Brittany King
Character Info
Name Brittany King
Gender Female
Family TBA
Relationships Joe Walls (Hookup)
First Episode The Show Goes On (2)
Last Episode TBA
Portrayed By Madison Pettis
Brittany King is a new freshman (Grade 9) at Orlando High School. She is known as Grade 9's queen bee. She tells everybody what to do and plays dirty to get what she wants. Her sunny side is almost non-existant, unless you hit her in the right spot. She was friends with Brittney Liam, until she insulted her badly. She is enemies with Kaitlin Janes, because Brittany hooked up with Joe. She is portrayed by Madison Pettis.


  • She lost her virginity to Joe Walls.
  • She will be upgraded to the regular cast in the second block of season 2 as well as receiving a plot.
  • She shares similarities to Randi Rhodes and Savannah McCullen.