May Scott
Character Info
Name May Scott
Gender Female
Family Mr. Scott (Father)
Mrs. Scott (Mother)
Elena Scott (Sister)
Relationships TBA
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Kristen Stewart

May Scott is a senior (Grade 12) at Orlando High School. She doesnt know much about her personality, but follows the crowd until she discovers it. Her parents died in a car accident, and is currently living with Molly and her family. Though she is the follower of the crowd, but one shock in her life has changed her forever... the loss of her parents. They died in a car accident, making her the only survivor. She took it out on herself by drinking, and became an alcoholic. She got arrested because she got caught with alcohol by the police. She also almost commited suicide but decided not to. Since then, she has been coping with positive actions without harm. She is best friends with Molly Anderson and Donovan Barnett. She is good friends with Randi Rhodes, Frankie Martin, Travis Moore, Trevor Armstrong, Alberta Arquette, Skyler Montgomery and Paris Williams. She is also friends with Jacob MoralesJC Chambers and Savannah McCullen. She is portrayed by Kristen Stewart.


  • She is one out of the three juniors to take blame for the prank. The other two are Molly and Donovan
  • She is the first character to move in with another main character the second being Ramona
  • She lost both of her parents to a car accident
  • She is the first character to become an alcoholic
  • First character to get arrested.
  • In Cancer (2), she is seen in a Grade 11 class with Paris. She reveals that she is retaking a few junior classes.