Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla is feeding Alicia before bed. She hears her mom grunting.)

Kayla: What's wrong Mom?

Ms. Palmero: I'm so sick all this bills coming in at once.

Kayla: Why the heck do they keep raising our bill?

Ms. Palmero: Because they're assholes.

Kayla: Oh no.

(Kayla sees a tax bill.)

Kayla: We have taxes? Why?

(Her mom opens the letter.)

Ms. Palmero: Dammit!

Kayla: $1500??!!

Ms. Palmero: I hate this. I'll have to find a new job.

Kayla: What should we do?

Subplot: Daniel

(Daniel walks out of his room the next morning.)

Ken: Good morning.

Daniel: Hey...

Ken: How are you ?

Daniel: Fine.

Ken: Then let me get straight to the point.

Daniel: Okay.

Ken: Are you still mad at us?

Daniel: About?

Ken: You know what about.

Daniel: Honestly, I'm not even mad. Still a little shocked and upset but... I thought about.

Ken: and?

Daniel: I'll save my questions later. I have to get to school.

Ken: I'll be here when you get back.

Daniel: Obviously.

(Daniel walks out of his apartment.)

Third Plot: Molly

(Molly walks into school with May.)

Molly: Good thing its getting colder. I totally need this coat.

May: What were your parents arguing about this morning?

Molly: Some 40 year old baby stuff. I didn't listen. But I can't believe they are back to fighting.

May: Why do I get a feeling this won't end well.

Molly: Let's cross our fingers and hope that nothing gets worse.

May: Hoping.

(Donovan walks over.)

Donovan: Babe, can we talk?

Molly: Sure.

(May walks away.)

Molly: What?

Donovan: I've been holding this in for weeks and I have to address it.

Molly: What are you talking about?

Donovan: For weeks, you've upset and not talking to me as much. Did I do something wrong?

Molly: Look its not you, its stuff at home.

Donovan: You avoided me a few times. Im not buying it.

Molly: I...

Donovan: Caught you.

Molly: I can't tell you...yet.

Donovan: Great. A secret about me.

Molly: Now is not the best time. My parents are back to fighting.

Donovan: Whatever. Just tell me soon.

(He kisses her cheek and walks away.)

Main Plot: Kayla​

(Kayla is at home looking through home files.)

Kayla: Thompson... Dallas, Texas... home.

(An hour later, Kayla gets in her car and calls Dallas.)

Dallas: Hey babe.

Kayla: That wasnt my happy greeting.

Dallas: Im not in the mood.

Kayla: How's your day going?

Dallas: Let's just say people are assholes. Where are you?

Kayla: Listen, I'm going to take a trip somewhere.

Dallas: Where?

Kayla: My hometown in Texas.

Dallas: Whoa why?

Kayla: I have some business to take care of and some people to look ffor.

Dallas: When will you be back?

Kayla: Tomorrow or Tuesday.

Dallas: What about Alicia?

Kayla: Mom's looking after her.

Dallas: But Kayla...

Kayla: Dallas the more questions you ask me, the more time I waste sitting here.

Dallas: Fine...

Kayla: I love you.

Dallas: Yeah. I'm sure.

(Kayla aggressively hangs up.)

Kayla: Fucking crybaby.

(Kayla drives over to the airport.)

Fourth Plot: Dallas

(Dallas sits at his locker sad.)

Jayden: Wassup?

Dallas: Do you know about Kayla going to Texas today?

Jayden: No why? Is she?

Dallas: yeah.

Jayden: I Wonder what's up? You okay? You look messy.

Dallas: No...

Jayden: What's wrong? Whoa! Where this bruise come from?

Dallas: I got beat up.

(Jayden looks shocked but pissed.)

Subplot: Daniel​

(Daniel, Liam and Myles are partnered in Science class.)

Liam: Who knows when Damon comes back?

Daniel: I'm not concerned about him right now.

Liam: Harsh.

Myles: I don't blame him.

Daniel: I'm saying that because I got other crazy shit to think about.

Liam: like?

Daniel: Who my parents are.

Myles: come again?

Liam: He's adopted.

Daniel: long story.

Myles: Damn.

Liam: What's the new question though?

Daniel: I've already encountered my father for like a minute. Now I want to know who and where my mother is.

Liam: Wow. That's amazing!

Daniel: Not yet. I need to know if she lives at all.

Myles: You're life is crazy.

Daniel: Thanks ass.

(They laugh.)

Third Plot​: Molly

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