Main Plot: Molly

(Molly is eating breakfast at table with May and Elena.)

May: Have anymore waffles? I'm starving!

Elena: I want pancakes!

Molly: We just ran out. I'll get some after school today.

May: As long as you get me some food. And Elena.

(Molly's parents are arguing.)

Molly: Not again.

Mrs. Anderson: Why are you always out at night?

Mr. Anderson: Because I can. What's wrong with that?

Mrs. Anderson: Nothing... if you have an explaination!

Mr. Anderson: I'm just with the guys!

Mrs. Anderson: And I have to be in here watching three girls!

Mr. Anderson: What can I say? It was two just five years ago. Lacey goes to college and now married.

Mrs. Anderson: Do the math! May and Elena lost their parents! Now it's three and you don't even help around!

Mr. Anderson: Im out of here!

(Mr. Anderson storms out of the house. Mrs. Anderson sighs.)

Molly: Everything okay, mom?

Mrs. Anderson: You're father's just being typical... again.

(She goes upstairs.)

Elena: They're too loud!

May: Shh.

Molly: I actually agree. Let's get to school.

Subplot: Cassie

(Cassie is making out with Liam at her locker. Her phone goes off.)

Liam: Can't it wait?

Cassie: It's my mom. I guess I can ignore once.

(She ignores and continues to kiss Liam. It goes off again.)

Liam: It's probably urgent. Go ahead and answer it.

Cassie: Yes mom?...Yeah I'm in school...Who?...Ohh...Okay...Bye.

(She hangs up.)

Liam: What's going on?

Cassie: My sister's back.

Liam: You have a sister?

Cassie: Older one, who I don't like.

Liam: Why?

Cassie: She's the bad girl who brings her lifestyle in my house and ruins it.

Liam: Sounds like somethingI might not want to here.

(Daniel walks over.)

Daniel: Guys there's a fight going on! We better check it out.

Liam: Sure.

Cassie: Let's go!

(Cassie leaves with them.)

Third Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is fighting a girl in the hallway. Delilah and Nathaniel jumps in and break it up.)

Delilah: Guys! Stop before a teacher sees this!

Ramona: Call me fat again!

(Ramona slams the girl into a locker. Nathaniel pulls her back.)

Nathaniel: Stop it!

Ramona: Fine!

(The girl stumbles away. The crowd walks off.)

Nathaniel: What happened?

Ramona: The bitch called me a cow.

Delilah: You're not the kind of girl who would fight.

Ramona: I'm not, am I? I must've blacked out.

Nathaniel: You looked like a mad woman.

Ramona: I'll try and control myself.

Nathaniel: Please.

(They walk to the class.)

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly is sitting in class, thinking. May turns around.)

May: Any idea on why your parents keep fighting?

Molly: From what I've heard, my dad's out late for no reason and doesn't think it's wrong.

May: That makes no sense.

Molly: Either he hangs out at bars or he's cheating. I'd go with bars.

May: But he's barely drunmk at times.

Molly: He's not a heavy drinker.

May: I wonder what's wrong with him.

Molly: I find out somehow.

(May turns back around.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Afterschool, Cassie walks out of school with Shawn and Kaitlin.)

Shawn: Did I here there was a fight earlier?

Cassie: It was Ramona and some random.

Kaitlin: Who?

Cassie: A junior.

Kaitlin: Oh.

(A car pulls up.)

Cassie: I reconize that car...

(Cassie's sister, Jasmine, gets out.)

Jasmine: Cassandra!

Cassie: Jazz...

(Jasmine hugs Cassie.)

Jasmine: Hello people!

Cassie: Jazz, this is Kaitlin and Shawn.

Shawn: Shawn Cooke. Cool guy.

Kaitlin: Hey.

Jasmine: Are you by any chance 18?

Shawn: I'm 14.

Cassie: And that concludes the introductions! I'll see you guys later.

(Jasmine and Cassie leave.)

Third Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is sitting on the steps. Kayla walks over to her.)

Kayla: Ray! What happened today? I heard you were in a fight.

(Ramona doesn't pay attention.)

Kayla: Ramona?

(She touches her shoulder. Ramona jumps.)

Ramona: Eeeck!

Kayla: Calm down!

Ramona: Kayla? It's just you.

Kayla: Are you okay? You've been acting strange for the past week.

Ramona: I don't know.

Kayla: You were fighting today. Why?

Ramona: I don't know. I think someone called me fat.

Kayla: Yeah. And the girl you beat up has a busted nose.

Ramona: I did that?

Kayla: Are you sure you're okay? Now you saying it as if you don't remember.

Ramona: I remember... I think.

Kayla: Maybe, you just need to relax. You seem to be going crazy.

Ramona: I need R&R.

Kayla: Let's go. I'll drive you home.

Ramona: Thank you. You're a lot of help.

(They walk over to Kayla's car.)

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly, May and Elena walk into Molly's house, only to hear arguing.)

Molly: Seriously?

May: Come on, Elena. Let's go to the den.

(May takes her sister to the den. Molly goes into her parents' room.)

Molly: What is going on here?!

Mr. Anderson: Your mother is mad because I was let off work early.

Mrs. Anderson: I'm just looking out for our fortune.

Mr. Anderson: Our fortune is fine!

Mrs. Anderson: I would've appreciate it if you had taken a full day.

Mr. Anderson: Well sorry for volenteering!

Molly: Enough!

(Molly storms out of her room.)

Mrs. Anderson: See? Now our daughter is in tears.

Mr. Anderson: I'm not the one to blame!

(Molly is in the bathroom, crying. She sees a razor and picks it up. She puts it to her arm.)

Molly: No...

(She puts the razor back and leaves.)

Subplot: Cassie

(Cassie is in her living room with Jasmine, and their parents. Cassie is quiet.)

Mr. Stark: So, how was Miami?

Jasmine: A blast! I met new people, made new friends, saw the sights, and I even had a new job.

Mrs. Stark: New job? As what?

Jasmine: I was a waitress at this cafe'. The food is excellent.

Mr. Stark: What can you say about Florida other shiner?

(Jasmine looks at Cassie.)

Jasmine: So Cassie, how's sophomore year so far?

Cassie: I wouldn't know, I'm still a freshmen

Jasmine: Why's that?

Cassie: Dylexia happened.

Mr. Stark: We tried our best over the summer to put her through but nothing worked.

Mrs. Stark: And she was short by only a few credits to get to Grade 10.

Mr. Stark: She might be lucky and catch up.

Jasmine: Sounds smarty.

Cassie: Yeah.

(Cassie gets up and goes to the kitchen.)

Jasmine: What's her deal?

Mr. Stark: She's probably still mad at the past.

Jasmine: One crime of a thousand dollars really sank her respect for me?

Mrs. Stark: It was tragic when you had us robbed.

Jasmine: I changed.

Mr. Stark: We know you did.

Jasmine: And trust me, I have my own finance.

Third Plot: Ramona

(Ramona and Kayla are sitting down in Ramona's living room.)

Kayla: Tell me why? You seem crazy.

Ramona: You'll get over-protective if I tell you.

Kayla: And what if you don't tell me? You'll hurt someone.

Ramona: After Maive abused me, I developed Posttramatic Stress Disorder. I seemed calm for the past six months because my doctor gave me anti-axiety meds.

Kayla: But why did you lash out? How come you've been jumpy for the last couple of weeks?

Ramona: I was suppose to take them for five months.

Kayla: You over took?

Ramona: I wanted to make sure I was okay!

(Maive walks in.)

Maive: Who wants muffins?

Ramona: Don't freak out! Don't freak out!

Kayla: Maive, she's not feeling well.

Maive: What's wrong with her?

Ramona: She took those anti-axiety meds for too long. She's lashing out.

Maive: Why did you do that?

Ramona: I just wanted to make sure I was fine!

Kayla: We have to take her to her doctor!

Maive: Okay. Calm her down. I'll warn mom and dad!

(Maive runs outs.)

Kayla: You're going to be okay.

Main Plot: Molly

(Molly is in her room. Her dad walks in.)

Mr. Anderson: Hello, princess.

Molly: Hi dad.

Mr. Anderson: Look, I'm sorry that you're mother and I have had you caught in the middle of our feuds. We tried not to argue around after your cutting situation.

Molly: Dad, I'm fine.

Mr. Anderson: What should I do? I can't just quit an argument and say she's right.

Molly: You two know how to argue so make it a tie. Meanwhile, I have a plan to get you two to stop fighting.

Mr. Anderson: Fill me in.

(Molly smiles.)

...Next Week...

Molly: Good thing I know how to act.

May: Please tell me you're doing the right thing.

Donovan: Not in front of your parents.

The Kids

Shanleigh: You're pathetic.

Darnell: A prissy bitch!


(Jayden punches Darnell in the nose.)

(Ramona pulls Shanleigh to the ground.)


Jasmine: You have to forgive me!

Cassie: Prove yourself!

Jasmine: That's my last mistake but I'll love it!


(Damon claps.)

Daniel: Congrats!!

All New Orlando.

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