There Goes My Life
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date August 8, 2012
Written by Scooter14
Directed by Scooter14
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The twentieth episode to Season 1 of Orlando: The City Beautiful and the mid season finale.

Main PlotEdit

Kayla starts thinking that she's pregnant after developing all the symptoms that lead to it, but when she takes a pregnancy test, how is she going to break the news to everyone?


It's been more then three months since May's parents died. All the guilt starts getting to the point where she starts doing something she never thought she would do before.

Third PlotEdit

Frankie wants to celebrate Winter Break by throwing a huge party, but his parents wont let him due to the events that happened at the Halloween Party.


  • This episode is named after the song There Goes My Lifeby Kenny Chesney
  • The students of Orlando start winter break in this episode
  • Kayla discovers that she may be pregnant, after taking a pregnancy test with positive results, and developing the symptoms
  • May starts developing a drinking problem after losing her parents three months ago
  • Frankie throws a Christmas Party, but gets caught by his parents


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