Main Plot: Frankie/Randi


Orlando The City Beautiful Season 101:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1.5 Theme Song

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(Liam and Rebecca making out in the boiler room.)

Liam: I'm glad we can keep this relationship secret.

Rebecca: I know right. Mmmm. You smell like Hollister Social.

Liam: It's awesome, right?

Rebecca: We've been dating for two months.

Liam: In secret.

Rebecca: It's gotta stay that way.

Liam: Cause we're twins. This is so wrong.

Rebecca: But it feels so right. What if someone finds out about us?

Liam: They won’t.

(Liam and Rebecca continue making out until Liam's phone goes off.)

Liam: It's Blake.

(Liam answers his phone.)

Blake: Where are you guys?

Liam: We're still in the school.

Blake: Well come on out. Class is over.

Liam: On our way.

(Liam hangs up.)

Rebecca: And Blake, once again, interupts.

Liam: It sucks but he'll come looking for us if we don't answer.

Rebecca: We better go.

(They leave the boiler room.)

Third Plot: Kayla

Main Plot: Frankie/Randi

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(Liam and Rebecca are doing homework.)

Blake: I gotta go to the school for a PTA meeting.

Rebecca: Okay. Have fun.

Blake: Don't destroy the house.

(Blake walks out of Liam's room.)

Rebecca: Finally. Alone time.

(Rebecca and Liam begin kissing. Blake walks in on them.)

Blake: Guys did you see my...What the hell!!

Rebecca: It's not what you think.

(Blake runs to the door. Liam runs after him.)

Liam: Dude, it wasn't what you think.

Blake: That is just wrong what I saw in there!

Liam: But...but I.

Blake: We'll talk about this tomorrow. I gotta go.

(Blake leaves. Liam goes back to his room.)

Rebecca: OMG. What are we gonna do?

Liam: We're not ready for this.

Third Plot: Kayla

Main Plot: Frankie/Randi

Subplot: Liam/Rebecca

(Liam and Rebecca walk into the school looking nervous. Damon and Cassie walk up to them.)

Liam: Hey guys.

Damon: Hello Hudsons.

Rebecca: Hey.

Cassie: You guys okay?

Liam: Yeah. We're good.

Damon: You two seem a bit down.

Rebecca: As twins, our... emotions sometimes work... the same way.

Damon: Why the gaps?

Rebecca: Again. We're just a little down.

Cassie: Okay. We'll make today shine.

Liam: Cool.

Third Plot: Kayla

Main Plot: Frankie/Randi

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