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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Molly, Frankie, and Mrs. Underwood are in her room)

    Elizabeth: In order to put on this production, we are going to money for sets, cosumes, tickets, things like that. Since were on budget cuts, we don't have much money for that.

    Frankie: Why can't we just put on a fundraiser?

    Elizabeth: That's what I was going to say. We need to find a way to fundraise for this play if we want it to be the best production this school has ever put on.

    (Travis walks into her room)

    Travis: Didn't mean to overhear your conversation, but I wanted to give you my essay Mrs. Underwood.

    Elizabeth: Thank you Travis.

    (Travis hands Mrs. Underwood his essay)

    Travis: And I have an idea on a way to fundraise.

    Molly: Do tell!

    Travis: Since Valentines Day is approaching, why not throw a d…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Molly arrives at the police station the next morning. May walks out of the jail cell and starts walking toward her. They leave the station and walk to Molly's car)

    May: One night in jail was just too much!

    Molly: Well, why were you drinking?

    May: It was just a one time mistake that will never happen again.

    Molly: You better school for once. Once it ends your going back here.

    May: Why would I be coming back?

    Molly: To determine your punishment. You committed a crime. You already got your warning from Frankie's Halloween Party if you don't remember.

    (May and Molly get into Molly's car)

    May: Stupid Donovan.

    Molly: But he made up for it!

    May: Let's just get the day over with.

    Molly: But my parents are hiring a good attorney to help you.

    May: Things can't get any w…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (May looks at the picture of her family sitting next to her bed. She then looks at her bag)

    May: Why the hell not!

    (She walks toward her bag and opens it up. She notices that she only has one bottle left)

    May: Everything is going by too fast. But I better make this moment last

    (May grabs her last bottle of wine and drinks it. She grabs her phone and calls Frankie)

    Frankie: May, what is it?

    May: Do you have any more bottles of wine? I could really use some.

    Frankie: No, cause my parents got rid of it all after the Christmas party. Why do you need it?

    May: I'm just in the mood for a couple of drinks, thats all. I don't have any on me. Just drank my last one.

    Frankie: Do you have a drinking problem?

    May: Just keep this our little secret, ok. And can you drive…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Mrs. Palmero drives Kayla and Ramona to school)

    Mrs. Palmero: Kayla, can you stay in the car, I'd like to talk to you privatley about everything.

    Ramona: I'll meet you at your locker Kayla!

    (Ramona walks out of Kayla's car and walks to the school)

    Mrs. Palmero: I'm sorry to hear about your break up Kayla.

    Kayla: Thanks mom, I don't see how everything can get worse.

    Mrs. Palmero: Do you know what your going to do with the baby?

    Kayla: I haven't even thought about that yet!

    Mrs. Palmero: I just want you to know that if you decide to keep it, I am willing to help you raise it. I will even raise the child when your off to college. I'm thirty-two, and still young as a parent. And I want you to still be able to do the things that you want to accomplish. We ca…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Kayla and Ramona are sitting on chairs outside a doctor’s office)

    Kayla: What if the test results come out positive? I don't know if I would be able to tell Seth.

    Ramona: Your gonna have to tell him. It's his baby too!

    Kayla: I know, I'm just afraid people are gonna hate me when they find out! I'm pretty sure my mom's gonna flip out on me, Seth's gonna dump me, and all my friends will abandon me.

    Ramona: Kayla, I'm still here. If I haven't left you, then everyone else is gonna go the same.

    Kayla: True. I just hope the tests are negative.

    Ramona: And maybe once we find out, we won't be late to school

    Kayla: Ray, I have a lot more serious problems going on then being late for school.

    Ramona: Well, lets just see the results first.

    (A doctor walks over to Kay…

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