Main Plot: Quinn

(Quinn comes to school in a more attractive outfit. She sees Ned.)

Quinn: Mr. Pino?

Ned: Hello Quinn. I see you took my advice on better look.

Quinn: I sure did.

Ned: Number one is complete. Now number two, sell it.

Quinn: Sell it?

Ned: Walk you halls like a movie star.

Quinn: That's kinda...

Ned: You want the role or not?

Quinn: Sure. I'll sell the look.

Ned: Good. And number three, get new friends.

Quinn: I...

Ned: Your choice.

Quinn: Okay...

Ned: Good.

(Ned walks out. Quinn sees Delilah, Kayla, Nathaniel, Paris, Ramona and Jayden talking by lockers. They see her.)

Quinn: I...

(Quinn sees Frankie, Randi and JC by other lockers. She walks to them.)

Quinn: Hey guys.

Randi: Can we like help you?

Quinn: Well you see, I'm getting tired of my regular crew. I want to hang with the popular crew.

JC: Is this a joke?

Frankie: She seems serious.

Randi: If you want popularity, then no.

Quinn: It's not like that... I, um, want to see new people.

Randi: Okay then sure.

Quinn: Yay!

Randi: Yay...

(Randi, Frankie and JC look at each other, weird.)

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden and Nathaniel walk out of school.)

Nathaniel: Dude, we can't just walk out when it's after 10.

Jayden: I don't care right now.

Nathaniel: Where are we going anyways?

Jayden: On a road trip.

(Jayden and Nathaniel get in Jayden's car. Jayden drives off.)

Nathaniel: We better not get in trouble.

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Brittany is walking in the hallway. She sees Brittney.)

Brittany: Brittney!

Brittney: Yes?

Brittany: I did something stupid two nights ago. Keep it down.

Brittney: Do tell.

Brittany: I lost my virginity.

Brittney: To who?

Brittany: Joe, who else?

Brittney: You had sex with Joe?

Brittany: Duh.

Brittney: Why?

Brittany: Do I have to explain?

Brittney: Um...

Brittany: I'm pretty sure, Kaitlin isn't gonna get the boy now.

(Cassie is overhearing Brittany and Brittney talking. She looks shocked. Cassie leaves.)

Main Plot: Quinn

(Quinn comes to lunch and sees her friends at one table. Ramona waves. Quinn goes to Frankie's table.)

Quinn: Hey guys!

Frankie: Hello, Quinn.

Randi: Aren't you suppose to be sitting with your Grade 11 buddies?

Quinn: The seniors are fun!

Randi: Right.

Savannah: Is this awkward?

Quinn: Depends. Are you and Jayden still a thing?

Savannah: Um... yes.

JC: There's something fishy about this.

Frankie: Yeah, why are you hanging with us all the sudden? It's creepy.

Quinn: You guys want the truth?

Frankie: Yeah.

Quinn: I got accepted for a new role on West Drive.

Savannah: Don't you have to be Canadian?

Quinn: Not if you already have a Canada Visa.

Savannah: Oh...

Quinn: Anyways, the producer camne here to tell me if I want to actually get the new role. I have to appear a different way. Sexy clothes, popular hangouts, new friends and own the room.

Randi: This guy's a piece of work.

Frankie: So this guy is telling you to act out just for a stupid TV Role?

Quinn: I've always wanted to be on that show?

Randi: Dream crushed.

Quinn: What do I do?

Randi: One, do you what you want to do and two, go back to your table.

Quinn: Sure.

(Quinn gets up and leaves.)

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden and Nathaniel are driving.)

Nathaniel: Are we there, yet?

Jayden: Almost.

(Jayden gets off at an exit.)

Nathaniel: What's this?

Jayden: Southeast Orlando.

Nathaniel: Why are we here?

Jayden: Sienna lives here.

Nathaniel: Oh. In Orlando?

Jayden: It's some sort orphanage and boarding school.

Nathaniel: Sound weird.

(They drive up to a building.)

Nathaniel: Is this the place?

(Students are outside hanging out.)

Nathaniel: Wow, boarding school? No uniforms?

Jayden: It's just like Zoey 101.

Nathaniel: Cool.

(Students go back inside for class. Jayden and Nathaniel get out of the car.)

Nathaniel: What do we do now?

(Jayden grabs his bookbag and Nathaniel's.)

Jayden: We blend in and start searching.

(They walk into the school.)

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Cassie walks up to Kaitlin at her locker.)

Kaitlin: Hey Cassie!

Cassie: Hey.

Kailtin: So. Is Joe into me?

Cassie: Kailtin, you might wanna sit down?

(They sit.)

Cassie: I overheard Brittany talking to the other Brittney.

Kaitlin: And?

Cassie: The other night. Mean Brittany had sex with Joe.

(Kaitlin looks upset.)

Cassie: I'm sorry.

Kaitlin: It's not your fault. This bitch has gone to far.

Cassie: What are you gonna do?

Kaitlin: You'll see.

Main Plot: Quinn

(Quinn is coming out of the bathroom. Ramona walks up to her.)

Ramona: What's your deal?

Quinn: What?

Ramona: You've been avoiding us to hang out with the seniors. Why would you do that?

Quinn: The producer for West Drive told me to change my image. Now I don't want to.

Ramona: Why didn't you tell me?

Quinn: I'm sorry. I don't know. Now I want to quit this.

Ramona: But you love that show.

Quinn: I'll just keep watching it. It's too much.

Ramona: If you feel that way, then cool.

Quinn: Yeah, where's Jayden?

Ramona: Good question. Him and Nate have been gone since this morning. They showed up to school then they just randomly left.

Quinn: Hmm?

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden and Nathaniel are walking down a hallway.)

Jayden: The hall's empty.

Nathaniel: Uh oh.

(They see a security guard.)

Nathaniel: Pretend I'm sick.

(Nathaniel starts acting sick.)

Security Guard: What are you two boys doing out of class?

Jayden: My buddy's sick.

Security Guard: Go to the nurse.

Jayden: We are.

(The guard walks away.)

Jayden: That was close.

(The bell rings. Students are leaving classes.)

Jayden: I'm not sure whether or not this will be easy or hard to find her.

(Sienna comes out of a class with Lola and Bradley.)

Lola: Longest class ever.

Bradley: Good thing next period is the last.

(Sienna stops.)

Lola: Anything wrong?

Sienna: Look.

(They see Jayden and Nathaniel looking around.)

Bradley: Who are they?

Lola: I've never seen them before.

Sienna: I don't know who the other one is but that one is him.

Bradley: Who?

Sienna: My brother. He finally found me!

(Jayden sees Sienna. He smiles.)

Jayden: Dude, look.

(Nathaniel sees them.)

Nathaniel: Holy crap! It's her.

(Jayden and Sienna walk towards each other. They hug tightly.)

Jayden: I found you.

Sienna: You found me.

(Lola and Bradley walk up to them.)

Lola: Are you Jayden?

Jayden: You bet.

Sienna: This Lola and Bradley. My foster siblings.

Jayden: This is my buddy, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: How do you do?

(They all smile.)

Third Plot: Kaitlin

(Brittany is at locker applying lip gloss. Kaitlin storms up to her.)

Kaitlin: How dare you?

Brittany: What the hell do you want?

(Kaitlin slapps Brittany.)

Kaitlin: You did not have to be a slut and take my crush!

Brittany: Move on bitch!

(They start fighting. Cassie, Shawn, Joe, and Brittney walk in.)

Shawn: Oh no!

(Shawn and Cassie pull Kaitlin back.)

Brittney: Haha!

Brittany: Why are you laughing?

Brittney: The fight is funny.

Brittany: And you're an idiot.

Brittney: Don't call me an idiot.

Brittany: Then don't act like one. Blondes always act stupid.)

(Brittney gets mad.)

Brittney: Don't insult me!

Brittany: Are you getting mad? Go get my make up bag.

Brittney: No! You can't just treat me like crap and tell me to get something for you?

Brittany: Would you just...?

Brittney: No! We're not friends anymore.

(Brittney stands with Shawn, Cassie and Kaitlin.)

Kaitlin: You just lost a fight and a friend.

Brittney: We never were.

(Brittany storms off crying. Joe smiles.)

Joe: You kicked ass.

Kaitlin: Don't talk to me. I liked you.

Joe: I know and I'm sorry.

Shawn: What happened?

Cassie: Kaitlin liked Joe and he slepted with Brittany.

Shawn: Not cool, Man!

(Liam and Rebecca walk over.)

Liam: Hey.

(Liam kisses Cassie.)

Rebecca: What just happened?

Cassie: A fight.

Rebecca: A niner fight?

Joe: A hot one.

Kaitlin: Joe, you can keep you whore.

(Kaitlin storms off.)

Shawn: You messed up big time.

(Brittney, Shawn, Rebecca, Cassie and Liam walk away from Joe. He feels bad.)

Subplot: Jayden

(Jayden and Nathaniel drive up to the school.)

Nathaniel: You think we should tell them?

Jayden: Not yet.

(The girls walk up to them.)

Ramona: Boys! Where were you today?

Paris: A-wall!

Kayla: You skipped most of the day. Without telling anyone?

(Jayden smiles.)

Jayden: I had a good day.

Delilah: Come again?

Nathaniel: We just went... nowhere.

Jayden: And I had a good day.

(The girls look confused. Jayden gets back in his car.)

Jayden: Since it's Friday, hangout?

(Everyone smiles and gets in Jayden's car. They drive off.)

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