Main Plot: Trevor

(Trevor is eating breakfast with his parents.)

Trevor: And then Frankie wakes up and says "Am I in jail yet?"

(They all laugh as his mother start taking the plates.)

Mr. Armstrong: You're friend is a nut.

Trevor: He always is. The funny thing is he's a party animal but he doesn't do drugs. Well he did once last year. He's clean though.

Mrs. Armstrong: Look at the time. You better head to school.

Trevor: Ah! I should.

(Trevor grabs his bag.)

Mr. Armstrong: I love you son!

(Trevor stops, and hugs his dad.)

Trevor: I love you too dad.

(Trevor smiles and walks out of the house.)

Subplot: Travis

(Travis sits in class with May, Donovan and Molly. Trevor joins them.)

Travis: And so, France has got to be one of the best kissers ever. Best feeling ever!

Donovan: That experienced?

Travis: Heck yeah.

Donovan: Good thing, me and my baby are pros on each other. Right babe?

Molly: Sure. I'm gonna go pee.

(Molly gets up and leaves.)

Donovan: What did I do?

May: It's not you Don. She's just... on her period.

Trevor: You know what the best feeling is?

May: Spill.

Trevor: Being told I love you by my parents. Especially my dad.

Donovan: You didn't come out, did you?

Trevor: No. I'm coming out to them at graduation.

Donovan: Good move. 

May: At least you guys have parents.

Travis: I only have my dad.

May: Oh yeah. Totally forgot.

Trevor: Whatever happened to your mom?

Travis: Dead.

Trevor: Oh. Sorry to hear.

Travis: It's cool. I'm totally over it.

(They pay attention to class.)

Travis: Dead to me anyways.

Third Plot: Randi

(In the library, Frankie and Randi are skipping class.)

Frankie: How come we're not making out?

Randi: I'm trying to get this last minute homework in. I don't have time.

Frankie: I'm bored.

Randi: Then help me instead of thinking about another party.

Frankie: Okay. Well that third answer is wrong.

Randi: How do you know?

Frankie: Check this out.

(Frankie does a formula on his calculator and gets it right.)

Randi: Why did you not tell me this five minutes ago?

Frankie: I was bored.

(Randi glares at Frankie.)

Randi: I'm out of here.

Frankie: Come on. I'm joking.

Randi: We should be in class right now. This isn't a joke.

Frankie: Look I'll take a wrap for you on this one okay?

Randi: Fine. But next time, help me.

Frankie: Understood babe. Kiss?

Randi: No.

(She walks away. He smiles hilariously.)

Main Plot: Trevor

(Trevor walks out of class with May, Donovan and Travis.)

Travis: That test was easy.

May: Yeah, easy for you to say.

Trevor: Got through it with a smile.

Donovan: Yawn.

(They laugh.)

Trevor: So, what's the plan afterschool? Skatepark?

Donovan: I'm pretty sure the tenners got it this week.

May: Don't you have your boyfriend?

Trevor: Oh yeah. He's still under... emotional arrest so he's on vacation.

Travis: I'm just glad that freak's locked up.

Trevor: I am too. I never want to see him again.

May: So does that mean you can't have sex with Damon? I mean Ben stole his virginity.

Donovan: You're pretty nasty.

May: I'm just curious. That's all.

Trevor: I'm not even thinking about that. Things between me and him would've been better if I didn't bail on him for Nathaniel and then kiss another dude.

Donovan: Good thing you earned him back.

Trevor: Wan't easy but yep.

(They continue talking as they walk down the hallway.)

Subplot: Travis

(Travis, May, Donovan and Trevor are sitting at lunch.)

Travis: Ever noticed how bad social network gets?

May: It's a thing of today's world.

Travis: Yeah but it's like... why like your own statuses on Facebook?

Donovan: That is pretty gross.

Trevor: Licking your own ass.

Donovan: Dude I'm eating!

(They laugh. Travis's phone starts ringing. It's an unknown number.)

Donovan: Everything okay?

Travis: Yeah. I'll be right back.

(Travis goes into the hallway and answers the call.)

Travis: Hello?

Woman: Ever learned how to write or at least search for a number?

Travis: Who is this?

Woman: Janet Moore, your mother. Or did your father brainwash you?

Travis: Mom? What are you doing calling me? I thought I told you to leave us alone.

Mrs. Moore: Well mothers just can't stay away from their sons.

(May walks in the hall.)

Travis: No Mom! After being a complete gold digger to me and Dad, I want nothing to do with you!

Mrs. Moore: Real mothers visit their families.

Travis: W-whatever.

(He hangs up.)

May: Travis?

Travis: May! Did you?

May: Yeah. I heard.

Travis: Look I...

May: Your Mom's alive.

Travis: Yeah.

May: Can't say I'm mad.

Travis: I'll explain things later. Okay?

May: Sure.

(Travis hugs May. France walks by and sees them from a distance.)

Main Plot: Trevor

(Travis and May sit back down.)

Travis: Situation under control.

(Trevor's phone goes off.)

Donovan: Is this phone ringing day?

(Trevor gets up to answer it.)

Trevor: Hello?...Mom? Slow down. What's going... WHAT? I'm coming!

(Trevor hangs up.)

Donovan: Dude, what's wrong?

Trevor: I gotta go! Emergency. Tell the teacher I'm on early dismissal.

(Trevor runs.)

Third Plot: Randi

(Randi is in Blake's classroom.)

Randi: So, what's my score?

Blake: You handed this in late, 5 points off, and some of these are wrong. 73%.

Randi: 73%? Come on!

Blake: These questions were hard too when I took this class.

Randi: Mr. Hu, is there any thing I can do to raise my grade?

Blake: I've seen this happen before. Cassie all over again.

Randi: Please?

Blake: Sure. Be on time, pay more attention, and stop slacking with that party boyfriend of yours.

Randi: Whatever.

(Randi walks out feeling pissed off.)

Main Plot: Trevor

(Trevor runs inside The Orlando ER. He goes up to the front desk.)

Trevor: Excuse me! My father was rushed here! His name is Harold Armstrong!

Clerk: Second floor, room 20 on the left side. Take the right elevator over there.

Trevor: Thank you!

(Trevor takes the elevator to the second floor and finds his mother crying outside of room 20.)

Trevor: Mom!

Mrs. Armstrong: Trevor...

Trevor: Where's Dad? What happened?

Mrs. Armstrong: He had a heart attack. A bad one...

Trevor: He'll be okay... right?

Mrs. Armstrong: Trevor...

Trevor: RIGHT?!

Mrs. Armstong: He's gone, Trevor. He's gone.

(Trevor sheds a tear and and collapses towards the wall.)

Trevor: Dad...

Subplot: Travis

(Travis walks out of class with his friends.)

Travis: I hope Trevor's okay. He bolted out.

Donovan: I hope so too.

Mr. Jones: Mr. Moore. I'm glad I caught you.

Travis: Yes sir?

Mr. Jones: You have an early dismissal.

Travis: I do?

Mr. Jones: Yep. Have a good day.

Travis: Thanks.

May: So soon?

Travis: I guess. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

(Travis walks into the main office and sees his mother.)

Travis: You got to be shitting me.

Mrs. Moore: Geez kiddo. Watch your mouth. 

Travis: What are you doing here?

Mrs. Moore: Picking you up. What else?

Travis: I'm not going anywhere. I'd rather sleep in class.

Mrs. Moore: Your father told me to pick you up.

Travis: He, he did?

Mrs. Moore: That's right. So let's go.

(Travis slowly walks.)

Mrs. Moore: Okay, you don't have to talk to me while we're driving.

Travis: Whatever...

Third Plot: Randi

(Randi is at her locker. She pulls out her University Application.)

Randi: Fuck! I forgot this!

(Randi puts in her bag and slams her head on her locker.)

Randi: Why am I fucking up all of the sudden? Someone help me!

(Randi walks away.)

Main Plot: Trevor

(Afterschool, Trevor is outside of his father's hospital room, looking emotionless.)

Trevor: Why?

Doctor: Would you like to go see him?

Trevor: Sure.

(Trevor gets up, stands for a second and slowly walks into the room.)

Next Time...

Trevor: I just lost my father.

May: I thought I made myself clear.

Donovan: Is he gonna be okay?


Travis: Get out!

Mrs. Moore: I'm your mother!


Randi: This is why, I'm done with school!


(Randi sets her homework on fire in front of Frankie.)

Frankie: Really?

France: You've got a problem.


Trevor: Leave me alone!!

(Trevor throws a trashcan into a showcase.)

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