Main Plot: Damon

(Damon walks in the school with Trevor. Chloe walks up to them.)

Chloe: Hey guys!

Damon: Chloe!!

(They hug.)

Trevor: Hi Chloe.

Chloe: Hi Trevor. So guys, I was wondering if you would like to see Romeo & Juliet tonight with me, Rebecca, Liam, Cassie.?

Trevor: I'm in. Or is it one of those niners' night out?

Chloe: You can come too, Trevor. Damon? How about you?

Damon: No.

Chloe: Why not? It's a good movie and has gotten good reviews.

Damon: It's just not my thing. Romance movie aren't my thing.

Chloe: You're living in romance right now.

Trevor: That's right. Me.

Damon: I don't like watching it. I want to live it.

Trevor: Just this one time? Please.

(He whispers.)

Trevor: For me?

Damon: Fine. For you.

Trevor: Yay!

(Damon walks away.)

Chloe: He doesn't seem fond of this movie.

Trevor: He said he's not into watching something he already does.

Chloe: No I mean there's something wrong. I don't think that's the real reason. I've seen him watch romance movies before.

Trevor: That is strange.


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Kayla/Seth

(Kayla walks in the hallway with Seth.)

Seth: You okay?

Kayla: I've been thinking.

Seth: What about?

Kayla: I think we should come out.

Seth: I'm straight.

Kayla: No Seth.

Seth: I'm kidding

Kayla: We should tell our friends that we're pregnant.

Seth: You mean YOU.

Kayla: It's yours too.

Seth: Oh yeah.

Kayla: After today, we're telling our friends.

Seth: Understood, my lady.

(Kayla kisses Seth "in french".)

Kayla: Let's not get carried away.

Seth: We can save that.

Third Plot: Ramona/Travis

(Travis runs over to his locker. He opens and a note falls out. He unfolds and reads.)

Travis: "Dear Travis, I know we've only known each other for a few months but I have to say, you're a hell of a guy. I have this school girl crush on you and I want to express it to you.  -Ramona"

(Travis smiles.)

Travis: This shall be interesting.

Main Plot: Damon

(Afterschool, Damon finds Chloe, Rebecca, Cassie, Liam, and Trevor standing by Blake's car.)

Liam: Damon!

Trevor: Ready for movie romance?

Damon: Yes...

Mr. Hudson: Ready guys?

(The six teens get in Mr. Hudson's car and drive to the movies.)

Liam: What are we seeing again?

Damon: Romeo & Juliet.

Rebecca: Anyone exited?

Chloe: Yeah!

Cassie: Totally!

Damon: Meh.

Trevor: Don't worry. You'll enjoy it.

Subplot: Kayla/Seth

(Kayla and Seth meet Delilah, Nathaniel, Ramona, Jayden, and Quinn in the gym.)

Jayden: So what's up?

Ramona: They have an announcement.

Kayla: An announcement that Ramona alreday knew when I first knew.

Ramona: That's right guys.

Seth: Here it goes.

Kayla: Guys... my loyal close friends in this school... We're going to have a baby!

(Kayla takes off her jacket and shows her baby bump.)

Delilah: Whoa!!

Nathaniel: Seriously?

Jayden: Honest blog?

Kayla: Yeah, so how do you guys feel? I hope you don't think I'm an idiot or a loser.

Jayden: No way.

Nathaniel: We would never think of you that way.

Delilah: You're still the same Kayla Palmero we knew on the first week of school.

Kayla: So does this mean...

Delilah: We support you.

(Nathaniel, Jayden, Delilah and Ramona give Seth and Kayla a group hug. Quinn watches them.)

Third Plot: Ramona/Travis

(Travis walks in the gym and sees the group hug.)

Ramona: Travis! I gotta go guys.

(Ramona walks over to Travis.)

Travis: Hey... what's with the group hug?

Ramona: It's just a friendship of the schools most confident sophomores.

Travis: Oh, cool. Um... I got your letter.

Ramona: What did you think?

Travis: That touched my heart. Very, uh, touching. Thank you.

Ramona: Does that mean you like me back?

Travis: If you want us to date then sure but we need a first date.

Ramona: Where and When?

Travis: How about tomorrow night at the hotel?

Ramona: Sure. Perfect!

Travis: Cool see you then.

Ramona: Bye.

(Travis leaves. Kayla walks to Ramona.)

Kayla: Someone's blushing.

Ramona: Remember I told you that I stayed somewhere for awhile?

Kayla: Yeah.

Ramona: I stayed with him.

Kayla: Travis Moore? Disney Hotel?

Ramona: Yep.

Kayla: You have crazy adventures.

Ramona: I know.

Main Plot: Damon

(Trevor, Damon, Chloe, Cassie, Rebecca and Liam are in the movie theature watching Romeo & Juliet.)

Rebecca: Liam, I have to go to the bathroom. I need a buddy system.

(Rebecca gives Liam a sexy smile.)

Liam: Okay, let's go.

(Rebecca and Liam leave to go to "the bathroom.")

Damon: I can't believe this.

(Damon starts crying.)

Chloe: What's wrong?

Damon: I was supposed to be in that movie! Why did you even think about taking me there!

Chloe: I didn't even know you auditioned for that movie!

Damon: I need to get out of her.

(Damon leaves and rushes into the hallway. Liam and Rebecca were making out but quickly strighten themselves out before Damon notices.)

Rebecca: Um... Damon?

Damon: I need the bathroom. That scene was tearjerking.

(Damon goes into a bathroom and forces himself to throw up and he does.)

Damon: I can't give up.

Subplot: Kayla/Seth

(At Kayla's house, Kayla gets a phone call from Delilah.)

Kayla: Hi Delilah.

Delilah: Hey, um, Quinn's talking about you on Facebook.

Kayla: What for?

Delilah: Because you're pregnant.

Kayla: Let me check.

(Kayla is on Faebook. She sees Quinn's recent status.)

Kayla: OMG. She didn't.

(Kayla reads it.)

Kayla: "This idiot girl comes into my school, takes my crush and now is having a baby with him? What a bitch!  -Quinn."

Delilah: You're pissed, aren't you?

Kayla: Yep.

Third Plot: Ramona/Travis

(Ramona smiles at a picture of her and Travis having fun at the hotel.)

Maive: Boyfriend?

Ramona: Not yet.

Maive: So that's a soon-to-be yes?

Ramona: You can say that.

Maive: Who's the hot guy? Does he go to our school?

Ramona: Yeah. Travis Moore.

Mavie: The hot young actor in the school?

Ramona: Yep.

Maive: You're lucky.

Ramona: I know.

Main Plot: Damon

(Damon comes home.)

Mrs. Wells: Hello honey.

Damon: Hi mom.

Mrs. Wells: Do you want any dinner?

Damon: I ate so much at the movies.

Mrs. Well: Ugh. Good thing I didn't cook yet.

Damon: I'm gonna go to bed anyways.

(Damon goes upstairs and starts doing pushups.)

Damon: I'm feeling better.

...Next Time...

Damon: I'll skip lunch... Don't tell anyone!

Liam: No problem.

...Damon is at it again...

Damon: No one will stop me.

...Kayla deals with Quinn...

Kayla: You don't go off gossiping. How would you like it if I gossiped one of you're secrets?

Quinn: You wouldn't dare.

...And Ramona is hesitant...

Ramona: I hope this date goes well.

Travis: Are you sure about this?

Ramona: Umm... I'm a little nervous.

...All New Orlando TCB. Tomorrow on Orlando and Degrassi Wiki...

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