Main Plot: May

(May is looking at a picture of her, Elena and her parents.)

May: My... fault.

(Molly walks in with Elena.)

Molly: Are you okay?

May: Do I look okay?

Molly: Quite depressing, actually.

May: Sorry, it's just that I'm still sad.

Elena: No sad!!

May: Oh, please.

Molly: Is anything gonna help you feel better?

May: I don't know.

Molly: That's it! We're tired of seeing you so depressed.

May: Huh?

Molly: Tomorrow after school, you, me and Elena are going to Universal Studios.

May: I don't need joy. I need time.

Molly: And you're past due. It's time for fun. You're out of control.

Elena: Fun!!

(Elena hugs May leg.)


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Daniel

(Daniel is looking at bills.)

Daniel: Uncle Ken?

Uncle Ken: Huh?

Daniel: What's with the past due bills? Didn't you pay these?

Uncle Ken: Oh I must've forgot.

Daniel: Again? How much money do we even have?

Uncle Ken: I don't know.

Daniel: Can you please get a job? I don't wanna be evicted...again.

Uncle Ken: I'll get to it. Now, get to school. You don't wanna be late.

(Uncle Ken walks back into the living room.)

Daniel: You said that the last time.

(Daniel sees a loose poker chip.)

Daniel: There's one thing I know I can do.

(Daniel leaves for school.)

Third Plot: Savannah

(At school, Blake walks in a junior gym class. Savannah is dozing off at him. Skyler wakes her up.)

Savannah: Huh? What?

Skyler: You were staring.

Savannah: So?

Skyler: Hudson? Really?

Savannah: Are you psycic? How did you know?

Skyler: When he walked in, you were staring happily at Mr. Hudson. It's so obvious but I won't tell anyone.

Savannah: Good. Please don't.

Skyler: What do you see in him? He's a teacher.

Savannah: He's so damn hot. He's ice cream to me.

Skyler: That's disturbing.

Savannah: Haha! You would know that.

Main Plot: May

(May is in the hallway sitting down. JC walks over.)

JC: Someone's upset. Need help?

May: The enemy of my to best friends. I would say no but I could use someone to talk to right now.

JC: Alright, what's wrong.

May: Remeber that accident I got into months ago?

JC: Oh yeah. You lost your parents.

May: I'm still depressed.

JC: If I were you, I'd spend a lot of time thinking then getting over it.

May: How?

JC: Doing something you mainly enjoy having fun with.

May: Nothing's getting better. What's wrong with me.

JC: Like I said, do something you mainly enjoy having fun with.

(JC leaves.)

Subplot: Daniel

(Daniel walks to his locker and stores some money in his locker. Liam walks up to him.)

Liam: What's that?

Daniel: Why is it that everytime I hide something, you appear?

Liam: I don't know. It just happen.

Daniel: Whatever, it's money.

Liam: Oooh. Where'd you get it?

Daniel: Do I have to tell you?

Liam: I won't tell anyone this time. I promise.

Daniel: Gambling.

Liam: Wow.

Daniel: Now don't speak a word of this.

Liam: I promise I won't.

Daniel: Good.

Third Plot: Savannah

('Savannah, Skyler, and Jo walk into an empty classroom. Savannah closes the door.)

Savannah: So, I have an idea.

Jo: You're gonna seduce Mr. Hudson.

Savannah: Who said I was.

Jo: I'm just guessing.

Savannah: I'm gonna express myself to him.

Jo: You're out of your mind.

Skyler: How? She can do that.

Jo: To a teacher?

Savannah: I call him Blake the Gym Teach.

Skyler: Meh.

Savannah: I just wanna express myself. Don't tell anyone.

Jo: You know I won't.

Skyler: I won't.

Savannah: At least I can count on you two.

Main Plot: May

(Afterschool, May walks into the gym with a rack of basketballs.)

May: This better work.

(May shoots a basketball and makes it.)

May: 1

(She shoots another.)

May: 2

(She shoots one more.)

May: 3!!!

(She starts cheering in happiness but then starts crying.)

May: This is for you, Mom... you too, Dad.

Subplot: Daniel

(Daniel meets gamblers in a back alley.)

Daniel: I'm back, Jim.

Jim: You're one good fella. You know that?

Daniel: I get that.

Jim: Alright. Guys, enough dilly dallyin. Place the bets.

Shaq: 70

Fam: 70

Daniel: I roll a seven.

Jim: Good luck with that.

(Daniel rolls the dice and gets seven. Everyone "Wows")

Jim: You sir, are a natural. You're so young. Why you gambling at a young age?

Daniel: Let's just say my homelife isn't how I wanted it.

Jim: Ahhh. Finance.

Daniel: It's been great doing poker with ya'll. I wish I could make more but I don't anna take ALL your money.

Jim: It's all good. We gotta get out of here anyways. It's been a pleasure doing business with ya, Danny.

Daniel: Thanks Jim.

(Daniel leaves.)

Shaq: I hate him.

Jim: He played fair. Don't do anything. You wanna get tossed in jail again?

Shaq: I don't care. He took my money.

Jim: By playing fair.

Shaq: Ugh!!!

Third Plot: Savannah

(Savannah is at her house. She calls Skyler.)

Skyler: More?

Savannah: Yes. What do you think I should do?

Skyler: Like you said, express yourself to him.

Savannah: Is that all?

Skyler: That's the main thing.

Savannah: If it doesn't work, I'm destroying your car.

Skyler: Like we destroyed Randi's? Right.

Savannah: I'm kidding.

Skyler: At least you're going through with this.

Savannah: I'm crushing on Blake. What's the worst that can happen?

Skyler: Him getting fired.

Savannah: I'm working on that.

Skyler: Okay, well I gotta go. See ya, Sav.

Savannah: Okay. Bye, Sky.

(They hang up.)

Savannah: Here comes expression.

(She goes downstairs.)

...Next Week...

May: I'm done.

Daniel: What the hell?!

Savannah: Oh, Mr. Hudson.

(Savannah closes a door.)

...One form of trouble...

Daniel: I'm sorry!!

JC: I care.

May: Mom? Dad?

Molly: May!!

...Can turn into a double...

Randi: You look like you can use a friend.

Elena: Where's May?

Molly: It's like you're waiting for the sky to fall.

...All New Orlando...

(Daniel points a gun.)

Daniel: Stay back!!

May: Thank you.

... Only on Degrassi Wiki...

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