Jay Ryan
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Character Info
Name Jay Ryan
Gender Male
Family Unborn baby (via Jasmine)
Relationships Paris Williams (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jasmine Stark (Girlfriend)

First Episode Cancer (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Liam Hemsworth

Jay Ryan is a new character for Season 2. He is Paris Williams's ex-boyfriend. He came from Miami to Orlando on vacation and met Paris. Despite their age difference, they began a relationship that turned sexual. When Jay went back to Maimi and met Jasmine. Jay and Jasmine also began a relationship that was very sexual. Jasmine is pregnant with his baby They are in another relationship to raise their baby. Jay is portryed by Liam Hemsworth.


  • He is an outschooler from Miami.
  • Paris lost her virginity to him.
  • He cheated on Paris, presumably with Jasmine.


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