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  • Situationman

    (Kayla is feeding Alicia before bed. She hears her mom grunting.)

    Kayla: What's wrong Mom?

    Ms. Palmero: I'm so sick all this bills coming in at once.

    Kayla: Why the heck do they keep raising our bill?

    Ms. Palmero: Because they're assholes.

    Kayla: Oh no.

    (Kayla sees a tax bill.)

    Kayla: We have taxes? Why?

    (Her mom opens the letter.)

    Ms. Palmero: Dammit!

    Kayla: $1500??!!

    Ms. Palmero: I hate this. I'll have to find a new job.

    Kayla: What should we do?

    (Daniel walks out of his room the next morning.)

    Ken: Good morning.

    Daniel: Hey...

    Ken: How are you ?

    Daniel: Fine.

    Ken: Then let me get straight to the point.

    Daniel: Okay.

    Ken: Are you still mad at us?

    Daniel: About?

    Ken: You know what about.

    Daniel: Honestly, I'm not even mad. Still a little shocked and upset but..…

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  • Situationman

    (Trevor is walking up to Orlandoi High and Frankie, Randi and France run up to him.)

    Frankie: How's it going buddy? I heard you had an emergency.

    France: Yeah, you okay?

    Randi: Bad day?

    (Donovan, Alberta, and May walk up to Trevor.)

    Donovan: Hey man!

    May: Morning, Trevor.

    (Pam walks up to Trevor.)

    Pam: Hi, Trevor!

    (Trevor walks up the stairs and turns around to everyone.)

    Trevor: I want all of you to Leave. Me. The Fuck. ALONE! Don't annoy me and don't follow me around!!

    (Everyone looks shocked and Trevor walks away.)

    (Travis is in his suite on the couch.)

    Mrs. Moore: Not going to school today?

    Travis: You told me to stay.

    Mrs. Moore: Ha! I know.

    Travis: What is this about?

    (Mr. Moore walks in.)

    Mr. Moore: Your mother came here for a reason I don't even kno…

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  • Situationman

    (Trevor is eating breakfast with his parents.)

    Trevor: And then Frankie wakes up and says "Am I in jail yet?"

    (They all laugh as his mother start taking the plates.)

    Mr. Armstrong: You're friend is a nut.

    Trevor: He always is. The funny thing is he's a party animal but he doesn't do drugs. Well he did once last year. He's clean though.

    Mrs. Armstrong: Look at the time. You better head to school.

    Trevor: Ah! I should.

    (Trevor grabs his bag.)

    Mr. Armstrong: I love you son!

    (Trevor stops, and hugs his dad.)

    Trevor: I love you too dad.

    (Trevor smiles and walks out of the house.)

    (Travis sits in class with May, Donovan and Molly. Trevor joins them.)

    Travis: And so, France has got to be one of the best kissers ever. Best feeling ever!

    Donovan: That experience…

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  • Situationman

    (Daniel, Chloe, Liam and Rebecca are walking to class.)

    Daniel: Now it feels like we've subtracted two of our crew members.

    Rebecca: Cassie being in Grade 9 again.

    Chloe: Damon on another emotional break.

    Liam: And Dallas bailing on us for Kayla. Smooth of him to transfer to Orlando High only to take the daddy role.

    Daniel: I need to get back on my skating. I haven't done it in a while!

    Liam: Wanna go to the skatepark?

    Rebecca: You don't have skates.

    Daniel: He can borrow my roller blades. Meanwhile, I'll be on my board.

    Chloe: You guys are such boys!

    Daniel: You're just jelous cause we have talent.

    (Chloe lightly punches Daniel in the arm.)

    (Delilah walks in class and sees Jo flashing a smile at Nathaniel. Delilah sits next to him.)

    Delilah: What's he…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon walks up to Frankie who is talking to Randi, Donovan, Pam and May.)

    Damon: Hello Frankie.

    Frankie: Damon buddy. What do I owe the pleassure?

    Damon: I need to talk to you... alone.

    Frankie: Sure.

    (Damon pulls Frankie aside.)

    Randi: What's so good that he takes my man?

    May: I think this has something to do with him getting raped at the senior party.

    Pam: But what's Frankie's inclusion?

    Donovan: Frankie had the list seniors at the party. That may be helpful. Hopefully.

    Pam: Hopefully didn't throw it away.

    (Damon and Frankie are talking.)

    Damon: I need to know who was at that party.

    Frankie: It'll take me awhile to gfind that list because I know I didn't throw it away.

    Damon: Are you sure?

    Frankie: I have a messy room. It's easy but can take awhile.


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