Frankie Martin
Character Info
Name Frankie Martin
Gender Male
Family France Martin (Younger sister)
Leo Martin (Younger brother)
Eli Martin (Younger brother)
Relationships Randi Rhodes (Girlfriend)
First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Mitchel Musso

Franklin "Frankie" Martin is a senior (Grade 12) at Orlando High School. His life is full of partying and doesnt focus much on his future. Even though his life is full of games, he likes acting. He loves to hookup with anyone and everyone. And by anyone, he means anyone. He is outgoing and fun-loving, and his parents are always gone. Frankie is also a bit bicurious too. He is dating Randi Rhodes. He is best friends with JC Chambers and good friends Molly Anderson, Trevor Armstrong, May ScottPam Jurgins and Jacob Morales. He is also friends with Jo Ferrin, Skyler Montgomery, Savannah McCullen, Alberta Arquette, Damon Wells, Cassie Stark and his former enemies, Donovan Barnett and Travis Moore. He is portrayed by Mitchell Musso.


  • He is the first character to host parties at Orlando
    • So far, he has thrown a Junior Kick-Off Party, and a Halloween Party
  • He use to date Randi, but they broke up before the season started
    • Not much is known why. All we know is that Donovan use to like her while they were dating, which started the Donovan-Frankie Conflict
  • He is one out of four characters that has to clean up the school from the Junior's Prank. The other three are Donovan , May, and Molly
  • He is the first bicurious character
  • He is one out of six characters to appear on the Season One Cover. The other five being Randi, Seth, Kayla, Donovan, and Molly
    • Whether it was a coincidence or not, the six character happen to appear in the top three most fan-favorite couples in Season One (Frandi, Sayla, and Dolly)
  • He appears on the Season Two Cover with Dallas, Brittany, Cassie, Quinn and Joe.