Main Plot: Seth

(Seth is walking down the hallway limping and coughing. Jayden and Nathaniel greet him.)

Jayden: Wazzup, buddy!!

Seth: Hey guys.

Nathaniel: Bro, you're limping.

Jayden: You sound sick

Seth: My leg's hurting and my throat is so damn soar. I don't know what's going on.

Jayden: You should go to the nurse. It's probably serious.

Seth: Can I at least do today's test?

Jayden: Up to you.

Seth: Thank you.

Jayden: But still.

Seth: I know... you can count on me.

Jayden: You know we can.

(They fist bump. Nathaniel and Jayden leave. Seth's head starts hurting. He drinks some water and walks.)

Subplot: Paris

(Paris is dozing out the window. Her phone goes off. It's her boyfriend, Jay.)

Jay: Guess what?

Paris: What?

Jay: I've missed you for so long.

Paris: And?

Jay: I'm in your town.

(Paris is surprised, yet shocked.)

Paris: You're in Orlando?

Jay: I'm here to stay closer to you.

Paris: You've been close enough.

Jay: Are you even happy to here that I'm in town?

Paris: Of course I am.

Jay: Then act like it.

Paris: I have to go. Bye.

(Paris puts her phone in her pocket and goes to class.)

Third Plot: Chloe

(Chloe coming out of gym with Rebecca and Daniel.)

Chloe: Where's Damon?

Rebecca: Probably hiding ever since what happened?

(Chloe recieves a text from her mom.)

Mrs. Valentine: Chloe, I need you to come to school early. It's an emergency.

(Chloe replies.)

Chloe: What's wrong?

Mrs. Valentine: Come home after lunch. Please.

(Chloe puts her phone back.)

Daniel: Everything okay?

Chloe: I have to go after lunch, my mom needs me.

Rebecca: It can't wait?

Chloe: She says it's an emergency.

Daniel: Sounds very serious. We hope everything's alright.

Chloe: I hope so too.

Main Plot: Seth

(Seth is in class taking a test. His head starts hurting even more. He starts sweating and then he passes out.)

Ms. Underwood: Okay class. Pencils down. I'll collect your test. You are dismissed.

(Everyone leaves except for Seth, who is still passed out. Ms. Underwood: tries to wake him up.)

Ms. Underwood: Seth? Seth!

(He slowly wakes up.)

Seth: Uhhh. Did... I...pass?

Ms. Underwood: You're not even done with half the test, Seth. You fell asleep.

Seth: Ow!! My head!!

Ms. Underwood: Are you okay?

Seth: I've been feeling sick.

Ms. Underwood: Sick like how?

Seth: My head is pounding like crazy, I peed uncontrollably this morning, I have pains in my legs and stomach.

(Ms. Underwood notices a piece of Seth's hair on his test.)

Ms. Underwood: What happened here?

Seth: Is that my hair?

Ms. Underwood: It sure is.

Seth: I'll go to the nurse.

Ms. Underwood: I don't think you should go to the nurse. You need a doctor.

Seth: Why would I need to go see a doctor? I'm fine!

Ms. Underwood: Fine? You just told me symptoms of something bad, uncontrollable urination, hair falling out?

Seth: I...

Ms. Underwood: Please see a doctor, Seth.

Seth: Okay, I'll see one afterschool.

Ms. Underwood: Thank you. I'll let you retake your test another time.

Seth: Thank you.

(Seth gets up and leaves.)

Subplot: Paris

(Afterschool, Paris is walking home. A car pulls up. It's her boyfriend, Jay.)

Jay: Hey beautiful!

Paris: Jay!

(Jay gets out the car and hugs her.)

Jay: Where've you been?

Paris: Here in Orlando.

Jay: Happy to see me?

Paris: Y-Yes!

(They kiss.)

Paris: There's something we need to talk about.

Jay: About having a nother night like last month in Miami?

Paris: It's about that.

Jay: Well what?

Paris: Not here. My place.

Jay: I can give you lift.

Paris: I don't want my dad or my step-mom seeing you.

Jay: Alright, I'll be nearby.

Paris: I'll call you.

Jay: K.

(Jay gets in his car and drives off. Paris continues walking home.)

Third Plot: Chloe

(Chloe is at the hospital sitting in the waiting room with her mom. The doctor calls her name.)

Doctor: Is there an N. Valentine?

Mrs. Valentine: That's me.

(Mrs. Valentine leaves. Chloe's sister, Tammy comes in.)

Tammy: There's my favorite Valenitne.

Chloe: Tammy!

(They hug.)

Tammy: Hey sis. Where's mom?

Chloe: Doctor's room.

Tammy: What's with her anyways, I got your text.

Chloe: Mom didn't say much ut she told me she was sick and she needed a doctor quick.

Tammy: I wonder what happened.

Subplot: Paris

(Paris and Jay sneak into Paris's house. Paris looks around.)

Paris: No one's home. Good.

Jay: Good enough for me.

(Jay tries to kiss Paris but she pulls away.)

Jay: What?

Paris: Remember... a month ago?

Jay: When we did it? Best night ever!

Paris: That may have been a mistake.

Jay: Why? Didn't you like it?

Paris: Oh, I enjoyed it. It's just that...

Jay: Well?

Paris: I feel like I may be... pregnant.

Jay: Are you kidding?

Paris: Does it look like I'm kidding?

Jay: You can't be pregnant.

Paris: I may be.

Jay: Any signs? Did you take a test?

Paris: Vomitting and no.

Jay: If you didn't take a test then you should take one as soon as possible.

Paris: I'll do that. Can we at least plan this pregnancy in case?

Jay: No! I'm going to be a dad. I mean it! I know it!

(Jay storms out the door. Paris looks upset.)

Third Plot: Chloe

(Chloe, Tammy, and their mother at their house.)

Tammy: Mom, what going on?

Mrs. Valentine: Girls, I went to the doctor because I have a suspicious mole on my back.

Chloe: What kind of mole?

Mrs. Valentine: A... possibly cancerous one.

Tammy: Oh my...

Chloe: Are you okay?

Mrs. Valentine: The doctor said I'll get the results in a week.

Tammy: Well, we need you to be healthy until we find out what this is.

Mrs. Valentine: Don't worry girls. I'll be okay.

(Tammy and Chloe hug their mother, tightly.)

Main Plot: Seth

(Seth walks into the doctor's office with his mother. The doctor walks in with paper work.)

Ms. Evans: Is my son okay?

Doctor: You might want to take a seat.

(They all sit down.)

Doctor: It appears that we caught this thing early.

Seth: What thing?

Doctor: Seth, you have...cancer.

(Seth sits in silence and dispair.)

Ms. Evans: Oh my god... oh my god. Not you, too.

Doctor: Has anyone in your family had this before?

Ms. Evans: My husband had it. He died years ago.

Doctor: Then it appears that your son has possibly inherited your husband's cancer. If he can beat it, then there could be a 60 to 90% chance that it won't be passed down to his next generation. This cancer is completely treatable and curable.

Ms. Evans: My son is a teen dad.

Doctor: How old is your child?

Seth: A few weeks.

Doctor: When did you have sexual intercourse?

Seth: October of last year.

Doctor: Then you baby won't have it.

Seth: Will be okay?

Doctor: If you start chemo between now and next week then you'll be feeling great from the inside out.

Seth: Sure.

Doctor: Any questions?

Ms. Evans: No. Thank you so much.

Doctor: It's my job. Seth is sixteen years old. He's too young to be going through this. That's why I know he will live.

Ms. Evans: Thank you.

(Ms. Evans and Seth walk out of the doctor's office. Seth starts springing a few tears.)

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