Remember The Time
Season 2, Episode : Mini (4-parts)
Written by Situationman
Directed by ScottieTheHottie
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Remember The Time is a set back epsiode taking place in the 2011-12 school year.


In an episode set back to 2011-12, Frankie and his sophomore class underestimate the drama of being 16 in Grade 10. Seth and his freshmen class are adjusting to their lives in high school.

Main PlotEdit

Sophomores: Frankie and Randi agree to take their relationship to the next level; Donovan meets Randi and they both feel a spark, so Donovan goes for her; Trevor starts becoming confused with his sexuality so he gets a girlfriend; JC goes double sexual.


Freshmen: Delilah finalizes her sexuality; Seth gets a secret admirer, Quinn; Jayden wants to be a DJ at Frankie's party but get turned down because he's in Grade 9, so he proves he's worthy; Ramona's friend, Nathaniel gets crushed on by Ramona's sister, Maive.

Third PlotEdit

Teachers: Blake begins to fall for Elizabeth, so his younger siblings do what they can to make this couple happen.

  • This episode is named after the song Remember The Time by Michael Jackson.
  • This episode features three of Frankie's parties and a dance.


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