Jasmine Stark
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Character Info
Name Jasmine Stark
Gender Female
Family Cassie Stark (Younger sister)

Unborn baby (via Jay)

Relationships Cassie's ex-friend (Fling)

Jay Ryan (Boyfriend)

First Episode Unbroken (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Emma Stone

Jasmine Stark is a new character for Season 2. She is Cassie's older sister. She used to be a hardcore rebel and her parents sent to Miami to be set on the right path, which she is now on. When Jasmine was 18, she hooked up with one of Cassie ex-friends. She bagan a sexual relationship with Jay Ryan over the past summer. She is now pregnant with his baby and they are in their second relationship. She is portrayed by Emma Stone.


  • Jasmine is the second Season 2 character to come from Miami to Orlando. The first is Jay Ryan.
  • She Jay have both commited staturtory rape on different people.