Main Plot: Seth

(Quinn and Kayla are walking in the hallway.)

Kayla: This is upsetting me. Where is Seth?

Quinn: Haven't seen him.

Kayla: This is a good time for my mother to watch Naomi for the day and Seth isn't around?

Quinn: Kayla, stop worrying! He'll text or call you.

(They walk past an empty classroom. Kayla stops and sees Seth in it.)

Kayla: Seth!

Quinn: There you are! What happened?

(Seth says nothing.)

Kayla: Seth, speak to me. Please!

(Seth remains silent.)

Quinn: Are you okay?

(Seth says something.)

Seth: I have cancer.

Subplot: Paris

(Paris is sitting in class next to May.)

Elizabeth: Okay class. Now remember, your history reports are due on Friday. Dismissed!

(Everyone starts leaving. Paris goes and throws up in a trash can.)

May: You okay, Williams?

Paris: I'll live. Aren't you in Grade 12?

May: I'm doing a few Grade 11 classes since my grades have horrible last year. Anyways, what's going on with you?

Paris: You met muy boyfriend, Jay, right?

May: The outschooler? Yeah, why?

Paris: I think I may be pregnant.

May: Whoa. Did you take a test?

Paris: Not yet. I'm taking one later today.

May: Better knowing now. Where's your other friends?

Paris: I don't know. Seth is know where to be found, Kayla, Jayden and Quinn aren't telling me something and Delilah and Nate are just having their BFF time.

May: Good to know. I'll catch you later. Take that test.

Paris: Oh I will. What can go wrong?

Third Plot: Chloe

(Chloe sits in her next class, looking sad and confused.)

Daniel: Why the sad face?

Chloe: Huh?

Samantha: I'm being nice by saying this but sadness doens't suit you.

Chloe: I may be facing a small crisis in my family.

Daniel: If it's heartbeaking, you don't have to tell us.

(Myles sits in the seat in front of Chloe.)

Myles: Aww does Chloe need a tampon?

Chloe: What did you just say?

Daniel: Beat it!

Myles: I'm just sayin. You kind of girls are always down when it's ya'll time of the month.

Samantha: Okay, that's really, really rude. I usually offend people but that is just offensive, especially to me.

Myles: Oh well. What's your secret? You period's on hold?

(Myles laughs and Chloe slaps him.)

Myles: Yo!

Chloe: Gee Myles. I don't know. Does the term, "Mother with Cancer" ever pop up in your mind?

(Myles stays silent. Samantha and Daniel are shocked.)

Teacher: Ms. Valentine. Do you want to be sent to Jones's office?

(Chloe storms out of class.)

Daniel: See what you did?

Myles: I didn't know she was gonna say that.

Samantha: Why don't you watch you step?

(Samantha plucks Myles forehead.)

Main Plot: Seth

(In the empty cafeteria, Seth sits down and gets angry. He receves a text from Kayla.)

Kayla: "Please come to class. We need to talk about this."

(Seth sees a desk at the door. He picks it up and throws it across the caf. Chloe sees him as she walks in.)

Chloe: Seth?

Seth: Sorry, Chloe. I didn't know you were watching.

Chloe: I just came in. Are you okay?

Seth: Nope.

Chloe: You want to talk?

Seth: Sure. I have cancer. I just found out.

Chloe: That's sucks.

Seth: It does.

Chloe: My mom may have cancer.

Seth: Really?

Chloe: She went to the doctor the other day.

Seth: What should I do? Kill myself?

Chloe: No. Fight it.

Seth: How?

Chloe: The same way cancer-beaters beat cancer.

Seth: I guess that can work nbut I need peace.

Chloe: Explain it to Kayla.

Seth: I might. Let's just see how it goes.

Subplot: Paris

(Paris walks into the bathroom. She goes into a stall and takes a pregnancy test.)

Paris: Make it work, make it work.

(After five minutes, she sees the test results.)

Third Plot: Chloe

(Chloe is in gym sitting on the benches. Her phone goes off.)

Chloe: Hello?

Tammy: Hey sis.

Chloe: Hey Tamms. You called me at the right time.

Tammy: I'm glad I did. Mom's okay!

Chloe: She's alright? No cancer?

Tammy: It was a cloudy health scare. She just needs exersize, meds and healthy stuff.

Chloe: Good to here.

Blake: Chloe, on the phone again?

Chloe: Thanks for telling me Tammy I'll call later.

(She hangs up and smiles.)

Chloe: Sorry, Mr. Hudson. My mom just had a health scare but she's okay.

Blake: Oh then you're off the hook.

(Chloe smiles.)

Subplot: Paris

(Afterschool, Paris walks in her house. Her step-mom is there.)

Jenny: Paris, Is that you?

Paris: Yes, Jenny. I'm home.

Jenny: Okay. I'm going out. I'll be back in an hour.

Paris: Sure.

(Jenny leaves. Jay comes in from the back door.)

Jay: I'm here.

Paris: Good.

Jay: So what do you want to tell me?

Paris: The test results.

Jay: Um... okay.

Paris: They're negative.

Jay: WHew!! Thank goodness!

Paris: Yeah right?

Jay: Now we can go back to normal.

(Jay starts Paris. He puts his hand on her breasts. She pulls away.)

Paris: And that's what got us in this mess.

Jay: Brought protection this time.

(Jay pulls out condoms.)

Paris: Put those away. We can't do that anymore. We need to talk about this.

(Jay gives sad expression.)

Main Plot: Seth

(Kayla comes home and sees her mother crying.)

Kayla: Mom, what's wrong? Where's Seth?

Ms. Palmero: Look at your laptop.

(She looks at video of Seth.)

Seth: "Hey Kayla. I'm sorry that we haven't talked lately. It's because I have cancer. I know I'm gonna fight this and I'm gonna win but I have to find my way. I mean, seriously. Do you even know how bad this can get? I love you, Kayla, Ms. Palmero, Alicia. I don't want to leave but I need to get rid of this damn thing. Our relationship is put on hold. But still know that I will come back and be with you. Bye loved ones."

Kayla: No!!

(She calls his cell phone. It goes straight to voice mail.)

Kayla: Seth. Please don't leave me. I know you live and we will be together. Please come back.

(She hangs up.)

Ms. Palmero: He asked me to film this from your computer. He also gave me this... in case he doesn't make.

(She gives Kayla a piece of paper.)

Kayla: It's his will.

(Kayla start crying.)

Subplot: Paris

(Paris calls up May.)

May: Your pregnant, aren't you?

Paris: Actually, the test is negative.

May: Really? Cool. Did you tell Jay.

Paris: Yeah but he wanted to have "protected sex" and I said no and we need to talk about this. So he stormed out.

May: Yeesh!

Paris: He'll come to me sooner or later.

Main Plot: Kayla

(The next day; Paris, Quinn, Jayden, Ramona, Nathaniel and Delilah are gathered in an empty classroom.)

Nathaniel: You guys also got the text from Kayla?

Delilah: I wonder what's going on?

Quinn: It's about Seth. Kayla's gonna tell you.

(Kayla walks in, in tears.)

Ramona: Kayla! What's wrong?

Kayla: Quinn knew this so I decided to tell the rest of you.

Nathaniel: What's going on?

Kayla: Seth has been missing classes because he coped with something  he didn't want to here. He has cancer.

(Everyone looks shocked.)

Kayla: He's now missing and he broke up with me on a pre-recorded web cam video.

Paris: Is he gonna be okay?

Kayla: Like I said he went somewhere far. He's not dead. At least not for long.

Jayden: What's that suppose to mean?

(Kayla pulls out Seth's will and hands it to Jayden.)

Jayden: Damn. It's his will.

(Jayden kicks a chair and starts crying. Ramona comforts him.)

Kayla: I said he was gonna find his own way. I survival way.

Delilah: I'm so sorry Kayla.

(They all hug Kayla in tears.)

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