Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie and Randi are walking to class.)

Frankie: Did you miss me?

Randi: You know it. I was probably wrong to put us on a break.

Frankie: I'm not mad anymore now that you're hear.

Randi: Yeah. Now, what was that solution?

Frankie: Huh?

Randi: You said you needed a solution during the break what was it?

Frankie: Um... just R&R.

Randi: That was it?

Frankie: It's not like I did drastic stuff or anything.

Randi: As long as you love me.

(They kiss.)


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Delilah

(Delilah and Nathaniel are at her locker.)

Delilah: It's almost the end of the year and all I've had this year was homophobic crap.

Nathaniel: I'm trying not receive any "bi-phobic" nonsense.

Delilah: Easy for you. You just found yourself out. Plus, you're still in the closet.

Nathaniel: Meh, sorry.

Delilah: No problem. Since we have about two more years of this place, I might as well think about Jo.

Nathaniel: Why think about that bitch?

Delilah: Because I want her off my case.

Nathaniel: Her and her crew of dorky idiots.

Delilah: Jake doesn't have anything against me, neither does JC or Frankie.

Nathaniel: So Jo is the only target?

Delilah: Jo's my only target who targets me.

Third Plot: Travis

(After school, Travis walks by a Starbucks coffee shop and see's a sign that says "Help Wanted".)

Travis: Hmm. I wonder.

(He goes in Starbucks and asks the manager.)

Travis: Excuse me? I noticed that your sign says help wanted and I would like to apply.

Manager: Really? We just put that sign up this morning.

Travis: Oh cool.

Manager: So, you want a job?

Travis: Yeah.

Manager: Alright, wanna be a regular coffee maker. It's pretty easy.

Travis: I'll take it. What are the benefits?

Manager: A penny a day.

Travis: Uhhhhhhhh.

Manager: Kidding. 80 to 100 bucks a week.

Travis: Perfect! I'll take it.

Manager: Alright then. You're hired.

Travis: Cool. My name is Travis Moore.

Manager: You start on Monday morning.

Travis: Morning?

Manager: Yeah? Concerns?

Travis: Yeah. I'm a junior over at Orlando High.

Manager: Oh okay. Then afternoon. 4pm.

Travis: That's better.

Main Plot: Frankie

(Randi waits outside the school for Frankie. She sees Trevor.)

Randi: Trevor!

Trevor: Oh hey Randi.

Randi: Have you seen Frankie?

Trevor: No I haven't. Why?

Randi: He was suppose to meet me 20 minutes ago.

Trevor: Oooh. You gonna whip him?

Randi: Maybe.

(Savannah comes out of the school.)

Savannah: Randi! You got to comes this!

Randi: See what?

Savannah: Your boyfriend is dancing in the girls' locker room!

Randi: What?!

Savannah: Let's go!

(Trevor, Randi and Savannah run into the school and to the girls' locker room. Frankie is dancing like a maniac.)

Frankie: Bow chicka wow wow!!

Randi: Frankie!!

Frankie: Hey, baby!!

Randi: What the hell are you doing?!

Frankie: My solution is calling me for a treatment.

(Frankie picks up weed and smokes it in front of everyone.)

Trevor: Weed? Are you nuts?

Frankie: Trevor! How's my gay friend?

(Everyone gasps and looks at Trevor.)

Trevor: What? NO!!

Frankie: It's okay! Trevor's gay, by the way.

Trevor: What? I'm not!!

Frankie: It's okay, Armstrong!

Randi: Frankie! Shut up!!

Frankie: I'm having fun. I'm hot! Yeah!

Randi: We're done!!

(Randi runs out of the locker room, crying. Trevor follows her.)

Trevor: I can't believe he did that!

Randi: I can't be with him, anymore if he's gonna do drugs.

Trevor: I can't believe he outed me. Oh, I mean...

Randi: Outed you?

Trevor: Oops.

Randi: You mean you're actually gay?

Trevor: I...I, uh.

Randi: It's okay. I don't really mind.

Trevor: You don't?

Randi: I'm not homophobic like Jo. I'm not homophobic, period.

Trevor: Oh. Does that mean...?

Randi: We're still friends.

(Randi hugs Trevor and cries.)

Subplot: Delilah

(Later, Delilah and Nathaniel walk towards the exit.)

Delilah: Did I just hear that Frankie does drugs?

Nathaniel: Yep!

(Jo walks over to them.)

Jo: Did you hear that Trevor's also gay? You just found a new friend, homo.

Delilah: Dammit, Jo! Leave!

Jo: I'll leave when I want to, bitch.

Delilah: Would you leave me alone?

Jo: I don't give a damn what you want, homo!

(Delilah pushes Jo into a locker.)

Jo: Did you just push me?

Delilah: Well it wasn't wind, now was it!

(They're about to fight until Nathaniel alarms them.)

Nathaniel: Girls, teacher.

(A teacher walks by.)

Jo: This isn't over.

(Jo storms off.)

Third Plot: Travis

(Travis get home.)

Mr. Moore: Hey sport, where were you?

Travis: Dad, I got a job.

Mr. Moore: Did you now?

Travis:Yep. I wanna bring some extra money to the house.

Mr. Moore: We're rich already.

Travis: Just saying until we reach bankruptcy or something.

Mr. Moore: Thanks son. Wise move.

Travis: It's worth it.

Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie wakes up in the gym.)

Frankie: Ow. My head. This weed's starting to get old.

(Frankie checks his phone and goes on Facebook.)

Frankie: Oh crap.

(He sees a video of him dancing and outting Trevor.)

Frankie: Oh no! I didn't!

Subplot: Delilah

(Delilah thinks.)

Delilah: I have to fight this.

(She texts Nathaniel and Alberta.)

Delilah: We need to take Jo down. She wants a little war? She got one.

(She sends and smiles.)

Third Plot: Travis

(Travis goes on Facebook and switches his employment rating to "Employed". May texts him.)

May: You got a job?

Travis: Yep.

May: Cool. See you in Starbucks sometime.

Travis: Afterschool, every weekday.

May: No problem. I'll be there.

Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie is crying.)

Frankie: What the hell have I done?

(He punches a wall)

Frankie: I outed Trevor, Randi dumped me and I'm known as a clown.

(He looks at the weed in his room.)

Frankie: Never again.

(He throws it all away.)

...Next Time...

Frankie: I'm sorry.

...Frankie wants a second chance...

Randi: You ruined yourself.

Trevor: And you ruined me, Frankie.

Frankie: Please, just take me back! I promise it won't happen again.

...Delilah goes to war...

Nathaniel: It's Jo the Hoe

Alberta: The homophobic skank.

Jo: Shut your damn mouths!

Delilah: Look here, bitch.

(Delilah throws a tray of lunch on Jo. Alberta begins to laugh.)

...And Travis has trouble balancing...

Travis: Crap! I'm late. Please don't fire me!

...All New Orlando TCB. Next week on Degrassi and Orlando Wiki...

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