Rebecca Hudson
Character Info
Name Rebecca Hudson
Gender Female
Family Blake Hudson (Brother)
Liam Hudson (Twin-Brother)
Relationships Liam Hudson (Ex-Boyfriend)
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Ryan Newman
Rebecca Hudson is a sophomore (Grade 10) in Orlando High School. She wants to move up higher on the popularity food chain, and maybe one day she will with a little help, of course. She comes from a rich family, and has a twin brother Liam Hudson. Though she doesnt live in Orlando, she goes to the school becase her brother, Blake Hudson, is the gym teacher. She's best friends with Damon Wells, and friends with Cassie Stark, Chloe Valentine, Daniel Smith, her brother Liam, and Dallas Dempsey. She is portrayed by Ryan Newman.


  • She is one out of the two girls to become a cheerleader during their freshmen year. The second being Chloe
  • She is the first character to become the school mascot. The second being Daniel.
  • She is the cheerleading captain after beating Savannah McCullen.


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