Main Plot: Randi/Frankie

(Randi is at her locker when she sees Frankie coming over. He doesn't notice her, yet. Randi walks away fast and bumps into Molly.)

Molly: Oops! Sorry Randi.

Randi: It's okay Molls.

Frankie: There's my ring-pop.

Randi: Yes, Frankie?

Frankie: Hey Molls.

Molly: What's up Franks.

Frankie: So Randi, wanna hang tonight? I mean, we haven't hung out in awhile.

Randi: I've got tons of Homework.

Frankie: Again? I'm starting to think you're avoiding me.

Randi: Don't think that. I'm not.

Frankie: Okay then.

(Frankie walks away.)

Molly: What's the deal with you guys?

Randi: He and I are hanging around too much and he kept a secret from me.

Molly: A secret?

Randi: The conversation I falsely blamed you for.

Molly: Oh.

Randi: So now, I just need some space.

Molly: Good luck with that.


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(Afterschool, Liam walks into Blake's office.)

Blake: Liam. You came to tell me what not to do with your twin sister?

Liam: Dude, stop.

Blake: For what? I mean, my two younger siblings are dating each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Liam: Blake, I can explain.

Blake: How?

Liam: Rebecca just... grew on me in a lovely feeling. We didn't mean for it to happen.

Blake: Well, fix it.

Liam: How?

Blake: Break up.

Liam: No!

Blake: Mom and Dad wouldn't wanna hear about your little twincest with Rebecca.

Liam: No!! Don't tell Mom and Dad.

Blake: Alright! I'll keep my mouth shut if break up with her.

Liam: But...

Blake: Final offer.

Liam: Ugh okay.

Third Plot: Kayla

(Kayla, Seth and Ramona walk outside of the school. Kayla sees Jamie.)

Seth: Wait a sec.

(Seth pulls out the picture that Kayla gave him.)

Seth: That's him!

(Jamie walks over to them.)

Jamie: Is this your group of friends?

Kayla: What are you doing here? Go back to Dallas.

Jamie: I need to be in the baby's life.

Seth: Who do you think you are? That's my baby!

Jamie: Back off loser! You're not her boyfriend!

Kayla: Yes he is!

Ramona: Jamie, just leave! Now!

Jamie: Alright! You'll see me.

Main Plot: Randi/Frankie

(Frankie knocks on Randi's door. Randi answers.)

Randi: Frankie. Need something?

Frankie: I wanted to give you a good time.

Randi: Of what?

Frankie: Hanging out.

Randi: Wow, that's obvious.

Frankie: Okay. Seriously? What's your deal?

Randi: It's just my time of the month.

Frankie: That's in a week.

Randi: Look, I just need some space.

Frankie: But, you're all I have.

Randi: Again. Space.

Frankie: So this means we're done?

Randi: We're on a break. Is that better?

Frankie: It's better than breaking up.

(Frankie kisses Randi on her cheek.)

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(At Liam and Rebecca's house.)

Rebecca: Break up?!

Liam: He said he'll keep his mouth shut if we do.

Rebecca: But we can't. I know it's "twin-cest" but we have such good chemistry.

Liam: We need to figure out something.

(Rebecca sees Blake outside in his car listening to music.)

Rebecca: I have an idea. Wait here. I'll be right back.

(Rebecca begins to tear up and she walks outside to Blake's car.)

Blake: Why so sad, Becks?

Rebecca: Well you got what you wanted! Liam and I broke up.

Blake: I'm guessing he made a bad approach.

Rebecca: Yep.

Blake: Alright. If you need time, then you can just take it in or out.

Rebecca: I'll be okay, Blake.

Blake: Okay, I'm out.

(Blake drives away. Rebecca goes back inside.)

Liam: What did you do?

Rebecca: Faked our break up.

Liam: Becks you are so bad.

Rebecca: We need to keep this super-secret.

Liam: No problem.

(They begin to kiss.)

Third Plot: Kayla

(Kayla and Seth are at Kayla's house. Someone bangs on the door.)

Kayla: Who's there!!

Jamie: Open up, Kayla!

Seth: Kayla, call the cops.

(Kayla goes to call the cops.)

Jamie: I'll break this door down!

(Jamie slams opens the door.)

Seth: Get out!!

(Seth punches Jamie and begin fighting on the floor.)

Jamie: Kayla is mine!!

(Kayla comes downstairs with a broomstick and hits Jamie over the head with it. Jamie passes out.)

Main Plot: Randi/Frankie

(Frankie is in the school benches.)

Frankie: I wonder what I did. Forget it. I need a solution. Some excitement.

(He looks under the bech and finds a bag of weed.)

Frankie: And I just found it.

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(Liam and Rebecca are making out on Liam's bed.)

Rebecca: This is fun.

Liam: It sure is.

(Blake comes home. The twins stop making out and straigten up. Blake walks into Liam's room.)

Blake: Getting along already?

Rebecca: I may have seen it as wrong but now I see why it's wrong to date my twin bro.

Blake: You came to your senses. Good. Well I'm gonna fix dinner.

Liam: Cool.

Third Plot: Kayla

(The police are handcuffing Jamie and takig him to the police car. He stops.)

Jamie: Why would you do this to me?

Kayla: You did this to yourself.

Mrs. Palmero: Get him out of our faces!

(The police take him away.)

Mrs. Palmero: You have to be more careful.

Kayla: I know, Mom. Seth is the one who saved me.

Mrs. Palmero: As long as you're okay.

Kayla: Thanks Mom.

...Next time on Orlando...

Trevor: I hurt him and I don't think I have a shot.

Chloe: What do you want me to do?

Trevor re-eyes Damon but will forgive him?

Ramona's family wants her back.

Maive: Come home.

(Ramona slaps Maive.)

And Cassie's falling behind.

Cassie: Energy drinks, staying up. It's not working. What will I do?

What many don't want to do...

...All New Orlando TCB. Next weekend only on Degrassi Wiki and Orlando TCB Wiki....

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