Previously on Orlando The City Beautiful

Kayla: I never told my boyfriend I moved to Orlando.

Ramona: Oh.. why didn't you?

Kayla: Cause he doesn't do long distance relationships.

Joe: Joe Walls in the house!

Shawn: I'm Shawn. Shawn Cooke. Cool guy.

Jamie: You didn't tell me you were moving.

Kayla: I didn't want you to break up with me!

Jamie: We're done!

(Kayla start crying.)

Ramona: This is Kayla! She's new!

Seth: New girl... nice!

Kayla: Goodbye Jamie, Hello Seth.

(Kayla and Seth kiss.)

Ramona: You're his first girlfriend.

Kayla: I want to have sex with him.

(Seth sees Kayla in lingerie. They start having sex.)

Kayla: This can't be happening. I'm pregnant.

Seth: I want to be with you. It's our baby.

(They kiss.)

Kayla: You can't go around talking crap about me.

Quinn: Whatever.

Kayla: Seth and I are going to have a baby.

(Their friends hug them but Quinn.)

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla is sitting in her room, trying to meditate. Seth walks in.)

Seth: What are you doing?

Kayla: Meditating.

Seth: You look pretty when you do that.

Kayla: I can barely cross my legs. I'm huge.

Seth: When was the last time you went to the doctor?

Kayla: Last month.

Seth: Did they say anything?

Kayla: Well for starters, it's August.

Seth: And?

Kayla: It's August, Seth. I'm ten months pregnant!

Seth: Whoa! Seriously?

Kayla: Didn't you even notice?

Seth:  I lost count.

Kayla: Oh right. 

(Seth coughs.)

Kayla: You okay? You're eyes are red.

Seth: Probably hayfever.

Kayla: Oh.


Subplot: Joe

(Joe is at his locker and he sees Pam and Jo talking. He stares at Pam.)

Shawn: Boo!!

(Joe jumps.)

Joe: Dude!

Shawn: I saw you staring at your friend.

Joe: Really?

Shawn: I know Pam's hot...okay, mega sexy, but she's Grade 12. We're freshmen.

Joe: Speaking of freshman, aren't you joining the football team?

Shawn: That's correct.

(Shawn pulls out a football.)

Shawn: Now go long!

(Joe runs far.)

Shawn: You owe me twenty if you don't catch this.

(Shawn throws a football. Joe catches it with one hand.)

Joe: About that twenty?

Shawn: Plus you get to join the team with me.

Joe: Really? Thanks.

(Shawn gives Joe twenty cents and runs off.)

Joe: I'll get even, Shawn.

(Joe walks over to Pam and Jo.)

Joe: Hey ladies.

Pam: Joe? OMG I didn't know you go here.

Joe: Hey well I just wanted to get closer to my favorite ladies.

Jo: But, you don't like me.

Joe: I never said that. Haha!

Pam: So what's up?

Joe: I wanna talk to you later.

Pam: Just me?

Joe: Yeah. Next period?

Pam: Sure.

Joe: Cool.

(Joe leaves.)

Pam: He wants to talk to me.

Jo: He likes you.

Pam: You would know that?

Jo: He's a womanizer. And you're his friend.

Pam: He IS cute. I wonder if you really likes me.

Jo: Oh trust me. He does.

(Joe is catching up to Shawn when he bumps into Nathaniel.)

Nathaniel: Sorry about that.

Joe: It's all good.

(They look into each other's eyes.)

Nathaniel: I'm Nathaniel.

Joe: Joe.

Nathaniel: You seem pretty cool. You wanna meet sometime?

Joe: Sure.

(Joe catches up to Shawn.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(Shawn and Joe walk over to Trevor putting up the football sign ups.)

Joe: My favorite sport!

Trevor: Is it now? Feel free to join.

(Shawn and Joe sign there names. Trevor sees their grade.)

Trevor: A freshmen?

Joe: You know it.

Trevor: We haven't had a freshmen on the football team since... a few years, maybe?

Shawn: Maybe it's a good time to bring that back. I don't why many freshmen don't get to be on sports team in high school.

Trevor: It happens.

(Myles walks over. He looks at the sign up sheet.)

Myles: No way! Freshmen?

Joe: What of it?

Myles: No niners, losers.

Shawn: Excuse you!

Myles: What, just sayin!

Shawn: We have as much right to join the football as you are.

Trevor: Myles, just leave it alone.

Myles: C'mon, Trevor! You're letting babies on the team?

Joe: Hey!!

Shawn: Who are you calling babies?

Myles: The football team isn't no place for niners.

Shawn: No place for asses, either.

Trevor: Myles, just go.

(Myles leaves.)

Shawn: Orlando get this crazy, huh?

Trevor: Tell me about it. He's one of the worst students here. He just can't keep his mouth shut.

Shawn: I figured that out when him and his buddy dissed Cassie. I just want him out of my.

Trevor: Good luc with that.

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla is singing in an empty classroom. Paris walks in.)

Paris: That was beautiful.

Kayla: I didn't think anyone was listening.

Paris: Sorry for easedropping but you look like you can use a friend.

Kayla: Can sure use one.

Paris: Well then... Hi! I'm Paris Williams.

Kayla: Kayla Palmero.

Paris: So, you're the girl who's having a baby.

Kayla: You know it. I'm huge.

Paris: Twins?

Kayla: No. Just one.

Paris: He must be a big boy.

Kayla: He must be. I'm ten months.

Paris: Ten months!

Kayla: My boyfriend, Seth, and I must have done a few ways more than one.

Paris: You're pregnancy was intentional?

Kayla: Actually, it was an accident. The condom ripped and I ignored it cause it tickled me.

Paris: Hehe! Tickled.

(Seth, Delilah and Quinn walk in.)

Seth: There you are!

Quinn: How come you weren't at lunch?

Kayla: I couldn't fit at a table and people keep staring at me. Damn, hasn't anyone seen a pregnant girl before?

Delilah: Who's your friend?

Kayla: Oh this is Paris. New friend.

Paris: Hi!

Kayla: Tell us about you, anyways.

Paris: I can sing, dance, cook, and play sports.

Delilah: My kind of lady.

Kayla: Paris, this is my boyfriend, Seth.

Seth: Hey there.

Kayla: Delilah, a lesbian.

Delilah: Hello.

Kayla: And Quinn.

Quinn: No info on me?

Kayla: Don't you have Nathaniel to rub on?

Quinn: He and I split.

Kayla: Oh sorry to here that. Paris, we have a few other friends we'd like you to meet, later.

Paris: Yay! I feel like I have friends already.

(Paris hugs Seth, Delilah, Quinn and Kayla.)

Subplot: Joe

(Joe is sitting by his locker. Pam joins him.)

Pam: You wanted to talk?

Joe: Yeah.

Pam: I think I know what it is.

Joe: You do?

Pam: You like me, don't you?

Joe: Yeah, how'd you know?

Pam: Jo figured it out.

Joe: Remind me to egg her house.

Pam: We've been close friends for so long.

Joe: You wanna maybe go hang somewhere, after school?

Pam: I know just the place.

Joe: Where?

Pam: The boiler room.

Joe: The what room?

Pam: AKA, the "get sexy" room. See you there.

(Pam touches Joe's hair the walk off.)

Joe: I have a date in the boiler room.

(He sees Nathaniel. They both eye eachother down. Nathaniel winks at him. Joe smiles but snaps out of it.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(Shawn is working out in the weight room. Kaitlin and Cassie walk in.)

Kaitlin: Someone's trying to get pumped.

Shawn: I'm trying out for the football team.

Cassie: Good luck with that.

Shawn: Why? The freshman excuse?

Cassie: I'm referring to Myles.

Shawn: Oh, that asswipe's got nothing on me. I almost kicked his ass today.

Kaitlin: What for?

Shawn: Calling me and Joe, babies.

Cassie: Last year, he called me a blondie in disguise. I slapped him.

Shawn: Good.

(Kailtin goes on the lipticol. Cassie starts stretching.)

Shawn: You two look good in spandex.

Cassie: You may look the other way.

(They laugh. Taylor is on the other side glaring at Shawn.)

Subplot: Joe

(Joe meets Pam in the boiler room.)

Joe: So this is the place.

Pam: Neat, right?

Joe: Meh.

(Joe starts kissing Pam neck.)

Pam: Is it getting hot in here?

Joe: We're just heating everything up.

(Pam kisses Joe. Joe squeezes Pam's ass.)

Pam: You go boy.

(Pam lowers to Joe's pants. He breathes heavily.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(Shawn is walking out of school. Myles and Taylor run up and grab him.)

Myles: Going somewhere?

Shawn: Hey!! Get off me!!

Taylor: No one's going for QB1 but Myles.

(Taylor and Myles tie Shawn to a pole with thick straw rope. They cover his mouth with duct tape.)

Myles: See ya later, loser niner.

(Taylor and Myles run off. Shawn struggles to get out of the rope.)

Subplot: Joe

(Joe is in the boiler room with Pam, puting his pants back on.)

Joe: Oh. My...

Pam: I know. This wasn't suppose to happen.

Joe: No it wasn't. But it felt good.

Pam: Yeah.

Joe: Is this a relationship?

Pam: Does it have to be?

Joe: I don't think so. It's up to you.

Pam: Okay.

Joe: I can't believe I just lost my oral virginity... in the boiler room! Is that even safe?

Pam: I don't have anything and neither do you. We're okay. It was fun though.

Joe: I think it was too.

Pam: No matter what, we're still best friends right?

Joe: You know it.

(They walk out of the boiler room.)

Pam: Lemme fix your hair.

(Pam fixes Joe's hair.)

Joe: Are we ever gonna do this again?

Pam: Maybe.

Joe: Cool.

Pam: Don't tell anyone.

Joe: Oh, I won't.

Pam: Cool. I gotta go meet Jo.

Joe: Cool. See ya.

(Pam leaves. Joe goes around a corner and sees Nathaniel. Nathnaiel winks at him and Joe smiles and leaves.)

Third Plot: Shawn

(Joe walks outside and sees Shawn strapped to a pole.)

Joe: Dude!

(Joe releases Shawn.)

Joe: Are you okay?

Shawn: I gonna kill that son of a bitch AND his friend!!

Joe: Myles did this?

Shawn: Him and Taylor.

Joe: What are we gonna do?

Shawn: Taking them down!!

(They walk off.)

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla is at her house with Seth.)

Kayla: This is tiring!

Seth: Maybe it's a harmless condition.

Kayla: I still don't see why...

Seth: What?

(Kayla starts breathing hard.)

Kayla: Seth?

(Kayla pees uncontrollably.)

Kayla: My water broke!!

(She grabs Seth's hand and squeezes.)

Seth: Ow!!! Ow!!

(Ms. Palmero walks in.)

Ms. Palmero: What's going on?

Seth: Call 911! She's going into labor!!

(Ms. Palmero calls 911.)

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