I'm A Hazard To Myself (1)
Season 1, Episode 33
Air date March 19, 2013
Written by Situationman
Directed by Showstopper101


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Super Bass (2)
I'm A Hazard To Myself (2)
The thrity-third episode of Season 1

Main PlotEdit

Damon is forced to go watch the movie that he auditioned for with his friends, and that lowers his self confidence.


Kayla and Seth decide to tell their friends that Kayla is pregnant.

Third PlotEdit

Ramona likes Travis, but does Travis like her?


  • This episode is named after the song I'm A Hazard To Myself by Pink
  • The Main Plot was made by ScottieTheHottie.
  • The Sub and Third Plot was made by Showstopper101.


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