Shawn Cooke
Shawn Cooke
Character Info
Name Shawn Cooke
Gender Male
Family TBA
Relationships TBA
First Episode The Show Goes On (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Conner Stanhope
Shawn Cooke is a new freshman (Grade 9) at Orlando High School. Shawn is athletic and cool. His top two plays are the saxophone and sports. That's how he puts it. He'll be anybody you'll least expect him to be, like a nice guy or somebody who play dirty. He is friends with Joe Walls, Cassie Stark, Kaitlin Janes and Liam Hudson. His enemies are Myles Landon and Taylor Parker. He is portrayed by Conner Stanhope.


  • He is shown to have a crush on Kaitlin Janes.
  • He is the first new freshman to have a line.
  • He is the first to get hazed.
  • He shares similarities to Liam Hudson and Donovan Barnett.
  • He is homophobic but doesn't know that Joe is confused.


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