Main Plot: Quinn

(Quinn is in her room on her laptop. Paris walks out of the bathroom.)

Paris: Thank for letting me sleepover.

Quinn: No problem. You're just in time for the show.

Paris: What show?

Quinn: I just got an e-mail from the producer of my favorite sit-com!!

Paris: Oh my god! Congrats!

Quinn: But I don't know if I got the role. I didn;t open the e-mail yet.

Paris: Well, open it!

Quinn: But what if it says I didn't make it?

Paris: Then that would be stupid of him to e-mail you.

Quinn: Good point.

(Quinn opens the e-mail.)


Paris: What does it say?

Quinn: I GOT IN!

Paris: Yay!!

Quinn: We better tell our friends!

Paris: Yay!

(They get ready for school.)

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden sits in class with Nathaniel and is texting.)

Nathaniel: Dude, you've been texting your ass off since we came in. Who's making you smile?

Jayden: I haven't told you this but for weeks I've been talking to this girl.

Nathaniel: Is she hot?

Jayden: Beautiful!

Nathaniel: What's her name?

Jayden: Sienna. She's a sophomore.

Nathaniel: You two hanging out?

Jayden: Maybe, she and I seem to click so well like we're so alike.

Nathaniel: Sounds like someone you'll enjoy.

Jayden: No shit. Haha

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Kaitlin is with Cassie in class. Kaitlin is staring at Joe across.)

Cassie: Do you get it?

Kailtin: Hm?

Cassie: Kaitlin, did you even listen?

Kailtin: Oh sorry.

Cassie: Are you staring at Joe?

Kaitlin: Maybe.

Cassie: You are so into him.

Kaitlin: I know, right?

(Brittany turns around.)

Brittany: And sho said you weren't good for him?

Kailtin: You really think that?

Brittany: No.

Kaitlin: Then turn back around.

Brittany: Whatever. I doubt he likes you.

(Brittany turns back around.)

Mrs. Underwood: Okay class. Now pair up into groups of two.

(Brittany and Kaitlin look at Joe.)

Brittany and Kaitlin: Partners?

Joe: Sure Brittany.

(Brittany smirks at Kaitlin.)

Cassie: Don't worry. I'm here for you.

Kailtin: Glad for that.

(Kaitlin glares at Brittany.)

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden sees Sienna at her locker.)

Jayden: Sienna!

Sienna: JP, my man!

Jayden: How was class?

Sienna: Algebra kicks so hard. I need a blunt. Oh wait, I don't smoke!

Jayden: Its cool um You wanna comeover after school?

Sienna: Do you have a TV?

Jayden: Who doesn't?

Sienna: Food?

Jayden: Who doesn't?

Sienna: Music?

Jayden: Plus equipment!

Sienna: Then on my way I'll be!

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Kaitlin smiles while wirting something in her diary. Shawn and Cassie walk up to her.)

Cassie: Are you blushing?

Kailtin: You bet!

Shawn: Are you crushing on someone?

Kaitlin: Yeah. I'll tell you guys. Joe.

Shawn: Joe?

Kaitlin: Yeah!

Shawn: I forgot something in my locker.

(Shawn leaves.)

Cassie: Are you sure Joe is actually into you?

Kaitlin: It shows. We smile and hang out.

Cassie: Well. Yeah.

Kaitlin: But since that bitch, Brittany, took him as my partner, me asking him out has to wait.

Main Plot: Quinn

(At lunch, Quinn sits with Paris, Nathaniel, Ramona, Kayla and Delilah. Jayden joins them.)

Jayden: Sorry I'm late.

Quinn: It's okay, Jayden. You're just in time.

Nathaniel: So what's the assembly for?

Quinn: I am proud to announce that I have a role on West Drive.

Ramona: Canada?

Quinn: Yep!

Delilah: All the way where Becky Baker moved.

Kayla: Yippie...

Quinn: I am leaving for Toronto in a few days. I was wondering if you guys can come with me.

Kayla: Sure. I wanna get out of here.

Delilah: Okay.

Nathaniel: I'm in.

Ramona: I'm so coming.

Paris: Yay!

Jayden: Um, to be announced.

Quinn: Why?

Jayden: There's somehting I need to handle. I'll let you know.

Quinn: Okay.

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden and Nathaniel walk out of lunch.)

Nathaniel: Dude, what's up?

Jayden: I need you to keep quiet about what your gonna hear in a sec.

Nathnaiel: Okay, what the thing?

Jayden: Get this. Sienna's coming over!

Nathaniel: Was that the emergency of dragging me out here?

Jayden: Fuck you. Get serious.

Nathnaiel: For?

Jayden: What should I do?

Nathaniel: Just be cool.

Jayden: Anything not cliche?

Nathaniel: Trust me do it like that.

Jayden: Whew we'll see.

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Joe is at his locker. Brittany walks up to him.)

Brittany: Hey Walls.

Joe: Yes... King?

Brittany: Since the project is due in two days. I wanna turn it in tomorrow.

Joe: Sure.

Brittany: Wanna come to my house?

Joe: Aren't you the mean girl?

Brittany: I'm not mean. I just state my mind.

(Brittney walks up to them.)

Brittney: Hey guys.

Brittany: I'm having a moment.

Brittney: Oh sorry. Did you want to apples or oranges?

Brittany: Get whatever you want!

Brittney: Okay...

(Brittney walks away.)

Brittany: So. About my house.

Joe: I'll be there.

(Brittany smiles.)

Brittany: Good.

Main Plot: Quinn

(Afterschool, Quinn goes into the main office.)

Quinn: You wanted to see me, sir?

Mr. Jones: Yes, Quinn. Someone is here to see you.

Quinn: Who?

Man: That would be me, Ms. Rodriquez.

Quinn: You're Ned Pino!

Ned: I know that. I did some research and I saw that you have made been accepted on the show.

Quinn: Yes! I thought I wasn't suppose to meet until the end of the week when I go to Toronto.

Ned: My assistant mis-typed the e-mail. I have to observe you and enhance your appearance.

Quinn: What do you you mean?

Ned: If you make good progress. Then within a week, you shall be allowed to come to Toronto and meet the cast.

Quinn: Um sure.

(Ned sees Jayden, Ramona, Kayla, Paris,  Nathnaiel, and Delilah outside the office.)

Quinn: Those are my friends.

Ned: Too happy, too sporty, half gothic, cocky looking, a smile as big as my wife's ass.

Quinn: That's a little harsh.

Ned: So be it. Got some new friends. Popular ones.

(Ned walks out. Quinn looks concerned.)

Quinn: Oh boy.

Subplot: Jayden

(Sienna is at Jayden's house. In the living room with him and his parents.)

Mr. Patterson: So, you and Jayden are in the same grade?

Sienna: Yep. He makes an excellent lab partner!

Jayden: The best.

(Mrs. Patterson staring at Sienna. Jayden notices.)

Jayden: Mom?

Mrs. Patterson: Sienna, can i ask you a few things.

Sienna: Shoot!

Mrs. Patterson: How old are you?

Sienna: 16.

Mrs. Patterson: When is your Birthday?

Sienna: February 17.

Jayden: That's a day after my birthday!

Sienna: Awesome!

Mr. Patterson: What made you wanna ask that?

Mrs. Patterson: Do I know your mother?

Sienna: I'm... adopted. My mom's last name is Waller

Mrs. Patterson: And... where were you born?

Sienna: Atlanta...

Jayden: My birthplace...

(Jayden and his parents all look strange. Sienna gets confused.) Sienna: Is there something wrong?

Jayden: Wait...

Mrs. Patterson: Sienna, I think you're my daughter.

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Kaitlin is at Cassie's house.)

Cassie: Would you stop worrying about Joe?

Kaitlin: I have to express my feelings for him.

Cassie: Can't that wait?

Kaitlin: Well our project is done.

Cassie: Okay. Good point.

Kaitlin: What if Brittany's all over him.

Cassie: He told me he's not into Brittany.

Kaitlin: Does that mean he likes me?

Cassie: I think so!


(Joe is at Brittany's house. They just finished their project.)

Joe: Well that was easy.

Brittany: I know, right?

Joe: It's easy working with you.

Brittany: You are so damn cute.

(Brittany kisses Joe hard. Joe gives her a hickey.)

Joe: You sure you wanna do this?

(Brittany pulls out a condom.)

Brittany: Let's do this already.

(Brittany pushes Joe on her bed and climbs on top of him.)

Joe: You're strong.

(Brittany reaches under her dress. She starts breathing hard and moaning.)

Brittany: Oh!

(She kisses Joe to keep quiet. Joe's phone vibrates on the floor. Kaitlin is calling his cell.)

Kaitlin: He's not answering.

Cassie: You should tell him in person.

Kaitlin: Okay sure.

(Kailtin looks worried.)

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