Paris Williams
Paris Williams
Character Info
Name Paris Williams
Gender Female
Family Jenny (Step-mother)

Mr. Williams (Father)

Relationships Jay Ryan (Ex-Boyfriend)
First Episode The Show Goes On (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Ariana Grande
Paris Williams is a junior (Grade 11) at Orlando High School. Paris is care-free, fun-loving, talented and a bit awkward. She cares for anyone who cares about her whether its her friends, relationships or her family. She do anything to be loved, even if that means that someone isn't really her biggest fan. She is best friends with Kayla Palmero. She is also good friends Seth Evans, Quinn Rodriguez, Jayden Patterson, Nathaniel Meyers, Ramona PetersonDelilah Benson and May Scott. She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.


  • She has a step-mother who she dislikes.
  • She lost her virginity to her then boyfriend, Jay Ryan.
  • She had a pregnancy scare.
  • She shares similarities to Molly Anderson and Quinn Rodriguez.