Jamie Huntzberry
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Character Info
Name Jamie Huntzberry
Gender Male
Family N/A
Relationships Kayla Palmero (Ex-Girlfriend)
First Episode Hey There Delilah (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Drew Garret

Jamie Huntzberry is a recurring character in Orlando: The City Beautiful. He is from Dallas Texas, and attends Dallas High. His ex-girlfriend, Kayla Palmero use to go to his school before she moved to Orlando. He is portrayed by Drew Garrett

Character HistoryEdit

In Hey There Delilah (1) he is mentioned by Kayla when she tells Ramona that she never told him about her moving to Orlando because he doesnt do long distance relationships. Later, he is texting Kayla while she is talking to Ramona. He texts her "I miss you baby <3 text me when you get this." Kayla tells Ramona she doesn't even want a relationship with him, and thinks they should just break up. After school, Jamie calls her and tells her he misses her. She tells him she needed a break, but he knew she was lying and told her he went to her old house and talked to the new residents. He breaks up with her, and hangs up on her.

In Hey There Delilah (2) he is mentioned again by Kayla when she is talking to Ramona about the break up. She helps Kayla get over the break up between the two. She tells Ramona that she is completely over Jamie, and starts developing feelings for Seth Evans. Later while Kayla is in the bathroom with Ramona, He calls her. He apologizes to Kayla about last night, and wants to get back together with her. She rejects him, telling him she ha moved on from him already. He gets mad and hangs up the phone.


  • So far, he is the only character to live outside of Florida. He lives in Dallas, the hometown of Kayla Palmero before she moved to Orlando.
  • He will be guest starring in the second half of season 2 in a plot involving Kayla.