Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie is in his room getting ready for school. His mom walks in.)

Mrs. Martin: Frankie?

Frankie: Yeah mom?

Mrs. Martin: I have some news.

Frankie: Uh oh.

Mrs. Martin: Guess who's coming back with us?

Frankie: Eli? Leo?

Mrs. Martin: Your sister!

Frankie: F-France?

Mrs. Martin: That's right. France returns.

Frankie: Wow um.

Mrs. Martin: I know you two had a few arguements before she left but she seems to have changed when I talked to her.

Frankie: Yeah...

Mrs. Frankie: She's my daughter... your sister.

Frankie: I know.

Mrs. Martin: Please, Frankie. She coming back from England and she needs you love and welcome.

Frankie: Fine.

(Mrs. Martin leaves.)

Frankie: Let's see how this goes.

Subplot: Damon

(Damon sits at his locker having flashbacks about his rape.)

Damon: Why?

(Chloe walks up to him.)

Chloe: Why so glum?

(Damon looks at Chloe.)

Chloe: Oh. Sorry.

Damon: Sorry my ass.

Chloe: Are you even okay?

Damon: I don't know.

Chloe: After it happened, did you ever get checked?

Damon: Yes.

Chloe: Did you explain to the doctor about what happened?

Damon: No.

Chloe: How come?

Damon: Because...

Chloe: Because what?

(Damon looks at Chloe. He gets up and leaves.)

Chloe: Damon!

Damon: Would you stop asking me such stupid questions?!

(Damon runs into a bathroom and starts crying. He pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts his arm.)

Third Plot: Paris

(Paris is in the media room with Delilah.)

Delilah: I still can't believe that Seth's gone.

Paris: He's not dead.

Delilah: Sure but where could he have gone?

(Paris's phone rings. It's Jay.)

Paris: Seriously?

(She ignores.)

Delilah: Who was that?

Paris: My soon to be ex.

Delilah: If you two break up, then you and I can get together.

Paris: I'm stright, thanks.

Delilah: I'm kidding.

Paris: Jay's really annoying me. Like, before Seth left, I had a pregnancy scare.

Delilah: Yikes.

Paris: I lost my virginity to him.

Delilah: I may be a lesbian but if there's anyone I'd lose my virginity to, it would be Nathaniel.

Paris: Um.

Delilah: He's been my best friend for years. Why not?

Paris: Anyways, I want to start fresh. Someone new.

Delilah: Like who?

Paris: I don't know, yet. I just want to be away from him.

Subplot: Damon

(Damon covers his cut with his sleaves. Frankie walks by him.)

Damon: Hey.

Frankie: Damon. How are you?

Damon: I don't know.

Frankie: I hope you're alright.

Damon: At least you care. You know what?

Frankie: What?

Damon: Let's do something fun.

(Damon puts his hand on Frankie's chest. Frankie pulls back.)

Frankie: What the hell is wrong with you?

Damon: Sorry, I got carried away.

Frankie: Don't lose yourself.

Damon: Aren't you bicurious?

Frankie: What of it?

Damon: Nevermind.

Frankie: You have a problem, Damon.

Damon: I know. I'm sorry.

Frankie: It's not your fault. I have a bigger problem moving back in with me. See you around.

(Frankie leaves.)

Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie walks out of school.)

Randi: Frankie!

(Randi comes up and kisses him.)

Frankie: Hey.

(JC walks by.)

JC: Hey man.

Frankie: Hey! You're back in school?

JC: Yeah. Good to see you again.

(He walks away.)

Frankie: Anyways, we've known each other since seventh grade, right?

Randi: Right.

Frankie: Remember France?

Randi: Yeah, why?

Frankie: She's coming back.

Randi: She's coming back to Orlando? For what? Is she visiting?

Frankie: No. She's here to stay.

Randi: Damn.

Frankie: I don't know how to react.

Third Plot: Paris

(Paris is at home doing homework. Jay calls her phone. She scoffs and ignores.)

Subplot: Damon

(Damon is crying in his room. Chloe calls him. He answers.)

Damon: What?

Chloe: Are you okay?

Damon: If you ask me another question, I'll call the cops and tell them that you are stalking me!

Chloe: Damon. I'm trying to help!

Damon: You're not helping!

(Damon hangs up. He takes out a bottle of beer and starts drinking.)

Main Plot: Frankie

(Frankie is at home with his parents. Someone knocks on the door.)

Mr. Martin: I wonder who that could be.

Frankie: Eli? Leo?

(He answers the door. France walks in.)

France: Hello, everyone!

(France hugs her parents. She walks over to Frankie.)

France: Hey big bro.

(Frankie gets a look at her.)

Frankie: France? You look...great!

France: Thank you. You've grown.

(They hug. Frankie has an uneven expression on his face.)

Mr. Frankie: You guys settle. We're going to the store.

(Mr. and Mrs. Martin leave. France goes to her old room and sets her bags down.)

France: This place hasn't changed a bit.

Frankie: You've only been gone for a few years.

France: We've kept in touch.

Frankie: Yeah.

(Frankie sees a condom in France's back pocket. Another sticking out of her bag.)

Frankie: How many guys are you planning on screwing this year?

France: What?

Frankie: C'mon France. I see those condoms.

France: L-O-L I've been compromised!

Frankie: Are you seriously still that sluttly?

France: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. You have a way with words.

Frankie: You have a way with your vigina.

France: And you have a way with your dick!

Frankie: You are just like everyone else. Then again, you're the promiscuous one. It's just you.

France: Are you serious right now? Have you even come to realize what you just said to me?

Frankie: Yeah. You haven't changed a bit.

France: Going or throwing a lot of parites. Making teenage life fun and games. Hooking up with everyone and I mean "everyone"! Boys and girls. Sound familiar?

Frankie: I... I...

France: That's right, brother. You're just like me.

Frankie: Damn you're right.

France: Ugh. I feel bad.

Frankie: No, don't. We are alike because you're my sister and I love you.

(Frankie hugs France.)

France: I love you too. Did mom and dad tel you that I'm enrolling to your school?

Frankie: No but I can't wait for you to see everyone.

France: I only know JC, Randi, Savannah and Skyler. You have more friends?

Frankie: Yeah, including recent ex-enemies and newer friends from freshmen year.

France: Can't wait to meet them.

Frankie: Gonna hook up with them.

France: Are you?

Frankie: A few of them I already did.

France: You slide dog.

(They hug.)

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