Damon Wells
Character Info
Name Damon Wells
Gender Male
Family TBA
Relationships William Watson (Ex-Boyfriend)

Trevor Armstrong (Boyfriend) Ben (Ex-Boyfriend; hookup)

First Episode Everybody Talks
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Cody Simpson

Damon Wells is a sophomore (Grade 10) at Orlando High School. When he was 9 he moved from L.A. to Orlando. Damon wants to be an actor and will do anything to become one. He is gay but he doesn’t want his sexuality to take over his high school years or home life. All of his current friends know about his sexuality. He is also very insecure with his body, and dislikes it when he is called fat. He became bulimic when the movie director for the movie he aufitioned for called him fat, and when Trevor choose Nathaniel over him. He overcame his disorder until he saw the movie he auditioned for, which caused him to rebecome bulimic. He was raped at one of Frankie's parties and he coped with it by drinking and cutting. He is now recovered and planned on hunting down his rapist until he discovered that the perp was Ben. His best friends are Rebecca Hudson and Chloe Valentine. He is also friends with Daniel Smith, Liam Hudson, Dallas DempseyFrankie Martin and Cassie Stark. He has reconciled with Trevor ArmstrongHe is portrayed by Cody Simpson.


  • He is one out of the two characters to be gay. The other character is Trevor
  • He is the first character to audition for a movie
  • It is mentioned in Part Of Me (1) that Damon had a boyfriend in middle school
  • He is the first character to develop an eating disorder
    • He had bulimia
  • Damon was raped in The Show Goes On (1).
  • It is revealed in Broken (1), that Ben is his rapist.