Main Plot: Kayla

(Seth is in the waiting room. Jayden, Ramona, Paris, Delilah, Nathaniel, and Quinn come in.)

Jayden: We came as fast as we could!

Seth: What took you so long?

Nathaniel: My car ran out of gas on the way here.

(They all sit down. They hear screaming.)

Delilah: Some chick is screaming.

Seth: That's Kayla in labor.

(A doctor runs in.)

Doctor: Mr. Evans, Kayla wants you in there with her.

Seth: Coming!

(Seth and the doctor go into the room.)

Paris: I hope she's okay.


(In the emergency room, Kayla is screaming)


Doctor: Now take a deep breath and do a light push.

Seth: You can do it!


(Kayla stops. The baby starts crowing.)

Doctor: Okay he's crowning.

Kayla: I want to see it.

(Seth looks at it. He faints.)

Kayla: Seth?

Doctor: He fanted.

Kayla: JAYDEN!!!!!!!!


(In the waiting room, Jayden hears Kayla calling his name.)

Jayden: Oh no!

Ramona: My guess is that Seth fainted.

Quinn: Probably.

Nathaniel: Is it that painful?

(Jayden runs into the emergency room. He sees Seth on the floor.)

Doctor: Sir, please take your friend and wake him up.

Jayden: Sure.

(Jayden sees the baby crowning out of Kayla.)

Jayden: HOLY!!

Kayla: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Jayden grabs Seth and runs out. He dropps Seth with the others and runs outside.)

Paris: Jayden?

(Jayden throws up then comes back in.)

Nathaniel: Oh my god! Does it smell in there?

Jayden: Do. Not. Go. In there.

(Quinn, Ramona, and Paris wake Seth up.)

Seth: Hello sweatheart.

Ramona: Seth, it's us.

Seth: Whoa! Where's Kayla?

Ramona: Emergency room.

(Seth runs back.)

Ms. Palmero: Seth's back! Are you okay?

Seth: I guess.

(Kayla grabs Seth's hand.)

Seth: You're calm.

Kayla: That's because she's out.

Seth: Damn.

Kayla: Yep.

Doctor: Congrats you too. You're daughter has been born.

(They hug.)

Kayla: Tell everyone.

(Seth kisses Kayla and goes into the waiting room.)

Seth: Ladies? Gentlemen? It's a girl!!

(Everyone aww's and gives Seth a group hug.)

Seth: I'm a father!!

Subplot: Joe

(The next day; Joe sees Nathaniel at his locker.)

Joe: Hey.

Nathaniel: Hey yourself.

Joe: So, thanks for the good befriending the other day.

Nathaniel: Worth it. I find you attractive.

(Joe slightly smiles.)

Joe: Oh.

Nathaniel: Wanna meet somewhere, afterschool?

Joe: Sure. Where?

(Nathaniel wispers in Joe's ear.)

Joe: Sure.

Nathaniel: See you then.

Third Plot: Shawn

(Shawn and Joe show up at the gym. Mr. Hudson is talking to other people trying out, including Myles and Taylor.)

Mr. Hudson: Yesturday, a freshman named Shawn Cooke was signed up to try out. Apparently, he was hazed.

(Shawn stands next to Trevor and Mr. Hudson.)

Mr. Hudson: Shawn, can you tell us who did this?

(Shawn glares at Myles and Taylor.)

Shawn: It was Taylor.

Taylor: What?!

Mr. Hudson: Taylor, did you do it?

Taylor: I didn't do anything!

Shawn: You're the one who threatened me!

Taylor: Looks like it's not enough.

Mr. Hudson: Not enough?

(Taylor feels busted.)

Myles: My buddy would never haze this guy. Taylor may be a hot head, but he wouldn't haze.

Mr. Hudson: Taylor Parker, you're cut.

Taylor: Damn!

(Taylor storms out.)

Mr. Hudson: Try outs iare later today. Dismissed!

Joe: Got him.

(Trevor, Joe and Shawn walk out of the gym.)

Trevor: Now that he's out of the way. It's do or die.

Joe: Um.

Trevor: As in go hard in try out.

Shawn: I knew that.

(Trevor laughs and walks away with Joe. Myles walks up to Shawn.)

Myles: You've got brass balls. Taking my friend out instead of me?

Shawn: I wanted him out the picture. You and I have a QB1 spot to compete over.

Myles: So that's what you want? Whatever.

(Myles bumps Shawn.)

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla and Seth are at home with their daughter.)

Kayla: She's sleeping.

Seth: It's so new.

Kayla: You do realize that we can't have sex for another couple of months.

Seth: It's no problem.

Kayla: Until we get very very close again, you get this.

(Kayla french kisses Seth.)

Seth: And you get...

(Seth gives Kayla a hickey. Mrs. Palmero walks in.)

Ms. Palmero: Ew.

(They straighten up.)

Kayla: You weren't suppose to see that.

Ms. Palmero: It's okay. That's how me and your father use to do it. Before I got pregnant.

(Seth turns away and coughs.)

Ms. Palmero: You okay?

Seth: It's just allergies.

Ms. Palmero: What her name, anyways?

Seth: Alicia.

Ms. Palmero: Alicia Palmero-Evans?

Seth: Just Palmero.

Ms. Palmero: I like the sound of that.

(Kayla and Seth smile.)

Subplot: Joe

(Afterschool, Joe walks in the boiler room and sees Nathaniel.)

Nathaniel: You came.

Joe: Yeah. Finally we can talk.

Nathaniel: Something we've both been dying to do.

(Nathaniel kisses Joe. Joe kisses him back.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(Shawn shows up to football tryouts. He sees Myles. They share dirty looks.)

Myles: Ready to lose?

Shawn: Of course you are.

Mr. Hudson: Okay now we will test for QB spots. Myles Landon and Shawn Cooke are up.

(Myles and Shawn line up for football throws. Myles throws a football at 20 yards.)

Mr. Hudson: You're up, Shawn.

Myles: He'll never beat that.

(Shawn throws a football at 35 yards and hits Mr. Hudson's car.)

Shawn: Crap! Sorry about that.

Mr. Hudson: You're lucky it's mine and no one else's. Other than my car getting hit by you're football throw, you own this round.

Shawn: Whoo!!

Myles: Come on!!

Shawn: Quit complaining!

(Shawn bumps Myles.)

Subplot: Joe

(Joe and Nathaniel are in the boiler room. Nathaniel puts his pants back on. Joe feels weird.)

Joe: Um. What did we just do?

Nathaniel: Do something sexual. You're really good.

(Joe runs out. Nathaniel follows him.)

Nathaniel: Dude! You really shouldn't run into the hallway after a situation like this. There could be people around.

Joe: But there isn't. Why did you tempt me?

Nathaniel: I found you attractive.

Joe: I'm straight... or confused.

Nathaniel: I'm bisexual.

Joe: Good to know. Don't speak of this.

Nathaniel: If you insist.

(Nathaniel walks away. Joe feels guilty.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(The next day, the tryout athletes are lined up in the gym.)

Mr. Hudson: Our new wide reciever, Trevor Armstrong.

(They clap for him.)

Mr. Hudson: Our Center, Darnell Clark.

(They clap for him.)

Mr. Hudson: And now for our QB1...

(Myles stepps up.)

Mr. Hudson: Shawn Cooke!

(Myles gets mad. Shawn shakes Hudson's hand then gets back in line.)

Mr. Hudson: Congrats to the ones who made the team. Shawn Cooke may be a freshman but he knows a lot about sports. Those o you who didn't make it. You can tryout for January's new sport's team.

(They cheer. Joe and Kaitlin walk in.)

Shawn: Dude where were you?

Joe: I couldn't make practice because I got sick.

Shawn: From what?

Joe: Runny crap and stomach problems.

Shawn: Okay well since I made QB, I can find a way to get you on the team.

Kaitlin: Congrats!!

(Kaitlin hugs Shawn and he smiles. Myles pushes Shawn.)

Myles: You little bitch. You got that spot because you hazed my friend.

Shawn: I told you. I wanted Taylor out the picture so you and I can have fair fight.

Myles: You want a fair fight?

(Myles punches Shawn, making him fall to the ground.)

Shawn: Dammit!!

(Shawn punches Myles even harder. Joe and Kaitlin break it up.)

Kaitlin: Enough!

(Myles storms off.)

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla is puttting Alicia to sleep. She goes into her room.)

Kayla: Seth?

Seth: I'm in here.

(He's in the bathroom.)

Kayla: What are you doing?

Seth: Washing my face.

Kayla: Cool, when you come out, come to my room. Alicia is asleep.

Seth: Okay. What for?

Kayla: So you and I can have a french exam with a side of dry-humping.

Seth: Sounds great.

(Seth scratches his hair and a piece falls out.)

Seth: Damn, I should use conditioner.

(Seth goes in Kayla's room. Kayla grabs him and pulls him on her bed.)

Seth: You're strong.

Kayla: You got that right.

(They start kissing.)

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