Main Plot: Trevor

(On Monday, Trevor comes to school smiling. Chloe walks up to him.)

Chloe: Someone's happy.

Trevor: Today's the day.

Chloe: And it happens after school.

Trevor: I know.

Chloe: Here comes Damon. Go!

Trevor: Okay.

(Trevor runs into the school.)

Damon: Chloe! Hello.

Chloe: Hi Damon. Um... Can you go to the... boiler room?

Damon: The boiler room? Now?

Chloe: No, not now. Afterschool.

Damon: What for?

Chloe: A surprise.

Damon: Okay, missy.


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Ramona

(Ramona is in gym. Kayla walks in.)

Ramona: I haven't seen you in here for a while.

Kayla: I gotta do some working out for, you know what.

Ramona: Yep.

Kayla: That was brave on Friday.

Ramona: Punching Maive?

Kayla: Yeah.

Ramona: You think she deserves it? I do.

Kayla: I do, too.

Ramona: Good. Someone on the same page as me.

Kayla: Be glad.

(Principal Jones walks in and speaks to Mr. Hudson.)

Mr. Hudson: Ramona.

Ramona: Coming.

Principal Jones: May I speak to you in my office afterschool?

Ramona: Um... sure.

Kayla: Oh no.

Third Plot: Cassie

(Cassie and Rebecca walk into the library and see Samantha and Latisha.)

Rebecca: You can't be serious. Samantha and her maid?

Cassie: Samantha is the only one I know who has great time management in school work. That's why she has good grades. She may be a bitch but I need her help.

Rebecca: My grades are a little off, too. So, I could use some help.

(Cassie and Rebecca walk up to Samantha and Latisha.)

Cassie: Samantha Bradley.

Samantha: Cassie Stark.

Latisha: The enemy.

Rebecca: What am I, chopped liver?

Samantha: What do you want?

Cassie: I need a favor.

Rebecca: WE.

Cassie: Okay... we need a favor.

Samantha: If you want more popularity then ---

Cassie: I don't want that.

Samantha: Then spit it out.

Cassie: You have great time management skills and we need much of your help.

Samantha: Soooo?

Cassie: Can you help us get our grades up?

Samantha: Hacking into the school's computer isn't my thing.

Cassie: Not that way. I mean naturally. "Time Management".

Samantha: Why?

Cassie: Energy drinks, staying up. It's not working.

Samantha: Oh I can do that!

Cassie: Great!

Samantha: If...

(Cassie gives thrity dollars to Samantha.)

Samantha: I wasn't going to ask for money.

Cassie: Oh. Why not?

(Samantha gives it back.)

Samantha: I'm rich, like Rebecca.

Cassie: Ohhh.

Samantha: After school.

Cassie: Understood.

Main Plot: Trevor

(Afterschool, Damon and Chloe head to the boiler room.)

Damon: Why are we going here?

Chloe: You, not me.

Damon: Umm.

(Chloe opens the door. They see Trevor.)

Damon: Trevor...

Chloe: Here you go. Good luck.

(Chloe leaves.)

Trevor: Hi Damon.

Damon: What's this?

Trevor: I told Chloe to do this.

Damon: Why? What more do you want to do to my life?

Trevor: Make it better.

Damon: How?

(Trevor kisses Damon.)

Trevor: Does that answer you?

Damon: Does it?

Trevor: I was hoping for a yes but nevermind.

(Trevor begins walking away. Damon grabs his arm.)

Damon: It does.

(Damon kisses Trevor.)

Trevor: You like me.

Damon: Remind me to thank Chloe.

(Damon and Trevor begin kissing.)

Subplot: Ramona

(Ramona walks into the main office. She sees Maive and her parents.)

Ramona: I knew it.

Principal Jones: Ramona, your parents came to me because it turns out that you ran away from home.

Ramona: If I ran away from home, I'd quit school with it.

Mrs. Peterson: Ramona dear, please come home.

Mr. Peterson: Whatever we did to you, please come home and tell us so we can fix this.

Ramona: What YOU did?

Mr. Peterson: Yes! We see to be suspects of whatever you're mad at.

Mrs. Peterson: What did we do?

Ramona: It wasn't you. Why don't you ask the real suspect?

(Everyone looks at Maive.)

Maive: What?

Mrs. Peterson: Maive, What is your sister talking about?

Maive: I don't know.

Ramona: Oh, so you didn't abuse me? You didn't give me that black eye?

Maive: Your out of your mind!

Ramona: You ruined everything!

Mrs. Peterson: Did you abuse Ramona?!

Ramona: I told you once and you didn't believe me.

Mr. Peterson: We're sorry.

Maive: You cried after the first time.

Principal Jones: So you admit you beat your sister?

Maive: I...I... damn it.

Ramona: Busted.

Maive: Shut up!

Ramona: Don't talk to me like that!!

Maive: Screw you, bitch!

Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Principal Jones: MAIVE!!!!!

(Ramona slaps Maive.)

Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Principal Jones: RAMONA!!!!!

(Ramona and Maive begin fighting. Ramona throws a chair at Maive.)

(Petersons and Jones break up the fight.)

Mrs. Peterson: Enough!!

Mr. Peterson: We'll talk about this when we get home...your home.

(Mr. Peterson smiles at Ramona.)

Ramona: Thanks Daddy.

Third Plot: Cassie

(Samantha and Cassie are leaving the school.)

Samantha: You got it now?

Cassie: That was an interesting technique in scheduling. Thanks .

Samantha: I know I'm good. Just remember not to rush or procrastinate.

(Samantha leaves. Daniel walks over to Cassie.)

Daniel: So, Rebecca says you got help from your enemy?

Cassie: She's not my enemy anymore.

Daniel: But you're not friends either, right.

Cassie: Yep. But I'm glad I got her help, though.

Daniel: Good luck with tomorrow's test.

Cassie: You too.

(Daniel leaves.)

Main Plot: Trevor

(Trevor calls Ramona.)

Trevor: Guess you has a boyfriend.

Ramona: OMG really? Who?

Trevor: Damon Wells.

Ramona: The niner?

Trevor: Oh yeah.

Ramona: Cool, um, can we talk later?

Trevor: Okay.

(They hang up.)

Subplot: Ramona

(Ramona walks in the house with Maive and their parents.)

Mrs. Peterson: Ramona, I didn't know you can fight.

Ramona: I took a few lessons while I was gone.

Mr. Peterson: Okay, we need to talk about this.

Mrs. Peterson: Why did you hurt Ramona?

Maive: I was mad.

Mr. Peterson: At what?

Maive: It's just that...

(Maive begins to cry.)

Maive: I wanted the popularity but Ramona took it.

Mr. Peterson: Popularity?

Ramona: Popularity?

Mr. Peterson: You got stupidity instead.

Ramona: I'm not that popular, Maive. If you wanted it. You could've started talking to Randi.

Maive: I'm just... I don't know.

Ramona: You didn't need to take it out on me.

Maive: I'm sorry, Ramona.

Ramona: I....I forgive you.

(Ramona and Maive hug.)

Maive: You're still a knuckle head.

Ramona: And you're still crazy.

Maive: Will you move back in?

Ramona: In a week.

Mrs. Peterson: Why a week?

Ramona: It's awesome where I'm at.

Third Plot: Cassie

(Cassie and Rebecca are studying in Cassie room.)

Rebecca: Blake's here. I gotta go.

Cassie: Okay. Bye, Becks.

(Rebecca leaves.)

Cassie: This studying time is calm and awesome.

(Cassie closes her book and goes on Facebook.)

Cassie: Where are you Samantha? Found you.

(Cassie sends Samantha a friend request. Samantha accepts.)

...Next Week...

May: Nothing's getting better.

Savannah: He's so damn hot. He's ice cream to me.

...If you're melting...

Daniel: I roll a seven.

(Daniel throws dice. Everyone "wows")

Jo: You're out of you're mind.

Molly: You're out of control.

Savannah: I call him Blake the Gym Teach.

May: This for you.

...Head for the freezer...

Skyler: That's disturbing.

Liam: I won't tell anyone this time. I promise.

JC: Need help?

Daniel: You said that the last time.

...All New Orlando...

Savannah: I have an idea.

(Savannah closes a door.)

...Next week on Degassi Wiki...

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