Main Plot: Donovan

(Donovan walks to his locker with Molly.)

Molly: We only have two weeks left of school.

Donovan: Yep. That's why us juniors better move to the senior locker.

Molly: Haha!

(They kiss.)

Molly: Don't look now! Jocab's coming.

(Jacob and JC walk past them.)

Jacob: >cough< stealer.

Donovan: >cough< loser.

Jacob: You know what?

Donovan: What?!

(Molly keeps them apart.)

Molly: Can we get through these last two weeks without violence?

Jacob: I'm just trying to make things right!

Molly: It's called moving on!

Jacob: Watch! Just watch!

(Jacob backs up slowly then leaves with JC.)

Donovan: That doesn't sound good. This is bad.


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Damon

(Damon runs into a bathroom. Liam and Daniel are in the hallway.)

Liam: Maybe he had a loud dump.

(They go in. They hear Damon throwing up.)

Liam: No way.

Damon: Huh? Oh hey.

Daniel: Are you...?

Damon: Today's lunch was horrible. What was in that stuff?

Liam: It was a little dry.

Daniel: Are you okay?

Damon: I'm fine.

Daniel: Then let's go back to class.

Damon: You guys go ahead. It also rammed my stomach.

(Daniel and Liam leave.)

Liam: He must be sick.

Daniel: No he's not.

Liam: Huh?

Daniel: He's at it again.

Liam: The... bulimia?

Daniel: Yep.

Liam: How do you know?

Daniel: Lunchtime is an hour away.

Liam: Oh snap!

Daniel: You better warn your brother.

Liam: Okay.

Daniel: Find Trevor and tell him too.

(Liam runs. Daniel looks back and makes a worried look.)

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(Cassie and Rebecca are talking when Chloe walks up to them.)

Chloe: Hey girls.

Rebecca: Hey Chloe.

Cassie: Hey.

Chloe: So who's hangin tonight?

Rebecca: Me and Cassie are going to see the new Scary Movie.

Chloe: Can I come?

Rebecca: There's only enough money for two of us.

Chloe: Oh then how about this weekend?

Rebecca: Cassie and I are going camping with Blake and Liam.

Chloe: Room for me?

Cassie: There's only enough for four.

Chloe: Wow. You really have schedule that says "Minus Chloe", don't you?

Rebecca: Come on Chloe. It's not that bad.

Chloe: It's bad enough that some people like taking other people's best friends.

(Chloe storms off.)

Cassie: What did I do?

Main Plot: Donovan

(Jacob, JC, and Jo are in an empty classroom.)

Jacob: I've had it!

JC: You hate the school?

Jacob: No. Donovan! He's ruined everytrhing this year.

Jo: And what's that?

Jacob: Frankie's parties, The dance, he took my girlfriend.

Jo: Heh, I do agree that ruined fun times.

JC: He's right.

Jacob: I think we should jump him afterschool.

Jo: Really?

JC: It would be nice to kick his ass.

Jo: I'm a tough girl and I've got nothing to do so why not?

Jacob: Good. Afterschool, we haze his ass. Then, let's run him out!!

(They all hive five.)

Subplot: Damon

(Damon comes out of a bathroom. Daniel, Liam and Trevor wait for him.)

Damon: How did you know I was in this bathroom?

Daniel: You vomit very loudly.

Damon: Umm...

Liam: You don't have to tell us. We already know.

Damon: You don't know anything.

Daniel: We're not stupid.

Trevor: You're bulimic again.

Damon: Look, I want to look my best.

Trevor: Is this because of that movie?

Damon: Yes...

Trevor: You're being insecure.

Damon: I want to look good for you.

Trevor: You don't have to do that.

Damon: But I don't want to be fat!

Trevor: You're not fat!

Daniel: Yeah Damon. You fine the way you are.

Liam: Yeah. These are your close friends and your boyfriend telling you this.

Trevor: That director was full of crap!

Liam: We have to fix you.

Damon: You don't understand!

(Damon runs off.)

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(Chloe walks up to Cassie in the hallway.)

Chloe: Rebecca's my friend, stop hogging her.

Cassie: What's your deal?

Chloe: My deal is you taking up Rebecca's time. I've known her longer than you.

Cassie: That doesn't mean she can't be my friend.

Chloe: Cancell you plans!

Cassie: No, stop being an idiot.

Chloe: Oh! So now I'm an idiot?

Cassie: As long as you keep acting like one.

Chloe: Stop being a bitch!

Cassie: You're the real bitch. Get a damn grip!

Chloe: We'll see about that.

(Chloe storms off.)

Main Plot: Donovan

(Afterschool, Donovan is walking towards the exit. He stops and sees Jo, Jacob and JC outside waiting for him.)

Donovan: No. No!

(Donovan starts running back through the halls.)

Subplot: Damon

(Liam, Daniel and Trevor walk in the office. They see Mr. Hudson.)

Mr. Hudson: Hey boys. What can I do you?

Daniel: Damon's at it again.

Mr. Hudson: At what?

Trevor: He's bulimic...again.

Liam: He won't listen to us.

Trevor: Especially me.

Mr. Hudson: Why you?

Liam: They're dating.

Mr. Hudson: Wait, Trevor's dating a guy?

Trevor: I'm gay, Mr. Hudson. Now, focus.

Liam: We need to fix him, quick. He's worse than before.

Mr. Hudson: Okay, I'll see what I can do. Thanks for telling me.

(Liam, Daniel, and Trevor walk out. Cassie walks in)

Cassie: You wanted to see, sir?

Mr. Hudson: Yeah...

Third Plot: Cassie/Chloe

(Chloe walks past the office and sees Mr. Hudson talking to Cassie. Chloe overhears their conversation.)

Mr. Hudson: I'm very sorry to tell you Cassie.

Cassie: What happened?

Mr. Hudson: You may be repeating Grade 9.

Cassie: What?!

Mr. Hudson: It sucks.

Cassie: Why didn't you do something? I mean I'm friends with you're sister and I like your brother.

Mr. Hudson: Cassie, I've done everything I can to get you to the tenth grade. It couldn't pay off.

Cassie: You couldn't change my grades like Rebecca did to Liam's grades.

Mr. Hudson: Huh? How did that happen?

Cassie: Did Liam tell you that Rebecca hacked the school's... nevermind.

Mr. Hudson: Umm okay.

Cassie: Please. It's been because I'm dyslexic. It's hard for me.

Mr. Hudson: I even used that excuse. The staff wouldn't take it. I'm sorry Cassie.

(Cassie sighs.)

Cassie: Just don't tell anyone.

Mr. Hudson: No problem.

(Chloe hides as Cassie walk out of the office and leaves. Chloe comes out and makes an smirk.)

Chloe: Who's the bitch now?

Main Plot: Donovan

(Donovan runs out of the back of the school and hops over a fence.)

Donovan: You're not gonna get me. You're not gonna get me!

(He makes it home.)

Donovan: I can't let them win.

...Next Week...

...Donovan fight back...

Donovan: Come on! Bring it!

Jacob: Mess him up!

(Jacob, JC, and Jo charge at him.)

...Until an old enemy turns into his ally...

Frankie: Guys, just leave alone.

Donovan: Frankie?

Frankie: Surprise!

...Damon overreacts...

Damon: You can't do this to me!

Mrs. Wells: It's the only way.

Damon: You can't put me in rehab!!

...And Cassie goes head to head with Chloe...

Chloe: That's for stealing my friend...niner.

Cassie: And you are a SLUT!!

Rebecca: Cassie!

Liam: She has a crush on me?

(Chloe and Cassie get into a fight.)

...All New Orlando TCB. Next on Degrassi and Orlando Wiki...

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