Daniel Smith
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Character Info
Name Daniel Smith
Gender Male
Family Mr and Mrs. Smith (Parents)

Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ken

Grey (Birth Father)

Relationships TBA
First Episode We Are Young (2)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Luke Pasqualino
Daniel Smith is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Orlando High School. When he was 11 he moved from London to Orlando with his foster parents, but he keeps his parents a secret from his friends. He is eyed by many freshmen girls, but doesnt return the feelings.He lives with his Aunt and Uncle because his parents were "framed" for murdering someone when he was younger. His parents tried to come back into his life, but he rejected him after finding out the truth about them. His family is poor, and he is insecure about his wealth. His insecurities have caused him to shoplift so he can impress his friends and gamble to stop being poor. However, he confessed and stopped shoplifting afterwards as well as gambling. He is currently the school mascot. He is bestfriends with Liam Hudson, and good friends with Rebecca Hudson, Damon Wells, Chloe Valentine, Cassie Stark, Dallas Dempsey. He is portrayed by Luke Pasqualino.


  • He lives with his aunt and uncle because his parents murdered someone and were sent to prison
  • He is the second character to become the school mascot. The first being Rebecca
  • First character to shoplift a store.
  • He is the first character to gamble with strangers and shoot someone.
  • He has connections with a drug dealer in Orlando.
  • It is revealed in Secrets And Lies that he is adopted, making him the first adopted character in Orlando history.