Ok since Orlando TCB is going to premire this Saturday (October 6th) I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak of the first episode With Arms Wide Open (1). Its gonna be the first scene of the first plot aka a sneak peak of Kayla's preganacy. Enjoy!

Main Plot: Kayla

(Kayla and Ramona are sitting on chairs outside a doctors office)

Kayla: What if the test results come out positive? I don't know if I would be able to tell Seth.

Ramona: Your gonna have to tell him. It's his baby too!

Kayla: I know, I'm just afraid people are gonna hate me when they find out! I'm pretty sure my mom's gonna flip out on me, Seth's gonna dump me, and all my friends will abandon me.

Ramona: Kayla, I'm still here. If I haven't left you, then everyone else is gonna go the same.

Kayla: True. I just hope the tests are negative.

Ramona: And maybe once we find out, we won't be late to school.

Kayla: Ray, I have a lot more serious problems going on then being late for school.

Ramona: Well, lets just see the results first.

(A doctor walks over to Kayla and Ramona)

Doctor: We have the results. And we would like to speak with you privately.

(Kayla walks into the doctors office with the doctor)

Kayla: Are the test results negative? I really hope it is! I have no clue how I would be able to tell everyone that

(The doctor interupts Kayla)

Doctor: Your pregnant!

Kayla: This can't be happening! I can't be pregnant!

Doctor: But you are! You have been for three months. I don't know what else to tell you.

(Kayla starts crying. She races out of the doctors office. Ramona follows her)

Ramona: Aw im sorry Kayla!

(Ramona gives Kayla a hug. The two girls walk out to their car)

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