Main Plot: Donovan

(Donovan and Molly are skipping into class. They sit down next to Frankie and Randi.)

Frankie: Happy day?

Donovan: It just got better.

Molly: We're in love.

Randi: Our love is better.

(Randi kisses Frankie. The announcements come on.)

Principal Jones: Attention students of Orlando High! I am proud to announce that the school's election have been opened. Canidates for school election will be nominted by the end of the day.

Donovan: Cool. Let's hope this president isn't some geek last year.

Frankie:  Or a wannbe who just wants to be in it for fun and attetion like two years ago.

Molly: It won't. I know it.

Donovan: How's that?

Molly: Nothing just hoping and knowing.

Subplot: Jayden/Savannah

(Afterclass, Savannah is with Randi, Frankie, and France in the hallway.)

Frankie: Say, where's your man, Savannah?

Savannah: Oh um... well he's a junior.

Randi: What kind of excuse is that?

(Jayden walks by texting.)

Savannah: There you are!

Jayden: Hm? Oh hey.

(Savannah kisses Jayden.)

Savannah: I couldn't go another class without seeing you.

Jayden: Yeah.

France: This is your boyfriend?

Jayden: Does the PDA lie?

Frankie: Jayden, this my sister, France.

Jayden: Nice to meet you.

Frankie: Trust me, if you two break up, you don't want France to know about that.

Savannah: Okay! Well shouldn't you three be somewhere?

Randi: Ask yourself.

(Frankie, France, and Randi walk away. Jayden takes Savannah down the hall.)

Jayden: Savannah...

Savannah: Yes, Jayden?

Jayden: How the hell much longer do I have to play along?

Savannah: I'm still thinking.

Jayden: I've had my eyes on someone else for a awhile. And I can't have her.

Savannah: Too bad.

Jayden: Too bad? This fake relationship is starting to get old. 

Savannah: Plus our friends think it's gotten nowhere.

Jayden: Can we just break up?

Savannah: No. I need a plan.

Jayden: Fine.

(Jayden walks around a corner and walk by Shanleigh.)

Shanleigh: Yo!

Jayden: Yo.

(Jayden walks away.)

Third Plot: Nathaniel

(Nathaniel walks in a classroom. He's an empty seat next to Jo. He sighs and sits.)

Jo: Hey.

(Nathaniel ignores her.)

Jo: Nate?

(He keeps ignoring.)

Jo: You can stop ignoring me now.

Nathaniel: Why should I?

Jo: Because you just did.

(Nathaniel glares at her then he laughs.)

Nathaniel: Good one.

Jo: Thank you.

Nathaniel: What are you doing here?

Jo: I'm a student who just came back from a suspension that started last year.

Nathaniel: I meant in a Grade 11 class.

Jo: I only need a junior class to make up if I want to graduate this year.

Nathaniel: So, you're actually a senior?

Jo: Most likely.

Nathaniel: And why are you talking to me?

Jo: I'll be 18 in a few months. I need to mature somehow. That includes making amends with my enemy's friend.

Nathaniel: Right, well you have my respect. At least some of it.

Jo: Good to know.

(They pay attention to the class. Jo starts smiling.)

Main Plot: Donovan

(Donovan is throwing a football with Trevor and Frankie.)

Donovan: Bam!

Frankie: Trevor, you still owe me twenty from last year.

Trevor: I payed you with my virginity.

Frankie: Catch this Donovan!

(Frankie throws the football. Jacob comes up and catches it.)

Frankie: Jake?

Jacob: Surprise?

Trevor: Welcome back.

Jacob: Thank you Frankie.

Trevor: I'm Trevor.

Jacob: And I was talking to Frankie.

Frankie: Anything wrong?

Jacob: Oh nothing. Except me getting suspened last year following this year only to come back and find Trevor gay and you being freinds with this punk.

Donovan: Jake, Jake, Jake... choice of words.

Jacob: Shut up! I got suspened because of you!

Donovan: Well that's what happens when you tripple team on me over a girl who didn't want you.

Jacob: Watch me ruin your year.

(Jacob storms off.)

Subplot: Jayden/Savannah

(Savannah is in gym class with Randi. Shanleigh walks over to them.)

Shanleigh: Hello Randi Rhodes and Savannah McCullen.

Randi: Um. Do we know you?

Shanleigh: You'll get to know me. Shanleigh Clark. My brother's on the football team.

Savannah: Darnell Clark?

Shanleigh: Duh... now enough about me. I want you two add me too your cheer squad.

Savannah: What?

Shanleigh: You heard me!

Randi: You can't just order us to put you on a cheer squad. You're way too late.

Shanleigh: Whatever. YOU!

Savannah: What?

Shanleigh: Put me on the cheer squad. You're co-captain.

Savannah: No!

Shanleigh: Put me on or else.

Savannah: Or else what?

Shanleigh: I expose you.

(Savannah get nervous.)

Randi: What's she talking about?

Shanleigh: Your secret fake relationship with Jayden Patterson won't be secret for long.

(Shanleigh walks away.)

Randi: What is she talking about?

Savannah: I'll explain later.

Third Plot: Nathaniel

(Nathaniel is at his locker, reading a book. Alberta walks over towards him.)

Alberta: Hello Nate.

Nathaniel: Miss Arquette.

Alberta: Please call me Alberta.

Nathaniel: Haha!

Alberta: Have seen Delilah?

Nathaniel: Not today. Why?

Alberta: I want to tell her that... I'm straight.

Nathaniel: Is that a bad thing?

Alberta: She liked me. And I sort of liked her but my sexuality is figured out.

Nathaniel: Are you gonna be homophobic still?

Alberta: I wouldn't be talking to you if I was. Even though you're bisexual that doesn't change a thing between the three of us.

Nathaniel: Just don't say that out loud.

Alberta: Sorry...

Nathaniel: It's okay. You know, Jo Ferrin returned to Orlando High today.

Alberta: Did she now?

Nathaniel: So true.

Alberta: I thought she was expelled.

Nathaniel: She was but she got permission to come back or whatever. She's making up grade 11 classes.

Alberta: Good luck to you if she sits next to you.

Nathaniel: I'm gonna need it.

(Jo is overhearing them from behind a corner. She sneaks away.)

Main Plot: Donovan

(Afterschool, Donovan walks over to Molly, Frankie, May and Trevor.)

Donovan: Guys, I want fries.

Frankie: No fries for you. Besides, I have to wait for Randi.

(The annoucements ome on.)

Principal Jones: Attention student of Orlando High. You're two nominated canidates for student cousil President are... Donovan Barnett...

Donovan: What? I'm nominated?

May: I wonder who the other is.

Principal Jones: And Jacob Morales?...

Donovan: What?!

Principal Jones: The deabate will take place in the auditorium on Thursday. Polls on Friday. That is all student and staff. Have a nice day.

Donovan: Jake is my competition?

Trevor: Well that sucks.

Frankie: Looks like he didn't learn his lesson when we exposed him to Jones.

Molly: And he still doesn't know that? Just like Jo and JC.

Donovan: But who nominated him... and me?

Molly: I nominated you.

Donovan: You did? You get extra love from me.

(They kiss. Randi walk over.)

Randi: You guys hear the announcments?

Donovan: We heard it alrght and it sucks.

Randi: You should be happy.

Frankie: He's talking about his competition.

Randi: Oh...

Donovan: Well if he wants more revenge by trying to shat on my presidency? He's got another thing coming.

May: What are you gonna do?

Donovan: Be a politic.

Subplot: Jayden/Savannah

(Darnell is on the school's steps doing his homework. Shanleigh walks over to him.)

Shanleigh: You're doing homework hear?

Darnell: What's it look like?

Shanleigh: Whatever.

Darnell: I heard you're blackmailing that cheerleader. Over a cheer spot?

Shanleigh: Yah!

Darnell: One, she's not the captain. Two, don't you remember why we transferred hear to Orlando in the first place?

Shanleigh: LA was stupid.

Darnell: Really? We lost our friends.

Shanleigh: You're the one who told everyone that Payson's parents were druggies, Paxton was in foster care, Christian being bi.

Darnell: The baggot earned it.

Shanleigh: Oh really?

Darnell: You wanna get transferred again?

Shanleigh: Just tell me a way to get that damn spot.

Darnell: Figure it out. I'm no cheerleader.

Shanleigh: We're a team. You know you would do something like this, brother.

Darnell: Yeah...I'm just trying trying to stay clean for awhile... sister.

Third Plot: Nathaniel

(Nathaniel walks out of school with Delilah. Jo walks up to them.)

Jo: Nathaniel!

Nathaniel: Um... hi.

(Delilah looks at the both of them.)

Jo: Did you hear about Jake and Donovan?

Nathaniel: Yeah...

Jo: Cool. Well bye!

(Jo walks away.)

Delilah: What was that all about?

Nathaniel: Jo came back and she has Grade 11 classes with me.

Delilah: Oh...

Nathaniel: Don't worry, there's nothing going on.

Delilah: Just be careful. She has a rep for being promiscuous.

Nathaniel: I've heard.

(Delilah and Nathaniel start walking home. Jo stares at Nathaniel )

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