Main Plot: Molly

(Molly comes to school carrying two backpacks. Maya and Donovan walk over to her.)

Molly: Just the two people I want to see.

May: What's the emergency?

Molly: I explained to my dad. A plan to get him and mom to stop fighting.

Donovan: What the idea? Is it safe?

Molly: It's marriage saving. Take a look.

(Molly opens the second backpack. There's punk rock clothing and gear.)

Donovan: I've seen this act before. You're going to dress up as a hardcore goth girl?

Molly: And you're apart of the plan, too.

Donovan: I am? How?

Molly: You're gonna come into my house at a que-point, then I'm gonna pretend to get frisky with you.

Donovan: Not in front of your parents!

Molly: They're arguing can me to go back to my old ways, remember?

Donovan: Yeah but are you sure?

Molly: It'll make them yell at me from the inside out. They'll realize that they both care equally for me as they do for each other.

May: Please tell me you're doing the right thing.

Molly: It's the best plan I have right now!

Donovan: I'll do it. I hope they don't hate me for this.

Molly: I knew I could trust you.

(Molly kisses Donovan.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Cassie is walking with Liam and Daniel.)

Liam: You're not happy about your sister coming back?

Cassie: She never said sorry.

Daniel: Sounds like you need Liam treatment.

Cassie: Daniel, if you say another sexual thing...

Daniel: I'm joking.

Cassie: This is serious.

Liam: Is she picking you up?

Cassie: I hope not. I really don't feel like talking to her.

Liam: What else did she do?

Cassie: Well she likes younger men.

Liam: So?

Cassie: She's 20 and she just flirted with Shawn the other day.

Liam: Ew. Did she do this before?

Cassie: Before my parents sent her off to Miami, she was an 18 year old senior who engaged sex with an eighth grader and he was my friend.

Liam: Gross!

Daniel: That's sagatory rape. Did she succeed?

Cassie: She told me she doesn't fuck and tell.

Liam: I won't be eating lunch today.

Daniel: I'm disturbed.

Cassie: Sorry, but she's going to have to earn my respect. It won't come easily.

(They walk to their classes.)

Third Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is sleeping at home. Maive wakes her up.)

Ramona: What!

Maive: Ramona, it's me. Your sister.

Ramona: I feel like I'm going crazy.

Maive: You took anti-anxiety meds longer than you were suppose to. Do you know what that can do?

Ramona: No.

Maive: Bi-polar Disorder, schizophrenia, other mental disabilities can ruin your mind. 

Ramona: How do you know that?

Maive: I graduated, remember?

Ramona: Barely.

Maive: I still learned. Anyways, you've only been off those meds for three days.

Ramona: I feel a little better.

Maive: It will take awhile for you to go back to normal.

Ramona: What time is it?

Maive: 10 AM. Why?

Ramona: I'm late!

Maive: You don't want to rest?

Ramona: It's Friday!

Maive: Weird excuse but I'll take you.

(Ramona runs to the bathroom.)

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly is in the bathroom dressing up in her new gothic clothing.)

May: Please tell you're doing the right thing.

Molly: It's not the best thing I came up with but it'll have to do for now.

May: I hope you're right.

(Randi walks in.)

Randi: What the hell is this?

Molly: It's not for me. Shut the door.

Randi: Are you turning lower than you were before?

Molly: This is a plan for something personal.

Randi: I'll stay out of it. You guys are weirdos.

(Randi leaves.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Afterschool, Cassie is making out with Liam on the side of the steps. Jasmine drives up.)

Jasmine: Whoa!

Cassie: Do you ever not come when I'm busy?

Jasmine: Maybe it's someone's timing.

Cassie: Whatever. Who's picking me up?

Jasmine: You're looking at her.

Cassie: Seriously?

Jasmine: Are you gonna act like this all week?

Cassie: It depends. Are you gonna hookup with my friends?

Jasmine: Do you want to be picked up or not? I want to talk to you anyways.

Liam: I'll call you tonight?

Cassie: No! I'll walk!

Jasmine: Suit yourself!

(Jasmine drives away.)

Third Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is sitting at her locker with Kayla, Paris and Jayden.)

Ramona: My tea treatment is working.

Kayla: Are you like still going crazy?

Ramona: I'm not bi-polar and I'm not schizophrenic.

Jayden: then why did you lash out the other day?

Ramona: Anti-anxiety must've overtook my head into a weird joyride. My head hurts.

Paris: You went through a few days without going crazy.

Kayla: How often were you taking those meds?

Ramona: Twice a week.

Kayla: I think you're safe.

Ramona: I'm so stupid. I never should've over-laped my medication. I was still scared.

Kayla: I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

Ramona: I hope.

(Darnell ad Shanleigh walk by snickering.)

Kayla: Something funny?

Shanleigh: Yeah. I've never seen idiots fight like her.

(Kayla gets in Shanleigh's face.)

Kayla: You wanna say that again?

Jayden: Easy Kayla.

(Darnell pulls Jayden.)

Darnell: It's a girls' fight, you dumbass.

(Jayden pushes Darnell.)

Jayden: Who do you think you're calling a sissy?

(Ramona pushes Shanleigh.)

Ramona: Get of our faces.

Shanleigh: Check this out! You're pathetic.

Darnell: Let's see what the prissy bitch and her stooge...

(Jayden punches Darnell in the face and they start mauling each other.)

Shaneligh: Darnell!

(Ramona pulls Shanleigh to the ground. They pull each other's hair.)

Paris: Ahhh!!!

Kayla: Is it wrong that I'm laughing?

(Jayden flips Darnell over his shoulder. Ramona and Shanleigh are wrestling on the ground.)

Blake: Hey!!

Elizabeth: You four!

(Mr. Hudson and Ms. Underwood break them up.)

Blake: To the main office, you go! As for you two, I'm giving a chance to go home.

(Kayla and Paris run. Ramona and Jayden give each other tired smiles and fist bump.)

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly walks in the house wearing her gothic clothes. Donovan comes in.)

Molly: They're arguing. Perfect.

Donovan: Here goes nothing.

(Molly starts making out with Donovan and grabs his junk.)

Donovan: This was part of the plan?

Molly: I said get frisky, remember? Here they come.

(Her parents stop arguing when they come downstairs and see her.)

Mrs. Anderson: What the hell is this?

Mr. Anderson: Who the hell are you?

Donovan: I'm Donovan, remember?

Mr. Anderson: Oh yeah. What the hell are you doing?

Molly: Living dangerously.

Mrs. Anderson: Donovan, get out!

Molly: Don't wait up too late.

(Donovan runs outside.)

Mrs. Anderson: Molly, why are you dressed as a...

Mr. Anderson: Delinquent!

Mrs. Anderson: Yeah! That!

Molly: What can I say? With you two focusing on each other I can do what I want.

Mr. Anderson: This is an outrage!

Mrs. Anderson: This is stupid. Molly Anderson! Take the clothes off and dress in normal clothes right now!

Molly: Ahoy! Captain.

(Molly goes upstairs to her room and smiles. She calls May.)

May: Hello?

Molly: I think it worked.

May: It did?

Molly: Yep. Good thing I can act.

May: Is it safe for me to come home?

Molly: I would wait for an hour.

May: Okay.

(They hang up.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Cassie and Jasmine are arguing.)

Cassie: Can you just let me be?

Jasmine: Why can't you accept me?

Cassie: Prove youself!

Jasmine: I'm trying so hard. I've changed!

Cassie: You've done statutory rape on my friend and you had us robbed.

Jasmine: I managed to give it all back.

Cassie: My money, yes. My frend's virginity, no.

Jasmine: It's not my fault he said he was 17. I didn't know he was 14.

Cassie: Ugh!

Jasmine: Cassie! I'm sorry.

(Cassie starts to shed a tear.)

Cassie: Are you?

Jasmine: Why else would I have changed?

Cassie: Why did you flirt with Shawn the other day?

Jasmine: I was joking.

Cassie: Oh...

Jasmine: I need you to forgive me. Sisters?

(Cassie thinks for a minute.)

Cassie: Sisters. But please don't screw up.

Jasmine: I did already. It's the last mistake but I love it.

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Jasmine: Cassie, I'm pregnant.

Cassie: Are you joking?

Jasmine: Does this baby bump lie?

Cassie: I'm going to be an aunt?

Jasmine: Yep!

Cassie: I can't believe this is happening. I'm actually happy!

Jasmine: Mom and Dad don't know yet.

Cassie: When will they know?

Jasmine: Soon.

Cassie: I'm glad you're home.

(They hug.)

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly and Donovan are in her room.)

Donovan: I can't believe the plan worked.

Molly: What's crazy is that they had sex just a half hour after the plan worked.

Donovan: Wow.

Molly: And now they're out for dinner trying to solve their problems.

Donovan: That gives me time with you.

(Molly kisses Donovan.)

Molly: My parents won't be home for another hour.)

Donovan: Does that mean?

Molly: Let's have sex.

(Donovan takes his shirt off and kisses Molly's neck. They begin to make out on her bed.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Cassie is at the mall with Liam, Rebecca, Dallas, Daniel, Chloe and Damon.)

Liam: So you're sister actually did a complete change?

Dallas: Like Beyond Scared Straight change?

Cassie: You can say that.

Chloe: Anything else we should know?

Cassie: Sure. We shouldn't be enemies anymore.

Chloe: That's were both here.

Daniel: I'm glad we're hangin out again.

Damon: I'm better.

Cassie: Good to here.

Rebecca: Plus one.

Dallas: Me!

Cassie: I have one more announcement.

Rebecca: Spill it.

Cassie: Jasmine told me that I'm going to be an aunt.

(Everyone looks happy and shocked.)

Daniel: Congrats!

Liam: Auntie Cassie!

(Damon claps.)

Cassie: I can really use a group hug!

Dallas: Bring it in.

(They give Cassie a group hug.)

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