughing.)

Rebecca: Cassie, what are they talking about?

Cassie: I... I don't.

(Chloe walks over to them.)

Chloe: Who's the bitch?

Cassie: Excuse me?

Chloe: Liam, Cassie likes you.

Cassie: How the hell did you know about that?

Chloe: The same way I found out about you repeating Grade 9 next year.

Rebecca: You're getting held back?!

Cassie: I just found out the other day.

Chloe: I spread rumors since you think I'm a bitch!

Cassie: Well you are a bitch if you're gonna go and do that!

Chloe: Oh well! That's for stealing my friend...niner.

Cassie: And you are a SLUT!!

Rebecca: Cassie!

(Chloe slaps Cassie. Cassie punches Chloe to the floor.)

Rebecca: Liam! Do something!

Liam: She has a crush on me?

(Chloe and Cassie are wrestling on the floor pulling each other's hair. People watch and laugh.)

Cassie: You bitch!

(Cassie gets up and kicks Chloe.)

Cassie: That's for ruining my day!

(People cheer for Cassie and she smiles. Samantha and Latisha appear.)

Samantha: Good job, Stark!

Latisha: Damn, that girl can fight!

Cassie: Aww, thank you. Too bad we won't be in Grade 10 together.

Samantha: There's always a year after.

(Rebecca starts getting mad.)

Rebecca: Cassie!!

Liam: I like you too!!

Rebecca: Liam!!

Liam: Oh sorry.

Rebecca: Cassie what the hell is wrong with you?

Cassie: She had it coming.

Rebecca: No she didn't. She's still on the ground!

Chloe: Ow. Help.

(Daniel walks in.)

Daniel: Whoa!

(He sees scratches on Chloe and Cassie.)

Daniel: Did I miss something huge or what?

Liam: She likes me!

Cassie: I kicked her ass.

Rebecca: And I'm mad at yours!

(Rebecca storms out. Daniel helps up Chloe.)

Daniel: You okay?

Chloe: I'll live. She's a hell of a fighter.

(Cassie walks out. Liam follows her.)

Liam: Cassie!

Cassie: Are you mad?

Liam: No. You fight well!

Cassie: No not that. About me liking you?

Liam: No. I like you too.

Cassie: Do you?

(Cassie leans in but Liam backs away.)

Liam: Unfortunatley, I have a girlfriend.

Cassie: Oh, sorry.

Liam: Yeah.

Cassie: Who?

Liam: Re...

Cassie: Re?

Liam: You don't know her.

Cassie: Oh. Well I'm still good for you.

Liam: I call you.

Cassie: Okay.

Liam: Oh and good job kicking Chloe's ass. She had it coming.

Cassie: Thanks.

(They walks separate ways.)

Main Plot: Donovan

(Afterschool, Frankie is walking in an empty hallway on the phone with Randi.)

Randi: Let's make a deal... do something good this week, and we have sex on Friday.

Frankie: How kindly.

(He hears heavy breathing and groaning.)

Frankie: Hold on. Hello?

(Frankie truns and sees figure on the ground struggling to get up.)

Frankie: Hey!! Are you okay? (He walks over to the person and sees its face. It's Donovan.)

Frankie: Donovan? Oh my god!!

(The beaten, battered and bruised Donovan looks at Frankie.)

Donovan: F-fran-kie!

(Donovan panics.)

Frankie: It's okay! I'm not gonna hurt you! I'm not your enemy anymore.

(He calls 911. Donovan starts passing out.)

Frankie: SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

Subplot: Damon

(Damon is seen packing his locker. Daniel and Chloe walk over to him.)

Chloe: What's with the packing.

Damon: I'm going to rehab.

Daniel: Ouch.

Damon: Thank a lot, Danny.

Daniel: I don't want you hurt.

Damon: You already hurt me!

Chloe: It's for the best.

Damon: What happened to you?

Daniel: Cassie and her got into a fight.

Damon: Who won?

Daniel: Cassie.

Damon: What for?

Daniel: Chloe spreaded rumors.

Chloe: I'll explain later.

(Chloe limps away.)

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(Cassie walks over to Rebecca.)

Rebecca: What?

Cassie: Are you mad?

Rebecca: Darn right I am.

Cassie: Look, I'm sorry I beat up Chloe.

Rebecca: Whatever.

Cassie: I still wanna be friends.

Rebecca: Fine, we're friends but it's still gonna be awkward?

Cassie: What?

Rebecca: You repeating Grade 9.

Cassie: Pretend I'll be a sophomore.

Rebecca: If you wanted help, you should've went to Liam instead of Samantha.

Cassie: I didn't want to cheat.

Rebecca: Fine. I'm out.

(Rebecca starts to walk away.)

Rebecca: Oh and Liam's mine.

(Rebecca leaves and Cassie's jaw drops.)

Main Plot: Donovan

(Molly, Frankie, May, Travis and Randi are at the hospital with Donovan.)

Doctor: You're friend will be okay.

Molly: Is he?

Doctor: One hundred percent. He's only suffered minor injuries.

Frankie: What kind?

Doctor: Small bruises and some cuts. It's great that you helped your friend. Frankie: Th-Thank you.

(The doctor walks out. Savannah, Skyler, Alberta and Trevor walk in.)

Trevor: What the hell happened?

Frankie: Somebody beat the crap out of him.

Alberta: May god help him!

Frankie: Who would do this?

(Donovan wakes up.)

Travis: Hey buddy.

(Donovan panicks from seeing Randi, Savannah, Frankie and Skyler.)

Donovan: You! You!

Frankie: Calm down! I brought you here.

Donovan: You sent those bastards to kill me!

Frankie: What? I don't know what you're talking about!

Molly: Donovan, Frankie's the one who found you and called an ambulance for you.

Donovan: You did that, for me?

Frankie: Yeppers.

Donovan: But you hate me.

Frankie: Not anymore.

Donovan: You you two! Randi and Savannah! Don't you hate each other?

Savannah: A while back Randi and I became friends again and we talked things over with Frankie.

Frankie: I learned that some rivalries can't go on. Like ours.

Donovan: Hello? Frankie Martin?

(They laugh.)

Alberta: But who would do this to you?

Skyler: Yeah! Tell us!

Frankie: Who did this?

Donovan: The three people who still hate me.

Frankie: JC, Jacob and Jo?

Donovan: They jumped me when I tried fighting back. Thanks for the advice Travis. It sucks.

Travis: Sorry...

Frankie: THey may be my friends too. But...

Randi: What?

Frankie: They need a little punishment. Friends?

(Donovan smiles.)

Donovan: Friends.

(They shake hands and fist bumps. Everyone smiles and become friends.)

Frankie: There's one thing though.

Donovan: And what's that?

Frankie: Good thing Randi and Molly talked about this with me. This is for last year.

(Frankie kisses Molly. Everyone oooh's and laughs.)

Donovan: Asshole. I guess it's only fair.

Subplot: Damon

(Damon is in the car with his parents.)

Mr. Wells: Here we are.

Damon: I don't wanna be here.

Mr. Wells: You have to be here.

(They walk into a rehab center.)

Mr. Wells: Hello, we would like to check our son into rehab.

Receptionist: Okay, sign him up here.

(They sign.)

Receptionist: Thank you. Come with me.

(Damon and his parents follow the receptionist.)

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(Cassie gets home.)

Cassie: I'm home.

Mr. Stark: Cassie! What happened?

Cassie: I was in a fight.

Mrs. Stark: Did they hurt you?

Cassie: No, mom. I won.

Mr. Stark: Well, at least you won.

Mrs. Stark: Go clean up and have some dinner.

Cassie: No problem.

...Next Week...

Molly: It's beautiful!

Frankie: Let's party it up!


Liam: Look, we should talk.

Rebecca: About what?

Liam: Us.


Savannah: Let's run against just for fun.

Jacob: That's pretty fair.

Maive: My sister has the results.


Ramona: And this year's King and Queen are...

(Molly and Donovan hold hands.)

(Randi and Frankie hold hands.)

(Savannah and Jayden hold hands.)

(Liam and Cassie lean in for a kiss at the prom.)

(People clap and cheer.)

...The Spring Season Finale of Orlando TCB. Coming in Two Weeks...

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