Main Plot: Damon

(Damon wakes up in Frankie's bed.)

Damon: Ugh! What the hell?

(Frankie walks in.)

Frankie: Dude! You're still here?

Damon: What happened?

Frankie: You passed out last night. I thought Trevor took you home.

Damon: Why's my head hurting?

Frankie: Cause you drank one beer last night.

Damon: I feel weird.

(Damon gets up.)

Damon: I'm naked.

Frankie: Yeah.

Damon: Did we do it?

Frankie: No we didn't. I was partying. You probably got hot.

Damon: Oh.

(Damon gets dressed.)

Frankie: See you at school.

Damon: You too.

(Damon leaves. Frankie makes up his bed and sees a used condom.)

Frankie: Holy crap.


Subplot: Rebecca/Savannah

(At school; Rebecca walks up to Chloe at her locker.)

Rebecca: Since Savannah likes playing dirty, I'm taking her down

Chloe: Are you serious about becoming cheer captain?

Rebecca: Very.

Chloe: How are you going to overthrow her?

Rebecca: Easy, the same thing we did last year.

Chloe: Create an impressive cheer?

Rebecca: Yep!

Chloe: You do notice that Randi isn't cheer captain anymore right?

Rebecca: No, we gonna make a bigger one to be voted in.

Chloe: I'm listening.

Third Plot: Cassie

(Cassie walks into a sophomore class.)

Daniel: Cassie?

Cassie: Hey Daniel.

Daniel: What are you doing in a Grade 10 class?

Cassie: Hard  to explain?

(Myles sees them.)

Myles: No way!

Cassie: Oh gosh.

Myles: Get out of hear, niner!

Cassie: Shut your damn mouth.

(Cassie bumps Myles and leaves.)

Daniel: Way to go Landon. You're a dick.

Myles: Shut it Smith!!

(They sit down.)

Main Plot: Damon

(Frankie walks to JC, Pam, Randi and Trevor.)

Frankie: Guys?

JC: There's our favorite party animal.

Randi: How's my cuddle bear doing?

Frankie: We may have a problem.

Pam : Uh oh.

Frankie: Something happened last night.

(Randi starts shedding tears. Trevor comforts her. JC and Pam look at Frankie, shocked.)

Frankie: What? I didn't cheat or anything!! It's not even about me I'm about to tell you guys.

(Randi stopps crying. Everyone stopps being shocked.)

Frankie: What happened to Damon last night?

Randi: He passed out after having one beer.

Frankie: He drank water last night. I saw him.

Randi: Oh.

Trevor: Why are we talking about my ex?

Pam: Yeah. Why are we talking about him?

Frankie: This morning, I found him in my bed, naked.

Trevor: He probably went screwing someone.

Frankie: Or someone went screwing him while he was passed out.

Pam: Holy crap!

Trevor: I did see someone carry him in a room.

Frankie: Savannah said hat you took him home.

Randi: She got drunk.

Pam: Typical Savannah.

Frankie: Does that mean he was...

Pam: I think it does.

Frankie: I found this.

(Frankie pulls out the used condom in a baggie.)

Randi: Oh no.

Frankie: Somehow we have to tell him. That includes you Trevor.

Trevor: Okay.


(Damon is sitting on the benches in gym.)

Damon: What the hell happened?

(Rebecca walk up to him.)

Rebecca: Feeling okay?

Damon: No. My head hurts.

Rebecca: Feel better, okay.

Damon: Okay.

(Rebecca walks away. Damon starts remebering a voice.)

Voice: Don't worry, you won't feel a thing.

(Damon feels confused. He remebers the voice saying something else.)

Voice: You feel so good.

Damon: Oh my god!!

Subplot: Rebecca/Savannah

(Rebecca and Savannah are standing next to each other. Mr. Hudson walks towards the gym class.)

Mr. Hudson: Okay people. Rebecca and Savannah are competing for Cheer Captain and we're doing this voting wise. So I won't you all to take a ballot and write one of their names to see who is better at cheering. Ladies?

(Savannah goes first.)

Savannah: 5, 6, 7, 8!!

(Savannah does the cheer that Rebecca and Chloe did last year.)

Rebecca: Are you kidding me?

(Savannah finishes.)

Savannah: Beat that.

Rebecca: You stole my cheer.

Savannah: I don't care. Back down or be taken down.

Rebecca: No hoe. Get ready for a new bitch. I got a trick up my sleave.

Savannah: Nuh-uh.

(Rebecca goes next.)

Rebecca: 1, 2, 3, 4!!

(Rebecca does a mixture of her cheer and a cheer Randi taught her. Savannah gets mad. Rebecca finishes.)

Mr. Hudson: Alright girls, good job! Everyone each take a ballot and fillin your votes.

(Rebecca walks out in the hallway. Savannah follows her.)

Savannah: You can't be the best at my game! Back down or be taken down!

Rebecca: Seriously? Why do you have to be a competitive bitch?

(Savannah shoves Rebecca.)

Savannah: Don't call me a bitch!!

(Rebecca shoves Savannah.)

Rebecca: I just did!! Bitch!!

(Rebecca slaps Savannah. They start fighting. Rebecca slams Savannah to a wall.)

Rebecca: Shut up and leave!!

(They walk back into the gym.)

Third Plot: Cassie

(Cassie is sitting in the hallway, depressed. Shawn walks up to her.)

Shawn: Still sad?

Cassie: How'd you guess?

Shawn: Just what I need. Let's go!

Cassie: Where and why?

Shawn: Let's just go.

(They go somewhere.)

Subplot: Rebecca/Savannah

(Mr. Hudson brings out the results.)

Mr. Hudson: And this year's cheer captain is...

(Savannah gets up happy.)

Mr. Hudson: Rebecca Hudson!!

(Everyone claps for Rebecca. Savannah leaves.)

Rebecca: Thank you everyone!

Main Plot: Damon

(Damon walks up to Trevor, Skyler, Randi, and Frankie.)

Skyler: Damon...

Damon: Hi guys.

Trevor: Um.

Damon: What happened last night?

Frankie: It's hard to explain.

(Damon starts to remember somebody taking his pants off and pulling out a condom.)

Damon: I think... I was...

Frankie: Don't do this to yourself.

Damon: I was raped!

(Damon starts breaking down, crying.)

Randi: Come here.

(They hug him.)

Subplot: Rebecca/Savannah

(Rebecca walks up to Savannah at her locker.)

Savannah: Go away!

Rebecca:  I know ou're mad but I'm sorry it got too crazy.

Savannah: Whatever!

Rebecca: If you accept my apology then you can be on the team.

Savannah: For real?

Rebecca: If you want.

(Rebecca walks away.)

Third Plot: Cassie

(At lunch; Shawn takes Cassie to a table with Joe, Kaitlin, Brittany K., and Brittney L.)

Shawn: It took a while but I want you to meet my closest friends and frenemies. Joe Walls.

Joe: Hello, pretty.

Shawn: Kaitlin Janes.

Kaitlin: Kaitlin Janes, pleased to me you.

Shawn: And the ones we had to deal with in middle school. Brittany King and Brittney Liam.

Brittany K: Brittany bitch.

Brittney L: Hello Cassie

Cassie: Hello everyone. I'm Cassie Stark. I'm a second year freshman.

Brittany K: Congrats.

(They laugh.)

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