Main Plot: Shawn

(At football practice, Shawn leads a play.)

Shawn: Ready! Hut!

(Darnell passes the ball to Shawn and he throws to Trevor. Trevor makes a touchdown.)

Blake: And touchdown! Good play!

(Shawn stumbles.)

Blake: You alright, Cooke?

Shawn: Just dizzy and overheated I guess.

Blake: Well take a cooler.

Shawn: Thanks. Darnell!

Darnell: What?

Shawn: Play QB for me!

Darnell: Whatever.

(Shawn sits on the bence, drinks some water and breates heavily.)

Shawn: I don't feel like strong man.

Subplot: Jay

(In Maimi, Jay is in his apartment making food. He sits on his couch. and watches T.V. His phone rings.)

Jay: Hello?

Jasmine: Hey Jay.

Jay: Who's this ?

Jasmine: It's Jasmine.

Jay: Jasmine? I have haven't heard from you since July.

Jasmine: When we had sex.

Jay: Yeah. So what's up?

Jasmine: Do you have any plans for the next week?

Jay: Nope. Why?

Jasmine: I want you to come see me.

Jay: Are you in the hospital?

Jasmine: No. I'm at my sister's house.

Jay: Where's that?

Jasmine: In Orlando?

Jay: Orlando...

Jasmine: Don't like the place?

Jay: I do I just prefer Miami.

Jasmine: Well, I need you right now. Please?

Jay: Sure. I'll be there tomorrow.

Jasmine: Thank you.That would help a lot.

Jay: Yeah. bye. (He hangs up and looks concerned.)

Third Plot: France

(France is with Frankie, JC, Randi, and May at Frankie's locker.)

JC: Wanna plan the next party, Frankie?

Frankie: It'll be sick as usual.

JC: Who's coming?

Frankie: Everyone standing right here.

May: Yay!

Randi: There also maybe some sex.

France: Sex...

Frankie: Ran, don't mention sex in front of France.

Randi: Why are you throwing a party?

JC: Concerned for sex huh? Wanna go somewhere private?

Frankie: Dude... that's my sister.

JC: I'm joking.

France: You're also a weirdo.

JC: Ha! Who else is coming?

Frankie: People who don't talk to so don't cause trouble.

JC: No promises.

Frankie: Let's get out of here.

France: You guys go ahead I'll master... I mean, catch up.

Frankie: On second thought you guys go ahead.

(May, Randi and JC leave.)

Frankie: Correct me if I'm wrong, and I know I'm not wrong but were you about to say masterbate?

France: Yes...

Frankie: I thought you were on a good no sex streak.

France: Masterbating keeps me from looking for sex. I even have a sex toy.

Frankie: Do I have to hear that? Do you have to say it out loud?

France: There's no one here.

Frankie: You're doing great and you're not as bad as me.

France: You only fuck Randi.

Frankie: That's because she loves me and it.

France: Okay. End of convo!

Frankie: I'd agree. Let's go home.

(They leave.)

Main Plot: Shawn

(Shawn lays on his floor, exhausted and sweaty. His phone rings next to him and he answers.)

Shawn: Hello?

Joe: Dude! How was practice?

Shawn: Extremely tiring.

Joe: You sound tired.

Shawn: I'm literally on my floor shirtless.

Joe: Shall come over there and massage you?

Shawn: Please don't say any faggot crap.

Joe: I'm joking.

Shawn: What are you doing, anyways?

Joe: Playing video games waiting for Kaitlin to call me.

Shawn: Doesn't she hate your ass?

Joe: We're talking things out.

Shawn: Sure.

Joe: Is your homework done?

Shawn: Are you my boss?

Joe: Just saying.

Shawn: I'll call you back dude.

Joe: Sure.

(They hang up. Shawn barey crawls onto his bed.)

Shawn: I need some help.

Subplot: Jay

(The next morning, Jay pulls up to a store in Orlando. He goes inside.)

Jay: What to get. What to get.

(He buys some food and drinks and goes back to his car. Someone walks over to his car.)

Jay: Jazz?

Jasmine: Hello, Jay.

(They hug.)

Cassie: I've seen you before.

Jay: You seem familiar too.

Cassie: Do you know anyone at Orlando High?

Jay: I know a Paris... and May.

Cassie: I know them!

Jasmine: It's great to see you again!

Cassie: I'll leave you guys to talk.

(Cassie goes inside the store. Jay and Jasmine get in his car.)

Jay: So, I'm here.

Jasmine: I need you here.

Jay: What's the situation?

Jasmine: I have some news.

Jay: You're not dying, are you?

Jasmine: No...

Jay: Oh... cool.

Jasmine: But I'm pregnant.

Jay: What?

Jasmine: I'm pregnant, with your baby, we're going to be parents!

Jay: Excuse me...

(Jay gets out of his car and starts walking around the corner. Jasmine gets out of his car.)

Jasmine: Jay?

(He continues walking.)

Third Plot: France

(France is in her room. She is holding her sex toy. Frankie knocks.)

Frankie: Dinner time, you freak!

France: Go drink out of the toilet!

Frankie: How can I when your goods were there already?

France: Nice one!

Frankie: Now when you're done playing with that crotch stick, dinner's on the table.

France: Shut it!

(Frankie laughs and walks away.)

Main Plot: Shawn

(The next day, Shawn is walking with Joe.)

Shawn: Yesturday's practice was most energy destroyer.

Joe: It was that hard?

Shawn: Yeah. I feel like I'm losing my energy and focus.

Joe: What are you going to do?

Shawn: I have an idea.

(Shawn walks up to Daniel.)

Shawn: Excuse me.

Daniel: Can I help you, niner?

Shawn: You're a tenner and yes you can.

Daniel: What do you need?

Shawn: Do you know anybody who can get drug stuff?

Daniel: A little young to be dealing drugs.

Shawn: It's not for me.

Daniel: Okay, then sure. I know a guy.

Shawn: How much?

Daniel: How much do you have?

(Shawn gives Daniel twenty dollars.)

Daniel: I'll be right back.

(Daniel walks away.)

Subplot: Jay

(Jay sits in his car looking upset.)

Jay: I can't believe this.

(Jasmine calls his phone. He ignores.)

Jay: I'm going to be a father.

Third Plot: France

(France is at her locker. JC walks by.)

JC: Hey France. Wanna go to the janitor's closet?

France: Sure... I mean no!

JC: You said sure.

France: I meant no!

JC: I got a nice hard dick for you.

France: I'll tell Frankie you're trying to grope me if you don't hit the road!

(Frankie walks from behind a corner.)

Frankie: It's okay. I put him up to it.

JC: My job here is done.

(JC walks away.)

Frankie: I heard that sure part but you did okay.

France: Don't ever do that again.

Frankie: But you're doing great!

France: I know. Don't send your friend to try that. It's gross.

Frankie: So is an STI.

(France grabs Frankie's finger and bends it.)

Frankie: Okay!! Okay! I'm sorry.

France: Good. Now run to class.

(Frankie runs away. France look upset.)

Main Plot: Shawn

(Shawn walks into the locker room with his backpack. He sits down and pulls out a needle.)

Shawn: He could've given me a pill instead of sharp pointy things.

(Myles walks in. Shawn hides the needle.)

Myles: What was that?

Shawn: What are you doing here?

Myles: Minding my own business. I saw what you did!

Shawn: What?

Myles: That's a needle!

Shawn: And?

Myles: You're doing drugs!

Shawn: It's medication, dumbass. Go look it up.

Myles: Wait til I tell everyone!

(Shawn pins Myles to the wall.)

Shawn: If you say one thing about this I will slash your neck!

Myles: Get off me!

(He pushes Shawn off and runs out.)

Shawn: Oh no!

(Shawn look worried.)

Next Week

Myles: You don't know what I'll do.

Shawn: You know what I'm gonna do?


France: He's beautiful.

(Frankie walks up to Travis.)

Frankie: I'm warning you.

Travis: Who's say you're the boss?


(Shawn pushes Myles to the ground. Joe and Cassie try to break it up.)

Joe: You can't use drugs.

Shawn: What's the other option?

(Travis smiles at France.)

France: I don't care what say, he's mine!


Jay: I'm an idiot!

Jasmine: We're both in our twenties. It's not bad.

Cassie: Just kiss already.

(Jay glares at Cassie.)

Jay: Seriously? Not helping.

All New Orlando

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