Chloe Valentine
Character Info
Name Chloe Valentine
Gender Female
Family Tammy Valentine (Older sister)
Relationships TBA
First Episode We Are Young (1)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Lia Marie Johnson

Chloe Valentine is a sophomore (Grade 10). She's just a regular girl who is trying to become popular. Either way, she still has her dignity when it comes to facing challenges. She's loveable, bubby, and brave, which she surprises many upperclassmen. Other times, she can go off and play dirty. She is best friends with Rebecca Hudson and Damon Wells. She is also friends with Liam Hudson, Daniel Smith, Dallas Dempsey and Trevor Armstrong. She is rebuilding her friendship with Cassie Stark. She is portrayed by Lia Marie Johnson.


  • She is one out of the two freshmen to be on the cheer team. The other being Rebecca
  • She has an older sister who was bulimic.


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