Main Plot: Kayla/Seth

(Seth walks up to Frankie's house. He knocks on the door. Frankie opens it)

Frankie: Hey Seth! You know the party doesnt start until 5, right?

Seth: I know, but I need help.

Frankie: What kinda help.

Seth: If I can use your room to celebrate my one month annivarsary with my girlfriend.

Frankie: Ah! Sex! Sure, you guys can go use my room!

Seth: And I'll need a condom..

Frankie: Your lucky. I bought a whole box for this party. From what I'm hearing, a lot of sex is gonna happen at my party.

Seth: Your good when it comes to this!

Frankie: I know! I've been partying since freshmen and sophmore year. Junior year, I decided to throw my own!

Seth: Everyone's excited for this party!

Frankie: I can't wait for this party! Hope nothing gets destroyed.

Seth: You better hope it doesn't. Thanks again Frankie!

Frankie: And you enjoy the party!

Seth: Your trying out for the play, right?

Frankie: Yeah. I heard there gonna let a junior or a senior direct it. I'm hoping I direct!

Seth: It'll be fun working with you! Nice talking to you!

Frankie: I'll see you later!

(Seth leaves Frankies house. Frankie closes the door)

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Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1 Theme Song01:07

Orlando The City Beautiful Season 1 Theme Song

Subplot: Rebecca

(Rebecca is in Cassie's room with her. She looks at her lingerie)

Cassie: Your still thinking about having sex at the party.

Rebecca: If I wanna get accepted by the cheerleaders.

Cassie: Wouldn't you want to have your first time with the guy you love, or a random guy you hooked up with just to get accepted by sluts.

Rebecca: Me and Chloe are the only virgins on the team! You wouldn't get it.

Cassie: Why are you even here getting ready?

Rebecca: Because, I don't live in Orlando. And if I got Blake to take me, everyone at the party would get suspended for a week. Maybe two. And I thought maybe you'd like to go.

Cassie: Really? You were going to bring me?

Rebecca: Yes! It's gonna be a great party. Older boys, alcohol, dancing, swimming in the pool, music, everything! Well, that's what Randi told me.

Cassie: You talked to Randi Rhodes?

Rebecca: She's the cheer captain.

Cassie: Let's go party! Let me find my party clothes!

(Cassie starts looking through her closet. Rebecca looks at the lingerie, scared. She walks to the bathroom)

Third Plot: Donovan

(Donovan is with Molly at her house)

Molly: I still can't believe your gonna call the cops on Frankie.

Donovan: Well, revenge is the best way to make others suffer.

Molly: I don't even know if I wanna go anymore. Knowing that the cops are gonna arrest half the students at school.

Donovan: I know! It's gonna be an awesome party!

Molly: You know everyone is going to hate you after tonight, right?

Donovan: Everyone already hates me.

Molly: Not as much as they will tomorrow!

Donovan: What does that have to do?

Molly: If you get into more trouble, your gonna get held back.

Donovan: I know, but I'm making sure I'm not getting caught! It's my plan. I'll leave right after I call the police!

Molly: Are you even gonna like go party?

Donovan: No. You coming with me soon.

Molly: You kidding me. My parents would freak if they found out I went.

Donovan: Your loss!

(Donovan walks out of Molly's house)

Main Plot: Kayla/Seth

(Kayla is in the car with Ramona and Quinn. Maive is driving them)

Maive: I can't believe Mom made me bring you and your friends! This is going to be so embarrassing!

Ramona: Shut up Maive!

Maive: You wanna beat it!

Quinn: Please stop fighting!

Kayla: Seth just texted me. Frankie's letting us have sex in his room, and he gave Seth a condom. I feel so much better!

Ramona: Yay! Are you a virgin?

Kayla: I did it with Jamie over the summer. Other then that, no.

Quinn: I'm just happy Nathaniel is waiting until I'm ready. He's such a sweet heart!

Maive: I hope no one reconizes me. I don't want anyone to see me with these sophmores.

Ramona: Why be embarrassed?

Maive: Cause I'm a senior driving my little sister and her friends to a party. Look here we are!

(Maive parks infront of Frankie's house)

Maive: Good, no one notices me.

Kayla: The party has officially started!

Ramona: Wooah! Let's go party

Quinn: Wait for me!

(The four girls go to the door. Frankie lets them all in)

Subplot: Rebecca

(Rebecca and Cassie walk over to Frankie's door)

Frankie: Hey! Freshmen ready to party! You can put all of your stuff in the closet over there

(The two walk into the house. People are dancing all over the place)

Cassie: Do you have your lingerie?

Rebecca: It's in my bag. I'm having second thought about doing it.

Cassie: Yay! I'm hoping you don't. Sex should be with the ones you really love.

(Randi walks over to them)

Randi: Hey Hudson! You getting with some boys at the party?

Rebecca: Who wouldn't!

Randi: Thatta girl!

(Randi walks away from them)

Cassie: Girls like her are sluts. Girls like you are nice, and perfect the way they are. They don't need to become like her to get accepted.

Rebecca: I'm doing it no matter what!

Cassie: Fine! I'm trying to be a friend and making sure you know from right and wrong. No wonder why Chloe doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

Rebecca: Chloe left for her own reasons. It's not my fault she's about to be the only virgin

Cassie: Congradulations! Your insane!

(Cassie leaves. Rebecca goes to her bag and pulls out the lingerie. Kayla sees her)

Kayla: Is that yours?

Rebecca: It is! Why?

Kayla: Are you gonna wear it tonight?

Rebecca: I was hoping to lose my virginity here, but I haven't found a decent guy and my friends already hate me for thinking about it.

Kayla: You shouldn't lose it. I made that mistake with my ex. And your situation will only be worse then mine was since your looking for it.

Rebecca: So?

Kayla: You shouldn't do it. Coming from a sophmore that had sex. And I was wondering if I could buy the lingerie for a special friend.

Rebecca: You have twenty bucks?

Kayla: Deal!

(Kayla hands Rebecca twenty bucks. Rebecca gives her the lingerie)

Third Plot: Donovan

(Donovan pulls over to Frankie's house. He starts to dial 911)

Operator: 911 how may we help you?

Donovan: Yes, operator, I am getting disturbed by the big party that's happening in my development. It seems like there are no parents and the kids are drinking.

Operator: Well, what do you want us to do about it?

Donovan: Kids! Underage drinking!

Operator: We will be on our way.

Donovan: Thank you officer.

(Donovan hangs up the phone)

Donovan: This is the best plan yet!

(Donovan drives away from Frankie's house)

Main Plot: Kayla/Seth

(Seth walks into Frankie's room. Kayla is laying on the bed wearing the lingerie she bought from Rebecca)

Seth: Someone looks beautiful!

Kayla: Relax. I thought it would make it easier. I bought it from a niner.

Seth: I like the way it looks on you!

Kayla: You have the condom on?

Seth: It's on!

(Kayla starts kissing Seth. He unbuttons his pants, and they start having sex. Seth feels the condom ripping)

Seth: Do you feel that?

Kayla: I don't feel anything? Just ignore it!

(They kiss again)

Subplot: Rebecca

(Rebecca finds Cassie outside dancing)

Rebecca: I'm sorry about earlier. I thought I would be accepted when I realized I don't need that!

Cassie: I'm just happy you realized you shouldn't be giving away your virginity to guys that only use you for sex.

Rebecca: And don't worry about the lingerie. I sold it to an upperclassmen.

Cassie: Good! I don't think you want to remember that!

Rebecca: So should we leave?

Cassie: I was only here to support you. If you wanna leave, I'll call my mom.

Rebecca: Actually, it's too late to leave now?

Cassie: Why to late?

(Cop cars are pulling into Frankie's driveway. Cop sirens are heard)

Rebecca: That's why?

Cassie: That's bad!

Rebecca: What are we going to do?

Cassie: Your lucky Frankie's my neighbor. We can make a run from his backyard to my house before the cops get to the back.

Rebecca: Good plan!

(The two girls climb over the fence in his backyard. They run away from the party)

Third Plot: Donovan

(Frankie, Randi, May, Trevor, Seth, Kayla, Ramona, Nathaniel, JC, Jacob, Savannah, Jo, Skyler, Quinn, Jayden, and Maive are all sitting in the living room)

Officer: Everyone here is off with a warning, since it's most of your first time!

Frankie: Thank you officer!

Officer: I'm going to have to notify your parents about this son!

Frankie: Ok!

Officer: If we have to come here for anything else, your all getting arrested!

(The policeman leaves)

Frankie: Well, I guess parties over. Everyone out!

(The sophmores, Jo, Skyler, Jacob, and Maive all leave)

Frankie: Ok, who called the cops!

JC: It wasn't me!

Randi: Who would even want to call the cops.

Trevor: That was just pathetic!

(May's starts to talk, but can't speak)

Randi: May, what are you trying to say?

May: I saw Donovan outside of your house when I went looking for JC

JC: Yeah, I saw him on the phone in his car!

Trevor: What is that suppose to mean?

May: He probably was the one that did it

Randi: It makes the most sence. He hates Frankie

JC: And all of us!

Frankie: That bastard!

Randi: I knew he was going to do something like this!

(Everyone is sitting on the couch, looking at eachother)

Main Plot: Kayla/Seth

(Seth drives over to Kayla's house)

Seth: Out of all people, I am glad I lost my virginity to you!

Kayla: And out of all people, I wish I lost my virginity to you!

Seth: You did it before?

Kayla: Yeah...

Seth: I didn't know that!

Kayla: We aren't going to another one of Frankie's parties again, are we?

Seth: No! Unless the cops aren't called at the next one he has! But Frankie told me next time, he's gonna keep his parties private. Like a facebook private invite!

Kayla: If he does that, then maybe I will go to the next one!

(The two kiss)

Seth: I hope you had a good time!

Kayla: Same to you! And uh.. do you wanna keep this?

(Kayla shows Seth the lingerie)

Seth: Do you want it?

Kayla: It's to tight on me. I only bought it from her cause I thought it would make me attractive for you.

Seth: I like you even when your in sweatpants and a greasy shirt!

Kayla: I'll throw it out then. I had an amazing one month annavarsary!

Seth: I enjoyed it too!

(Seth and Kayla kiss. Kayla gets out of Seth's car. She throws Rebecca's lingerie in the trash, and walks inside. Seth drives away)

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