Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie and France walk in to the school. Frankie is riding France on his back.)

France: Faster!

Frankie: You owe me!

(Frankie starts walking faster. Randi, JC and Savannah see them. France gets off.)

Frankie: Fellow friends! You remember my sister, France?

France: Hey!

Randi: France Martin returns.

JC: Whoa!

Randi: It's um. Nice to see you again.

(Randi, JC, and Savannah walk away, awkwardly.) France: Did I miss something?

Frankie: I don't know.

France: It seems your friends and your girlfriend don't like me.

Frankie: I guess it's from the past.

(Frankie and France walk to class.)

Subplot: Damon

(Damon is in the bathroom, in despair. Liam walks in with Dallas.)

Dallas: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Liam: Um.

Dallas: I know. That was bad. Hi Damon.

Damon: Hi Texas. Hi Liam.

Dallas: It's Dallas.

Liam: Chloe told me you were upset.

Damon: Why do you think?

Liam: Oh.

(Trevor walks in.)

Trevor: Oh... hey...

Liam: Trevor, this maynot be a good time.

Trevor: I have to pee, Liam.

Liam: Okay.

Trevor: And talk to... Damon.

Liam: Alright. Let's go Dallas.

Dallas: But I have to pee.

Liam: Let's go to another bathroom.

(Liam and Dallas leave.)

Damon: What the hell do you want?

Trevor: I know you don't want to talk to me.

Damon: Damn right! You cheated on me!

Trevor: It was a kiss so that guy can stay away from me! Difference.

Damon: Why are you talking to me anyways?

Trevor: Because Frankie told me what happened.

Damon: Bigmouth.

Trevor: He suggested I help you.

Damon: Why? You want to get close to me again?!

Trevor: I guess.

Damon: How do I know you didn't do it?!

Trevor: What?

Damon: Rape me! You did it! Didn't you!

Trevor: Are you kidding me? Why would I rape you?

Damon: Because you... I don't know!!

Trevor: I'm not a rapist. You're overreacting!

Damon: I'm not!!

(Damon storms out.)

Main Plot: Frankie

(Outside on the football field, Rebecca is leading cheerleading practice. Frankie walks over with France.)

Frankie: Rebecca!

Rebecca: Yeah, Frankie?

Frankie: This is France, my sister.

France: Hey.

Rebecca: Hello.

France: Is there any way you can add her to the cheer team?

Rebecca: Tryouts were on the first week of school.

France: I just transferred.

Frankie: She needs a hobby. Please?

Rebecca: Okay. Your tryout is next week.

France: K!

(Frankie and France leave.)

Third Plot: Paris

(During cheerleading practice, Paris talking to Jay.)

Jay: Why haven't you been returning my calls?

Paris: Because I need time alone.

Jay: You can't shun me forever!

Paris: I don't care.

Randi: Paris!!

Paris: Coming! Look, would you get off of school property?

Jay: Whatever.

(Jay gets in his car and drives off. Paris runs back to the cheerleaders.)

Randi: What were you doing?

Paris: Talking to someone.

Rebecca: He's not important right now. Can we please get this cheer down?

Paris: Yes. He's not important at all.

Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie comes out of class. He get a text from France.)

France: Can you fetch my bag from you're locker?

(Frankie texts back.)

Frankie: Okay.

(He goes to his locker and opens it. A perscription med falls out of France's bag.)

Frankie: What the hell?

(He looks at the writing.)

Frankie: Gonorrhea. You've got to be kidding.

(Frankie hides the medication and walks away.)

Subplot: Damon

(Damon is walks out of school crying. He sees Ben smoking a blunt.)

Damon: Hey.

Ben: Hey. Listen, I wanna apologize for breaking up with you.

Damon: Really?

Ben: Yeah...

Damon: You wanna maybe hang out or something?

Ben: Or something?

Damon: Yeah

Ben: What for?

Damon: I'll explain later.

Third Plot: Paris

(Paris is home by herself finishing her homework. Jay knocks on the door.)

Paris: Who is it?

Jay: It's me.

Paris: Oh...

Jay: Just open up.

(Paris lets him in.)

Jay: What's your deal?

Paris: WHat?

Jay: You're not answering my calls or talking to me, period. Why?

Paris: Look that pregnancy scare... really scared me.

Jay: So?

Paris: So! We could've been parents. I don't want that and neither do you.

Jay: Well, you're not pregnant. I can make it up to you.

Paris: How?

(Jay pulls out a condom.)

Paris: Get out!

Jay:  Come on. It's relationship excitement.

Paris: Is that all you want?

Jay: Um, no.

Paris: You had to think, huh. Just leave. I need some time.

Jay: What?

Paris: I'm trying to move on.

Jay: From what? Me?

(He grabs Paris.)

Paris: Let go!!

(Paris starts crying.)

Paris: Please.

Jay: Don't run from me!

(Paris slaps Jay. He stepps back.)

Paris: We are done! Leave!

(Jay grabs Paris again. He pushes her to the ground.)

Jay: Screw you. I cheated anyways.

(Jay walks out. Paris starts crying.)

Main Plot: Frankie

(France walks into an empty classroom and sees Frankie.)

France: Dude! I texted you like twenty minutes ago. Where's my bag?

(Frankie pulls out France's meds.)

France: Damn.

Frankie: You kept this from me?

France: I disn't want you to freak out.

Frankie: I would only freak out if you didn't tell me the truth.

France: Well the truth is... I'm recovering from gonorrhea. There I said it.

Frankie: That's messed up. How long?

France: A month. The last person I hooked up with.

Frankie: Are you getting better?

France: Of course.

Frankie: Okay. Don't tell mom and dad.

France: Don't worry, Frankie. We won't.

(They hug.)

Subplot: Damon

(Damon pulls Ben into his house. Nobody is home.)

Ben: Whoa.

Damon: You did say, or something.

Ben: Yeah.

(They start kissing. Damon leads Ben upstairs to his room.)

Third Plot: Paris

(Paris is in her room wiping her tears off.)

Paris: He's out of my life.

(Paris starts to smile.)

Paris: He's out of my life. Good.

(Her dad walks in.)

Mr. Williams: Hey buttercup.

Paris: Hey dad.

Mr. Williams: Would you like to go out to eat?

Paris: Resturant or fast food?

Mr. Williams: Resturant.

Paris: Sounds good. I'll be right down.

(Mr. Williams walk out. Paris smiles.)

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