Dallas Dempsey
Character Info
Name Dallas Dempsey
Gender Male
Family TBA
Relationships Kayla Palmero (Girlfriend)
First Episode The Show Goes On (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Blake Michael
Dallas Dempsey is a new sophomore (Grade 10) at Orlando High School. Mostly known for being a practical joker, Dallas is the school's new class clown. He has a good heart and at times doesn't care what people with envy think. There are rare times when he may lose his cool, and may become hot-headed and get pissed. He is best friends with Liam Hudson and Rebecca Hudson. He is also friends with Chloe Valentine, Daniel Smith, and Damon Wells. He is in a relationship with Kayla Palmero and resolved his conflict with Ramona Peterson. He is portrayed by Blake Michael.


  • Dallas transferred to Orlando for Grade 10.
  • He is known to be a class clown.
  • Dallas shares similarities to Frankie Martin and Seth Evans.