Main Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is in her bedroom applying make up on her bruises)

Maive: Hurry up you dumb bitch! Were gonna be late?

Ramona: Go without me. I'll take the bus.

Maive: Yay!! I don't have to deal with you!

(Maive walks out of the door. Ramona looks at the bruise on her face)

Ramona: This thing takes forever to hide.

(She keeps applying make up on her face)

Ramona: Hopefully this will work now!

(She fixes her hair a little bit)

Ramona: Perfect! As long as no one notices!

(She grabs her back pack and walks out of her room)

Theme Song

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1 Theme Song01:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1 Theme Song

Subplot: Nathaniel

(Delilah is seen at her locker. Nathaniel walks over to her)

Delilah: Hey, I got your text! What kind of help do you need?

Nathaniel: Your the expert on LGBT, so I thought I'd come to you.

Delilah: Oh, it's that stuff. Aren'tyou dating Quinn though?

Nathaniel: I am, but last night i had a dream about kissing Trevor Armstrong in the bathroom.

Delilah: Is this the first time?

Nathaniel: Yeah, and I wet my bed when it happened.

Delilah: Well, if it's the first time, you might just be going through a phase.

Nathaniel: I know, but after that dream, I started developing feelings for him. I'm confused cause I like Quinn, but I also like Trevor.

Delilah: If you like them both, then your bi.

Nathaniel: Bi? What is that?

Delilah: Bisexual. It's when you like both boys and girls. But just see how your date with Quinn goes, and then try talking to Trevor about the date.

Nathaniel: You are good with this stuff!

Delilah: I know I am!

Third Plot: Liam

(Liam is sitting at a bench. Daniel walks over to him with a girl)

Liam: Who's the girl?

Daniel: Liam, this is Daphne Wilson. She is gonna help you get over your fear. Step one of our plan!

Damon: No one is gonna know about this, are they?

Daniel: Trust me, they won't!

Liam: Wait... Damon? Your Daphne?

(Damon starts clearing his throat)

Daphne: This is Daphnie. I am not Damon Wells!

Liam: Ok....

Daphne: So Liam, What do you like to do?

Liam: Well, I'm rich, and i'm a big basketball fan!

Daphne: Well, your really handsome for a basketball player!

(Liam gets up from the bench)

Liam: I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Daniel: Why not?

Liam: Cause it's obviously Damon in some girl clothes!

Daniel: Well, did it help at all?

Liam: A little bit I guess.

Daniel: Good! Damon, you can go change now!

Damon: Oh thank god! These heals are killing me, and the skirt is too tight. Wait, which bathroom do I use?

Daniel: Use the one that's empty.

Damon: Ok!

(Damon goes into the bathroom)

Main Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is walking through the hallways. She gets pushed down by a jock running through the hallways. Kayla and Seth are holding hands in the hallways. Kayla sees her on the ground and helps her up)

Kayla: Your just gonna let that guy push you like that?

Ramona: It was an accident, im sure it will be alright!

Seth: Anyways, situation with Maive?

Ramona: It's all gone. I just talked to her about it and she told me she'll do things herself from now on!

Kayla: Yay! That is amazing! I knew you could do it!

Seth: Were proud of you Ramona!

Ramona: Aw thanks guys!

(Nathaniel and Quinn walk by them)

Seth: Hey Quinn, she stood up to her sister!

Quinn: I'm so happy for you Ramona!

Ramona: I see you found a Prince Charming?

Nathaniel: Just about to go for our lunch date!

Seth: Have fun!

Kayla: Bye!

(Nathaniel and Quinn walk out of the school)

Subplot: Nathaniel

(Nathaniel and Quinn go to sit at a bench outside the school)

Quinn: I forgot my lunch in my locker!

Nathaniel: Don't worry, you won't need it.

Quinn: Were not gonna eat.

Nathaniel: No, there should be a delivery guy coming here right about.... now!

(A pizza delivery guy pulls into the school. He gets out of his car and goes to the building)

Nathaniel: Um, pizza dude? We ordered it here!

Pizza Dude: Nathaniel Meyers?

Nathaniel: That's me!

Pizza Dude: That would be $12.50

(Nathaniel gives Pizza Dude money)

Nathaniel: Have a good day!

Pizza Dude: Don't tell me what to do!

(He gets in the car and drives away)

Quinn: How did you know I like pepperoni pizza?

Nathaniel: I know a lot about you!

Quinn: This day could not get any better!

(Nathaniel and Quinn lean towards eachother and start kissing)

Quinn: Wow!!

Nathaniel: Let's not make this food go to waste!

(They kiss again. Nathaniel opens the box and gets Quinn a slice. He gets one for himself too)

Third Plot: Liam

(Liam, Daniel, and Damon are all sitting in the auditorium)

Liam: What are we doing here?

Daniel: Step 2 of overcoming your fear

Damon: A lot of girls are into theater, so we just gotta find a girl to talk to.

Liam: Are you guys even sure it's gonna work?

Damon: Positive! Daniel, found a good girl yet

(He notices Chloe sitting in one of the seats)

Daniel: How about Chloe?

Damon: Get over there and talk to her!

(Liam walks over to Chloe)

Chloe: Oh, hey Liam!

Liam: Hey Chloe!

Chloe: What are you doing here?

Liam: Well, I uh...

Daniel: He's nervous!

Liam: Damon wanted me to talk to him here, but I couldnt find him.

Chloe: That's cool

(The bell rings)

Liam: That's the bell!

Chloe: I better get going then. Thanks for the chat!

Liam: Your welcome!

(Chloe leaves the auditorium. Liam walks over to Damon and Daniel)

Damon: Good job Liam!

Liam: That was pretty good.

Daniel: But were not done yet.

(The three boys leave the auditorium)

Main Plot: Ramona

(Ramona is sitting at the dinner table with Maive, and her parents)

Mrs. Petersen: How was school today Maive?

Maive: I'm doing good!

Mr. Petersen: What colleges are you thinking about applying too?

Maive: One close by so I can see you two!

Mrs. Petersen: Well, you need to decide soon!

Mr. Petersen: How about you Ramona?

Ramona: I need to tell you guys something.

Mrs. Petersen: Well, what is it?

Ramona: Maive hit me yesterday. Slap me, and pushed me to the floor. She even gave me the bruise on my face

Mr. Petersen: Maive!! Did you hit Ramona?

Maive: No. Why would I do that?

Mrs. Petersen: Oh, come here Ramona!

(Mrs Petersen looks at her bruise. She touches it, and gets make up on her finger)

Mrs. Petersen: Ramona! Is this.... make up?

Ramona: I used it to cover it. It's definatly there.

Mr. Petersen: Ramona! You lied about Maive?

Ramona: No I didn't!

Maive: She is! I would never hurt my little sister, now would ?

Ramona: Stop lying!

Maive: Your the one lying!

Mrs. Petersen: Girls stop! Maive, go upstairs so we can talk to Ramona

(Maive goes upstairs. Ramona has a worried look on her face)

Subplot: Nathaniel

(Nathaniel is on skype with Trevor)

Trevor: So how did your date with Quinn go?

Nathaniel: It didn't go to well. We didn't have much in common so I ended it with her.

Trevor: Thats a bummer. Welcome to the single club!

Nathaniel: Yeah, thanks!

Trevor: On the bright side, you can spend time with friends!

Nathaniel: I never thought about that. Thanks Trevor! For everything!

Trevor: Hey, I'm here whenever you need me.

Nathaniel: And I appreciate that about you!

Trevor: It was nice talking to you today.

Nathaniel: I needed the talk anyways.

Trevor: Well, i should get going now. I'll talk to you later ok?

Nathaniel: Sounds good. Talk to you tomorrow!

(Trevor ends the skype call. Nathaniel shuts his laptop. Quinn calls him on his phone)

Quinn: Hey baby! Are you coming?

Nathaniel: I wouldn't forget about our double date with Seth and Kayla for the world. Whenever Seth comes, we'll go pick you up.

Quinn: Let me know when that is!

Nathaniel: He's here right now. I'll see you in a few!

Quinn: See you soon!

(Nathaniel hangs up the phone. He leaves his room and goes downstairs)

Third Plot: Liam

(Liam is in the hallway with Cassie, Damon, Rebecca, and Daniel)

Cassie: Were going to the mall, right?

Damon: I need to do some shopping!

Rebecca: Are you guys coming?

Liam: I'll come with you guys!

Cassie: Someone doesn't seem shy to speak anymore!

Daniel: Well, we worked on it!

Rebecca: Come on, were wasting time!

Liam: Blake! Can you take us all to the mall?

Blake: Get in the car everyone!

Chloe: Hey, don't forget about me!

Liam: There's room for you too Chlo!

Damon: Someones not shy anymore.

Liam: It's all cause of you!

(They all exit the school building)

Main Plot: Ramona

(Maive walk into Ramona's room. She locks the door)

Maive: Your just lucky they thought you were lying!

Ramona: Your the one that should be lucky.

(Maive hits Ramona across the face)

Maive: Tell anyone else about this, and I will make your life hell. Got it!

Ramona: I don't see how my life can get any worse then your already.

(Maive slaps Ramona again)

Maive: Watch what you say next time!

Ramona: And maybe I will!

(Maive walks out of Ramona's room. Ramona starts crying all over her pillow)

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