...Coming This Fall...

Elizabeth: Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a nice winter break!

Daniel: Here we go again!

...The School Year Is Almost Done...

May: Everything is going by too fast

(May starts opening a bottle of wine. Molly walks in)

Molly: What are you doing?

May: My problem, not yours!

Molly: You need to stop!

…But The Drama…

Doctor: Your pregnant!

Kayla: I don't think I can tell him!

Ramona: You have to!

Kayla: He's gonna leave me, and I'll have no one!

(Kayla starts crying on her Mom's shoulder)

…Has Just Begun…

Molly: You make me happy. Happier then I was before!

(Donovan and Molly start kissing)

Jacob: You think you can just take her from me? She was mine first!

Donovan: She choose me over you! I was there for her when you were making fun of her. Accept the fact that she's gone and move on!

(Jacob punches Donovan. Molly tries to stop the fight)

…There Will Be New Guys…

Travis: What do you mean I didn't get the part?

Frankie: New guys don't get to walk around like they own the school!

(Travis pushes Frankie)

... And New Lies...

Trevor: You lied to me!

Nathaniel: But I want you more than her!

(Trevor watches Nathaniel and Quinn slow dancing)

Nathaniel: We need to break up!

…Secrets Will Be Revealed…

Rebecca: What if someone finds out about us?

Liam: They won’t!

(Rebecca and Liam are kissing in Liam’s room. Blake walks in on them)

Blake: That is just wrong what I saw in there!

…And Some Remain Hidden…

(Damon starts crying in the movie theater)

Chloe: What's wrong?

Damon: I was supposed to be in that movie! Why did you even think about taking me there!

Chloe: I didn't even know you auditioned for that movie!

(Damon starts throwing up in the bathroom)

...Orlando TCB! Coming October 6th 2012...

(Frankie and Randi are kissing)

Frankie: Your all I have!

Randi: I just need some space!

Frankie: So this means were done?

(Frankie punches a wall)

...Only on Degrassi and Orlando TCB Wiki!...

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