Main Plot: Shawn

(Myles is talking to Taylor. Shawn comes up and slams him to his locker.)

Myles: What, freak?

Shawn: I need a word with you, asshole.

Taylor: Should I kick his ass?

Myles: Nah. Lemme hear this.

(Taylor walks away.)

Shawn: You've got brass balls for blakmailing.

Myles: Where'd you get those needles?

Shawn: A sophomore. What do you want from me?

Myles: It's a little payback for getting me kicked off the team.

Shawn: You shouldn't have hazed me.

Myles: You don't know what I'll do.

Shawn: You know what I'm gonna do?

Myles: I'm not scared of you.

Shawn: But you're scared of needles.

Myles: You'd be the one in more trouble.

Shawn: I'm warning you!

Myles: Whatever.

(Myles walks away.)

Subplot: Jay

(Jay is in his car looking depressed. Jasmine calls his cell.)

Jay: What?

Jasmine: You haven't been answering your phone.

Jay: I'm not in the mood.

Jasmine: Still upset because you dick-wipped me?

Jay: I thought we were safe.

Jasmine: Well, I'm pregnant with your baby and you're going to deal with it.

Jay: How?

Jasmine: Being in both our lives.

Jay: Ugh.

Jasmine: Can we talk in person?

Jay: Whatever.

Jasmine: My house.

Jay: Fine.

(He hangs up and tosses his phone in the backseat.)

Third Plot: France

(France walks out of class. somebody bumps into her and drops her stuff. Travis helps her.)

Travis: That was a nasty drop.

France: They need to look where they're going.

(They lock eyes. France awkwardly smiles.)

France: Hey.

Travis: Howdy.

France: Haven't I seen you before?

Travis: Travis Moore.

France: France Martin.

Travis: You're Frankie's sister, right?

France: Yeah...

Travis: Hmm. No one told me she was pretty.

France: Wow. Really?

Travis: Oh yeah.

(France blushes. Frankie walks and sees them.)

Frankie: You're joking.

Travis: Well, nice talking to you. See you around.

France: Bye.

(Travis walks away.)

France: You beautiful man.

Frankie: What was that?

France: You're friend.

Frankie: He's neat, huh?

France: Is he ever?

Frankie: Good. Stay away.

France: What? Why?

Frankie: Travis is a pretty boy.

France: But you're his friend.

Frankie: Remember I told you there was one guy who came off as an ass when he transferred here?

France: Yeah?

Frankie: That's him.

France: So?

Frankie: I'm telling you right now not to go for him.

France: Why not?

Frankie: Because you deseve some promiscuous.

France: Shut up.

Frankie: Joking!

France: Come to me when you're not so idiotic.

Frankie: Come on!

(France walk away.)

Main Plot: Shawn

(Shawn is walking in the hallway with Joe and Kaitlin..)

Joe: So much of threat.

Shawn: It's not my fault.

Joe: You're the one who bought needles from Daniel in the first place.

Kailtin: Not your best move.

Joe: Threatening Myles isn't gonna make it better.

Shawn: The guy's an ass!

Blake: Cooke! Jones wants to see you.

Shawn: Okay. Oh no.

Joe: Dammit Myles.

(Shawn walks into the principal's office.)

Mr. Jones: Shawn. Have a seat.

Shawn: Is there something wrong?

Mr. Jones: We had a locker search today. On the freshmen section, we found two needles filled with steroids in your locker.

Shawn: What? I those aren't my needles.

Mr. Jones: Why were they in your locker?

Shawn:  I...I don't know! They're not mine.

Cop: Let me see your arm, son.

Shawn: My arms?

Cop: Let me see them.

(Shawn shows his arms.)

Cop: He's clean. No holes by injection.

Mr. Jones: Are you sure they're not yours?

Shawn: I'm pretty sure that there's a locker breaker in the school that doesn't like me.

Mr. Jones: Would you happen to know who this person is?

Shawn: I would check Taylor Parker and Myles Landon if I were you.

Mr. Jones: Okay. We'll investigate. You can leave.

(Shawn walk out.)

Shawn: That was close.

Subplot: Jay

(Afterschool, Cassie walks out of school only to find Jay parked infront.)

Cassie: What are you doing here?

Jay: Your sister told me to pick you up.


(Paris sees them. Jay sees her.)

Jay: You might want to get in quick.

Cassie: Why?

Jay: Let's just go. Jasmine's won't wait.

(They get in the car and go. Paris looks upset.)

Third Plot: France

(France is sitting at her locker listening to music. She starts imagining having sex with Travis.)

France: Oh baby you'll be mine.

(Frankie walks up to Travis.)

Frankie: Hey. I heard you like my sister.

Travis: France? Yeah. She's pretty.

Frankie: Drop it. That's not the one you want.

Travis: What are you talking about?

Frankie: France is different. and I don't think you should be flirting with her.

Travis: Just like you flaunt your relationship with Randi around?

Frankie: I'm telling you man. No! I'm warning you.

Travis: I'm not going to stand here and take stupid talk from you.

(Travis wlaks away. Frankie looks pissed.)

Subplot: Jay

(Jay is sitting in Cassie's living room with Jasmine.)

Jay: Well I'm here. What do you want from me?

Jasmine: I want you in my baby's life.

Jay: I want to get something off my chest.

Jasmine: Go ahead.

Jay: After we split, I went with another girl. The breakup with her eneded badly.

Jasmine: I'm not mad. I had sex with someone after you. But it's not his baby.

Jay: How do you know that?

Jasmine: That condom never broke.

Jay: Oh.

Jasmine: You and I never used one.

Jay: Oh gosh. I just wanted to share something.

Cassie: Okay, ew. Can you guys just get to the point?

Jay: I didn't mean to get you pregnant. I'm an idiot.

Jasmine: We're both in our twenties so it's not exactly bad. And trust me, you're no idiot.

Jay: Then what are we gonna do?

Cassie: Just kiss already.

Jay: Not helping.

Jasmine: Are you in though? The baby needs his daddy.

(Jay thinks for a second.)

Jay: Y-yes.

Jasmine: Then lean.

(Jasmine kisses Jay and smiles.)

Cassie: You still have to deal with me.

Jay: Ha! Whatever.

Third Plot: France

(The next day, Travis is with Trevor, May, and Donovan. France walks up to them.)

France: Excuse me.

Travis: Hello France.

France: Can we talk for a second?

Travis: Sure.

Trevor: This shall be interesting.

Donovan: When it comes to Frankie's relative and Travis, what's to expect?

May: Let's go.

(May, Donovan, and Trevor walk away.)

Travis: This should be interesting since you're brother warned me not to get with you?

France: Frankie's just overprotective of me and our brothers... and Randi.

Travis: So there's nothing for me to worry about?

France: No...

Travis: Nothing to keep me from asking you out?

France: You wanted to ask me out?

Travis: I want.

France: Then Yes! I accept your offer!

Travis: Cool. Then should I...

(France pulls Travis into a kiss.)

Travis: Now I feel special.

France: Catch you after class?

Travis: You bet.

(The smile and walk away from each other. Frankie and Randi watch from a distance.)

Frankie: I warned him. He really doesn't listen.

Randi: Or maybe you should've had bigger guns.

Frankie: Watch what happens when he gets gonorrhea.

Main Plot: Shawn

(Shawn walks out of class with Joe and Kaitlin.)

Shawn: Well, Myles is suspened for suspicion of drug carrying.

Joe: It's about time we walk through these halls without him tormenting us over a football spot.

Shawn: Now, we just have to deal woth his buddy.

(Taylor glares at Shawn.)

Shawn: He should take a picture. It'll last longer.

Joe: You do realize this isn't over, right.

Shawn: Yeah...

Joe: Plus, you need to get rid of the stuff.

Shawn: That's handled already.

Joe: Good.

Shawn: I guess, I'll stick with the regular but firm workout.

Joe: Next time, come to me for help.

Shawn: Sure thing bud. When I feel like it.

(They walk to the next class.)

Coming up...

Damon: I never figured this out.

Liam: Because you were too stupid to even realize it!

The Episode

Kayla: I have a baby, lost my bay's daddy and now I have boys fighting over me!

Delilah: Who the hell wrote these? Homecoming's coming and we don't need this!

Damon: I feel so stupid.


(Paris and Jayden are dancing on stage.)

Dallas: Knock knock.

Taylor: Who's there? Your mother?

(Dallas punches Taylor to the ground)

Dallas: My fist.

Delilah: I need a fake detective team.

Damon: This is all my fault.

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