• Situationman

    (Kayla is feeding Alicia before bed. She hears her mom grunting.)

    Kayla: What's wrong Mom?

    Ms. Palmero: I'm so sick all this bills coming in at once.

    Kayla: Why the heck do they keep raising our bill?

    Ms. Palmero: Because they're assholes.

    Kayla: Oh no.

    (Kayla sees a tax bill.)

    Kayla: We have taxes? Why?

    (Her mom opens the letter.)

    Ms. Palmero: Dammit!

    Kayla: $1500??!!

    Ms. Palmero: I hate this. I'll have to find a new job.

    Kayla: What should we do?

    (Daniel walks out of his room the next morning.)

    Ken: Good morning.

    Daniel: Hey...

    Ken: How are you ?

    Daniel: Fine.

    Ken: Then let me get straight to the point.

    Daniel: Okay.

    Ken: Are you still mad at us?

    Daniel: About?

    Ken: You know what about.

    Daniel: Honestly, I'm not even mad. Still a little shocked and upset but..…

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  • Situationman

    (Trevor is walking up to Orlandoi High and Frankie, Randi and France run up to him.)

    Frankie: How's it going buddy? I heard you had an emergency.

    France: Yeah, you okay?

    Randi: Bad day?

    (Donovan, Alberta, and May walk up to Trevor.)

    Donovan: Hey man!

    May: Morning, Trevor.

    (Pam walks up to Trevor.)

    Pam: Hi, Trevor!

    (Trevor walks up the stairs and turns around to everyone.)

    Trevor: I want all of you to Leave. Me. The Fuck. ALONE! Don't annoy me and don't follow me around!!

    (Everyone looks shocked and Trevor walks away.)

    (Travis is in his suite on the couch.)

    Mrs. Moore: Not going to school today?

    Travis: You told me to stay.

    Mrs. Moore: Ha! I know.

    Travis: What is this about?

    (Mr. Moore walks in.)

    Mr. Moore: Your mother came here for a reason I don't even kno…

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  • Situationman

    (Trevor is eating breakfast with his parents.)

    Trevor: And then Frankie wakes up and says "Am I in jail yet?"

    (They all laugh as his mother start taking the plates.)

    Mr. Armstrong: You're friend is a nut.

    Trevor: He always is. The funny thing is he's a party animal but he doesn't do drugs. Well he did once last year. He's clean though.

    Mrs. Armstrong: Look at the time. You better head to school.

    Trevor: Ah! I should.

    (Trevor grabs his bag.)

    Mr. Armstrong: I love you son!

    (Trevor stops, and hugs his dad.)

    Trevor: I love you too dad.

    (Trevor smiles and walks out of the house.)

    (Travis sits in class with May, Donovan and Molly. Trevor joins them.)

    Travis: And so, France has got to be one of the best kissers ever. Best feeling ever!

    Donovan: That experience…

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  • Situationman

    (Daniel, Chloe, Liam and Rebecca are walking to class.)

    Daniel: Now it feels like we've subtracted two of our crew members.

    Rebecca: Cassie being in Grade 9 again.

    Chloe: Damon on another emotional break.

    Liam: And Dallas bailing on us for Kayla. Smooth of him to transfer to Orlando High only to take the daddy role.

    Daniel: I need to get back on my skating. I haven't done it in a while!

    Liam: Wanna go to the skatepark?

    Rebecca: You don't have skates.

    Daniel: He can borrow my roller blades. Meanwhile, I'll be on my board.

    Chloe: You guys are such boys!

    Daniel: You're just jelous cause we have talent.

    (Chloe lightly punches Daniel in the arm.)

    (Delilah walks in class and sees Jo flashing a smile at Nathaniel. Delilah sits next to him.)

    Delilah: What's he…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon walks up to Frankie who is talking to Randi, Donovan, Pam and May.)

    Damon: Hello Frankie.

    Frankie: Damon buddy. What do I owe the pleassure?

    Damon: I need to talk to you... alone.

    Frankie: Sure.

    (Damon pulls Frankie aside.)

    Randi: What's so good that he takes my man?

    May: I think this has something to do with him getting raped at the senior party.

    Pam: But what's Frankie's inclusion?

    Donovan: Frankie had the list seniors at the party. That may be helpful. Hopefully.

    Pam: Hopefully didn't throw it away.

    (Damon and Frankie are talking.)

    Damon: I need to know who was at that party.

    Frankie: It'll take me awhile to gfind that list because I know I didn't throw it away.

    Damon: Are you sure?

    Frankie: I have a messy room. It's easy but can take awhile.


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  • Situationman

    (Myles is talking to Taylor. Shawn comes up and slams him to his locker.)

    Myles: What, freak?

    Shawn: I need a word with you, asshole.

    Taylor: Should I kick his ass?

    Myles: Nah. Lemme hear this.

    (Taylor walks away.)

    Shawn: You've got brass balls for blakmailing.

    Myles: Where'd you get those needles?

    Shawn: A sophomore. What do you want from me?

    Myles: It's a little payback for getting me kicked off the team.

    Shawn: You shouldn't have hazed me.

    Myles: You don't know what I'll do.

    Shawn: You know what I'm gonna do?

    Myles: I'm not scared of you.

    Shawn: But you're scared of needles.

    Myles: You'd be the one in more trouble.

    Shawn: I'm warning you!

    Myles: Whatever.

    (Myles walks away.)

    (Jay is in his car looking depressed. Jasmine calls his cell.)

    Jay: What?

    Jasmine: …

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  • Situationman

    (At football practice, Shawn leads a play.)

    Shawn: Ready! Hut!

    (Darnell passes the ball to Shawn and he throws to Trevor. Trevor makes a touchdown.)

    Blake: And touchdown! Good play!

    (Shawn stumbles.)

    Blake: You alright, Cooke?

    Shawn: Just dizzy and overheated I guess.

    Blake: Well take a cooler.

    Shawn: Thanks. Darnell!

    Darnell: What?

    Shawn: Play QB for me!

    Darnell: Whatever.

    (Shawn sits on the bence, drinks some water and breates heavily.)

    Shawn: I don't feel like strong man.

    (In Maimi, Jay is in his apartment making food. He sits on his couch. and watches T.V. His phone rings.)

    Jay: Hello?

    Jasmine: Hey Jay.

    Jay: Who's this ?

    Jasmine: It's Jasmine.

    Jay: Jasmine? I have haven't heard from you since July.

    Jasmine: When we had sex.

    Jay: Yeah. So what's up?


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  • Situationman

    (Dallas walks over to Ramona at her locker.)

    Dallas: Excuse me.

    Ramona: Can I help you?

    Dallas: Yeah you can.

    Ramona: I have class.

    (Ramona starts walking away. Dallas follows her.)

    Dallas: Did I do something wrong?

    Ramona: Who said?

    Dallas: Your attitude and everyone else's suspicion. You seem to hate me when you and I don't even talk.

    Ramona: Well...

    Dallas: Is it because I like Kayla?

    Ramona: Yeah...

    Dallas: Well that was easy. I want some answers.

    Ramona: What answers do you want? I don't do comedy that much.

    Dallas: I want to know what's the secret.

    Ramona: Don't worry about it.

    Dallas: Why not?

    Ramona: It's a secret.

    (Ramona starts walking away.)

    Dallas: How would you like to be exposed!?

    (Ramona stops and covers his mouth.)

    Ramona: What do you know abou…

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  • Situationman

    (Kayla is sitting at her locker listening to music and looking at a video of her and Seth.)

    Kayla: Where are you?

    (Ramona sits next to her.)

    Ramona: Why so glum, chum?

    Kayla: Look.

    (She shows the video of her, Seth and Alicia.)

    Ramona: Awe! You're playing!

    Kayla: Yeah...

    Ramona: Wait, you're back to sadness?

    Kayla: Yeah.

    Ramona: Why? I thought you were over it.

    Kayla: For starters, it's not easy to get over the fact that my boyfriend had cancer and he disappears. Not only that but his mother won't tell me anything. Second, he and I just had a baby in August. Third, he got me pregnant one year ago today.

    Ramona: Is it wrong to say that the last one's gross?

    (Kayla glares at Ramona.)

    Ramona: Sorry but you need some fun time!

    Kayla: Whatever!

    Ramona: Are you…

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  • Situationman

    (Molly comes to school carrying two backpacks. Maya and Donovan walk over to her.)

    Molly: Just the two people I want to see.

    May: What's the emergency?

    Molly: I explained to my dad. A plan to get him and mom to stop fighting.

    Donovan: What the idea? Is it safe?

    Molly: It's marriage saving. Take a look.

    (Molly opens the second backpack. There's punk rock clothing and gear.)

    Donovan: I've seen this act before. You're going to dress up as a hardcore goth girl?

    Molly: And you're apart of the plan, too.

    Donovan: I am? How?

    Molly: You're gonna come into my house at a que-point, then I'm gonna pretend to get frisky with you.

    Donovan: Not in front of your parents!

    Molly: They're arguing can me to go back to my old ways, remember?

    Donovan: Yeah but are you sure…

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  • Situationman

    (Molly is eating breakfast at table with May and Elena.)

    May: Have anymore waffles? I'm starving!

    Elena: I want pancakes!

    Molly: We just ran out. I'll get some after school today.

    May: As long as you get me some food. And Elena.

    (Molly's parents are arguing.)

    Molly: Not again.

    Mrs. Anderson: Why are you always out at night?

    Mr. Anderson: Because I can. What's wrong with that?

    Mrs. Anderson: Nothing... if you have an explaination!

    Mr. Anderson: I'm just with the guys!

    Mrs. Anderson: And I have to be in here watching three girls!

    Mr. Anderson: What can I say? It was two just five years ago. Lacey goes to college and now married.

    Mrs. Anderson: Do the math! May and Elena lost their parents! Now it's three and you don't even help around!

    Mr. Anderson: Im ou…

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  • Situationman

    (Donovan runs up to Randi at her locker.)

    Donovan: Randi!

    Randi: The only reason you should be talking to me is if Frankie allowed you to.

    Donovan: We're all friends. Anyways, I have a proposal.

    Randi: I'm not going to marry you.

    Donovan: You're making this awkward.

    Randi: Take a joke, why don't you?

    Donovan: Look, I was wondering if you would like to be my Vice President?

    Randi: Really? VP? I really don't know what to say.

    Donovan: You can say yes to the offer.

    Randi: Then...Yes!

    (Randi hugs Donovan.)

    Donovan: No hugging.

    Randi: Don't care.

    (Frankie sees them.)

    Frankie: You have one second to get off my girlfriend!

    (Randi gets off.)

    Randi: I gave him a hug!

    Frankie: Why?

    Randi: He wants me to be his VP!

    Frankie: Seriously? No way! Wait, why Randi?

    Donovan: Sh…

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  • Situationman

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  • Situationman

    (Donovan and Molly are skipping into class. They sit down next to Frankie and Randi.)

    Frankie: Happy day?

    Donovan: It just got better.

    Molly: We're in love.

    Randi: Our love is better.

    (Randi kisses Frankie. The announcements come on.)

    Principal Jones: Attention students of Orlando High! I am proud to announce that the school's election have been opened. Canidates for school election will be nominted by the end of the day.

    Donovan: Cool. Let's hope this president isn't some geek last year.

    Frankie:  Or a wannbe who just wants to be in it for fun and attetion like two years ago.

    Molly: It won't. I know it.

    Donovan: How's that?

    Molly: Nothing just hoping and knowing.

    (Afterclass, Savannah is with Randi, Frankie, and France in the hallway.)

    Frankie: Say, w…

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  • Situationman

    (Quinn comes to school in a more attractive outfit. She sees Ned.)

    Quinn: Mr. Pino?

    Ned: Hello Quinn. I see you took my advice on better look.

    Quinn: I sure did.

    Ned: Number one is complete. Now number two, sell it.

    Quinn: Sell it?

    Ned: Walk you halls like a movie star.

    Quinn: That's kinda...

    Ned: You want the role or not?

    Quinn: Sure. I'll sell the look.

    Ned: Good. And number three, get new friends.

    Quinn: I...

    Ned: Your choice.

    Quinn: Okay...

    Ned: Good.

    (Ned walks out. Quinn sees Delilah, Kayla, Nathaniel, Paris, Ramona and Jayden talking by lockers. They see her.)

    Quinn: I...

    (Quinn sees Frankie, Randi and JC by other lockers. She walks to them.)

    Quinn: Hey guys.

    Randi: Can we like help you?

    Quinn: Well you see, I'm getting tired of my regular crew. I want…

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  • Situationman

    (Quinn is in her room on her laptop. Paris walks out of the bathroom.)

    Paris: Thank for letting me sleepover.

    Quinn: No problem. You're just in time for the show.

    Paris: What show?

    Quinn: I just got an e-mail from the producer of my favorite sit-com!!

    Paris: Oh my god! Congrats!

    Quinn: But I don't know if I got the role. I didn;t open the e-mail yet.

    Paris: Well, open it!

    Quinn: But what if it says I didn't make it?

    Paris: Then that would be stupid of him to e-mail you.

    Quinn: Good point.

    (Quinn opens the e-mail.)


    Paris: What does it say?

    Quinn: I GOT IN!

    Paris: Yay!!

    Quinn: We better tell our friends!

    Paris: Yay!

    (They get ready for school.)

    (Jayden sits in class with Nathaniel and is texting.)

    Nathaniel: Dude, you've been texting your ass …

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  • Situationman

    (Frankie and France walk in to the school. Frankie is riding France on his back.)

    France: Faster!

    Frankie: You owe me!

    (Frankie starts walking faster. Randi, JC and Savannah see them. France gets off.)

    Frankie: Fellow friends! You remember my sister, France?

    France: Hey!

    Randi: France Martin returns.

    JC: Whoa!

    Randi: It's um. Nice to see you again.

    (Randi, JC, and Savannah walk away, awkwardly.) France: Did I miss something?

    Frankie: I don't know.

    France: It seems your friends and your girlfriend don't like me.

    Frankie: I guess it's from the past.

    (Frankie and France walk to class.)

    (Damon is in the bathroom, in despair. Liam walks in with Dallas.)

    Dallas: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

    Liam: Um.

    Dallas: I know. That was bad. Hi Damon.

    Damon: Hi Texas.…

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  • Situationman

    (Frankie is in his room getting ready for school. His mom walks in.)

    Mrs. Martin: Frankie?

    Frankie: Yeah mom?

    Mrs. Martin: I have some news.

    Frankie: Uh oh.

    Mrs. Martin: Guess who's coming back with us?

    Frankie: Eli? Leo?

    Mrs. Martin: Your sister!

    Frankie: F-France?

    Mrs. Martin: That's right. France returns.

    Frankie: Wow um.

    Mrs. Martin: I know you two had a few arguements before she left but she seems to have changed when I talked to her.

    Frankie: Yeah...

    Mrs. Frankie: She's my daughter... your sister.

    Frankie: I know.

    Mrs. Martin: Please, Frankie. She coming back from England and she needs you love and welcome.

    Frankie: Fine.

    (Mrs. Martin leaves.)

    Frankie: Let's see how this goes.

    (Damon sits at his locker having flashbacks about his rape.)

    Damon: Why?


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  • Situationman

    (Quinn and Kayla are walking in the hallway.)

    Kayla: This is upsetting me. Where is Seth?

    Quinn: Haven't seen him.

    Kayla: This is a good time for my mother to watch Naomi for the day and Seth isn't around?

    Quinn: Kayla, stop worrying! He'll text or call you.

    (They walk past an empty classroom. Kayla stops and sees Seth in it.)

    Kayla: Seth!

    Quinn: There you are! What happened?

    (Seth says nothing.)

    Kayla: Seth, speak to me. Please!

    (Seth remains silent.)

    Quinn: Are you okay?

    (Seth says something.)

    Seth: I have cancer.

    (Paris is sitting in class next to May.)

    Elizabeth: Okay class. Now remember, your history reports are due on Friday. Dismissed!

    (Everyone starts leaving. Paris goes and throws up in a trash can.)

    May: You okay, Williams?

    Paris: I'll live. Aren'…

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  • Situationman

    (Seth is walking down the hallway limping and coughing. Jayden and Nathaniel greet him.)

    Jayden: Wazzup, buddy!!

    Seth: Hey guys.

    Nathaniel: Bro, you're limping.

    Jayden: You sound sick

    Seth: My leg's hurting and my throat is so damn soar. I don't know what's going on.

    Jayden: You should go to the nurse. It's probably serious.

    Seth: Can I at least do today's test?

    Jayden: Up to you.

    Seth: Thank you.

    Jayden: But still.

    Seth: I know... you can count on me.

    Jayden: You know we can.

    (They fist bump. Nathaniel and Jayden leave. Seth's head starts hurting. He drinks some water and walks.)

    (Paris is dozing out the window. Her phone goes off. It's her boyfriend, Jay.)

    Jay: Guess what?

    Paris: What?

    Jay: I've missed you for so long.

    Paris: And?

    Jay: I'm in your town.


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  • Situationman

    (Seth is in the waiting room. Jayden, Ramona, Paris, Delilah, Nathaniel, and Quinn come in.)

    Jayden: We came as fast as we could!

    Seth: What took you so long?

    Nathaniel: My car ran out of gas on the way here.

    (They all sit down. They hear screaming.)

    Delilah: Some chick is screaming.

    Seth: That's Kayla in labor.

    (A doctor runs in.)

    Doctor: Mr. Evans, Kayla wants you in there with her.

    Seth: Coming!

    (Seth and the doctor go into the room.)

    Paris: I hope she's okay.


    (In the emergency room, Kayla is screaming)

    Kayla: AAAHHH!!!!! I FEEL EVERYTHING!!!!

    Doctor: Now take a deep breath and do a light push.

    Seth: You can do it!

    Kayla: I'M IN DEEP FUCKING PAIN!!!!!

    (Kayla stops. The baby starts crowing.)

    Doctor: Okay he's crowning.

    Kayla: I want to see it.


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  • Situationman

    Kayla: I never told my boyfriend I moved to Orlando.

    Ramona: Oh.. why didn't you?

    Kayla: Cause he doesn't do long distance relationships.

    Joe: Joe Walls in the house!

    Shawn: I'm Shawn. Shawn Cooke. Cool guy.

    Jamie: You didn't tell me you were moving.

    Kayla: I didn't want you to break up with me!

    Jamie: We're done!

    (Kayla start crying.)

    Ramona: This is Kayla! She's new!

    Seth: New girl... nice!

    Kayla: Goodbye Jamie, Hello Seth.

    (Kayla and Seth kiss.)

    Ramona: You're his first girlfriend.

    Kayla: I want to have sex with him.

    (Seth sees Kayla in lingerie. They start having sex.)

    Kayla: This can't be happening. I'm pregnant.

    Seth: I want to be with you. It's our baby.

    (They kiss.)

    Kayla: You can't go around talking crap about me.

    Quinn: Whatever.

    Kayla: Seth and I ar…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon wakes up in Frankie's bed.)

    Damon: Ugh! What the hell?

    (Frankie walks in.)

    Frankie: Dude! You're still here?

    Damon: What happened?

    Frankie: You passed out last night. I thought Trevor took you home.

    Damon: Why's my head hurting?

    Frankie: Cause you drank one beer last night.

    Damon: I feel weird.

    (Damon gets up.)

    Damon: I'm naked.

    Frankie: Yeah.

    Damon: Did we do it?

    Frankie: No we didn't. I was partying. You probably got hot.

    Damon: Oh.

    (Damon gets dressed.)

    Frankie: See you at school.

    Damon: You too.

    (Damon leaves. Frankie makes up his bed and sees a used condom.)

    Frankie: Holy crap.

    (At school; Rebecca walks up to Chloe at her locker.)

    Rebecca: Since Savannah likes playing dirty, I'm taking her down

    Chloe: Are you serious about becoming cheer captain?


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  • Situationman

    Damon:  I told you not to tell anyone that I'm gay. It's a big secret.

    (Damon walks on stage.)

    Director: You're fat! Lose some weight.

    (Damon starts crying.)

    Damon: Nathaniel is getting in the way of me liking Trevor.

    (Damon sees Trevor and Nathaniel kissing.)

    Damon: He thinks I'm fat.

    (He makes himself throw up.)

    Savannah: We have freshmen trying out!

    Randi: Well, you know what to do.

    Rebecca: It's not fair to freshmen.

    Savannah: I don't care.

    Mr. Stark: Cassie has dyslexia.

    Cassie: Rebecca! Stay out of my business!

    Rebecca: Why couldn't you tell me?

    Trevor: You lied to me!

    Nathaniel: We need to break up!

    (Trevor sees Damon.)

    Trevor: I hurt him. I don't think I have a shot.

    Chloe: What do you want me to do?

    (Trevor and Damon start kissing.)

    (Chloe and Rebecca…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon is sitting in a room with a receptionist in rehab..)

    Damon: My name is Damon Wells. I'm a student.

    Receptionist: Tell us why you're here.

    Damon: This past school year, I became bulimic.

    Receptionist: Why's that?

    Damon: I had a crush on someone who basically called me fat. I wanted to look go for him. Luckily, we started dating.

    Receptionist: Him?

    Damon: Oh I'm gay.

    Receptionist: Oh continue. What made you want to do it again?

    Damon: I had auditioned for the Romeo & Juliet movie. Before I could even audition, the director rejected me and called me fat. I couldn't take it anymore.

    Receptionist: Here's a tip. Do what you have to do but stay safe.

    Damon: I'll remember that.

    Receptionist: Okay Damon. That's all for today.

    Damon: Thank you.

    (Damon walk…

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  • Situationman

    (The Last day of school; Molly and Donovan walk in the school holding hands.)

    Donovan: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?

    Molly: Yeah, you.

    Donovan: That's right.

    Molly: I really enjoyed last week.

    Donovan: Which part? The part where we became friends with all our old enemies or the part where you took me to you bedroom?

    Molly: Both.

    (She kisses him. Randi, Frankie and Savannah walk to them.)

    Frankie: Hey, ya'll.

    (Frankie and Donovan fist bump. Molly and Savannah hug.)

    Randi: What am I? Chopped Liver?

    (Donovan and Molly hug Randi.)

    Frankie: Who's ready for prom, tomorrow night?

    Savannah: I am.

    Randi: We should run for Prom King and Queen.

    Savannah: Jayden's a sophomore.

    Randi: Just say he's a junior.

    Savannah: Um okay.

    (Skyler walks to them.)


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  • Situationman

    (Donovan walks out of class looking cautious. Travis sees him.)

    Travis: Nightmares?

    Donovan: No. Jake and his crew.

    Travis: They're at it again?

    Donovan: They always are.

    Travis: Ouch.

    Donovan: You don't know how I'm feeling.

    Travis: Don, are you gonna let Jackass Morales, Jomophobe, and Jerky Chambers ruin you?

    Donovan: No...

    Travis: Then fight back.

    Donovan: I don't wanna get in anymore trouble then I already am.

    Travis: Do you want Prom crashed on your part?

    Donovan: No.

    Travis: How about Grade 12? Graduation? Senior Prom? You those to be let down? Along with Molly?

    Donovan: No, man!

    Travis: Then brush these guys off your shoulders.

    Donovan: How?

    Travis: We these.

    (Travis points at Donovan's fists.)

    Travis: And this.

    (He points at his head.)

    Donovan: Think …

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  • Situationman

    (Donovan walks to his locker with Molly.)

    Molly: We only have two weeks left of school.

    Donovan: Yep. That's why us juniors better move to the senior locker.

    Molly: Haha!

    (They kiss.)

    Molly: Don't look now! Jocab's coming.

    (Jacob and JC walk past them.)

    Jacob: >cough< stealer.

    Donovan: >cough< loser.

    Jacob: You know what?

    Donovan: What?!

    (Molly keeps them apart.)

    Molly: Can we get through these last two weeks without violence?

    Jacob: I'm just trying to make things right!

    Molly: It's called moving on!

    Jacob: Watch! Just watch!

    (Jacob backs up slowly then leaves with JC.)

    Donovan: That doesn't sound good. This is bad.

    (Damon runs into a bathroom. Liam and Daniel are in the hallway.)

    Liam: Maybe he had a loud dump.

    (They go in. They hear Damon throwing up.)


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  • Situationman

    (Frankie is seen walking to his locker. People are staring and grinning at him.)

    Frankie: This is so annoying.

    (JC and walks up to him.)

    JC: Hey dude. I saw your latest performance.

    Frankie: Not now, man. I'm embarrased enough.

    JC: I know but to out Trevor like that? Not cool.

    Frankie: I didn't mean to. I was high!

    JC: Yeah, and what made you wanna get high?

    Frankie: I don't know. It was a solution. Randi and I were on a break so I smoked to entertain myself.

    JC: You weren't on break when THIS happened.

    Frankie: I got addicted.

    JC: Lesson learned about drugs?

    Frankie: And I can see who I get " addiction" from.

    JC: Um, who?

    Frankie: France.

    JC: Oh her. But anyways, you can still fix this.

    Frankie: Fix what?

    JC: All of this. Trevor and Randi.

    Frankie: What if…

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  • Situationman

    (Frankie and Randi are walking to class.)

    Frankie: Did you miss me?

    Randi: You know it. I was probably wrong to put us on a break.

    Frankie: I'm not mad anymore now that you're hear.

    Randi: Yeah. Now, what was that solution?

    Frankie: Huh?

    Randi: You said you needed a solution during the break what was it?

    Frankie: Um... just R&R.

    Randi: That was it?

    Frankie: It's not like I did drastic stuff or anything.

    Randi: As long as you love me.

    (They kiss.)

    (Delilah and Nathaniel are at her locker.)

    Delilah: It's almost the end of the year and all I've had this year was homophobic crap.

    Nathaniel: I'm trying not receive any "bi-phobic" nonsense.

    Delilah: Easy for you. You just found yourself out. Plus, you're still in the closet.

    Nathaniel: Meh, sorry.

    Delilah: No pr…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon is walking in the hallway. He bumps into Liam.)

    Liam: Hey, man.

    Damon: Hi Liam.

    Liam: You okay?

    Damon: Yeah, I'm good.

    Liam: Look, sorry that we took you to see that movie.

    Damon: It's okay.

    Liam: We totally forgot that you auditioned for that movie.

    Damon: It's okay. I'm over it.

    Liam: I'm glad you are.

    (Damon starts feeling sick.)

    Liam: Dude, are you okay?

    Damon: I ate too much popcorn last night. Today's breakfast made it worse.

    Liam: Are you gonna be okay?

    Damon: I'll live.

    (Liam walks away. Damon runs into the nearest bathroom and begins throwing up.)

    Damon: That was more than usual.

    (At the Media Classroom. Kayla walks up to Quinn.)

    Quinn: Oh, hi Kayla.

    Kayla: You've got to be kidding me.

    Quinn: What?

    Kayla: Don't be friendly to me after posting c…

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  • Situationman

    (Damon walks in the school with Trevor. Chloe walks up to them.)

    Chloe: Hey guys!

    Damon: Chloe!!

    (They hug.)

    Trevor: Hi Chloe.

    Chloe: Hi Trevor. So guys, I was wondering if you would like to see Romeo & Juliet tonight with me, Rebecca, Liam, Cassie.?

    Trevor: I'm in. Or is it one of those niners' night out?

    Chloe: You can come too, Trevor. Damon? How about you?

    Damon: No.

    Chloe: Why not? It's a good movie and has gotten good reviews.

    Damon: It's just not my thing. Romance movie aren't my thing.

    Chloe: You're living in romance right now.

    Trevor: That's right. Me.

    Damon: I don't like watching it. I want to live it.

    Trevor: Just this one time? Please.

    (He whispers.)

    Trevor: For me?

    Damon: Fine. For you.

    Trevor: Yay!

    (Damon walks away.)

    Chloe: He doesn't seem fond…

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  • Situationman

    (Molly and Elena walks into May's room.)

    Molly: May?

    Elena: Where's May?

    (Molly sees a note. It says "Molly, look on my laptop." Molly opens May's laptop and sees a video of May.)

    May: Molly, if you're watching this then I am just about an hour away from doing something very drastic because.. I'm done. It should be about 8:30 at the time of you watching this video...

    (Molly looks at her watch. It says 8:30am.)

    May: Thank you for being my friend, you've been very supportive. Thanks you, Elena, for being my sister. It's been a ride. If you want to save me, bring JC with you. Bye my friends.

    (The video ends.)

    Molly: Oh my gosh!!!!

    (Daniel is walking to school. He hears something.)

    Daniel: Huh?

    (Daniel keeps walking. He hears it again.)

    Daniel: Who's ther…

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  • Situationman

    (May is looking at a picture of her, Elena and her parents.)

    May: My... fault.

    (Molly walks in with Elena.)

    Molly: Are you okay?

    May: Do I look okay?

    Molly: Quite depressing, actually.

    May: Sorry, it's just that I'm still sad.

    Elena: No sad!!

    May: Oh, please.

    Molly: Is anything gonna help you feel better?

    May: I don't know.

    Molly: That's it! We're tired of seeing you so depressed.

    May: Huh?

    Molly: Tomorrow after school, you, me and Elena are going to Universal Studios.

    May: I don't need joy. I need time.

    Molly: And you're past due. It's time for fun. You're out of control.

    Elena: Fun!!

    (Elena hugs May leg.)

    (Daniel is looking at bills.)

    Daniel: Uncle Ken?

    Uncle Ken: Huh?

    Daniel: What's with the past due bills? Didn't you pay these?

    Uncle Ken: Oh I must've forgo…

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  • Situationman

    (On Monday, Trevor comes to school smiling. Chloe walks up to him.)

    Chloe: Someone's happy.

    Trevor: Today's the day.

    Chloe: And it happens after school.

    Trevor: I know.

    Chloe: Here comes Damon. Go!

    Trevor: Okay.

    (Trevor runs into the school.)

    Damon: Chloe! Hello.

    Chloe: Hi Damon. Um... Can you go to the... boiler room?

    Damon: The boiler room? Now?

    Chloe: No, not now. Afterschool.

    Damon: What for?

    Chloe: A surprise.

    Damon: Okay, missy.

    (Ramona is in gym. Kayla walks in.)

    Ramona: I haven't seen you in here for a while.

    Kayla: I gotta do some working out for, you know what.

    Ramona: Yep.

    Kayla: That was brave on Friday.

    Ramona: Punching Maive?

    Kayla: Yeah.

    Ramona: You think she deserves it? I do.

    Kayla: I do, too.

    Ramona: Good. Someone on the same page as me.

    Kayla: B…

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  • Situationman

    (Trevor comes from behind a locker and stares at Damon at HIS locker. Chloe catches him.)

    Chloe: What are you doing?

    Trevor: Ahh. Oh, Kelly. It's you.

    Chloe: It's Chloe.

    Trevor: I knew that.

    Chloe: Why are you staring at Damon?

    Trevor: You're his best friend, right? I need a favor.

    Chloe: Want me to tell him that you want to hurt more of his feelings?

    Trevor: No! No, I want you to somewhat...set a... umm.

    Chloe: A date?

    Trevor: Yeah, I'll explain later. Don't mention this to him or anyone.

    Chloe: I guess.

    (Trevor leaves. Damon walks over to Chloe.)

    Damon: What were you doing talking to Trevor?

    Chloe: He wanted me to tell you something.

    Damon: What?

    Chloe: That's he's deeply sorry for hurting your feelings.

    Damon: That's sweet of him but he needs to tell me…

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  • Situationman

    (Randi is at her locker when she sees Frankie coming over. He doesn't notice her, yet. Randi walks away fast and bumps into Molly.)

    Molly: Oops! Sorry Randi.

    Randi: It's okay Molls.

    Frankie: There's my ring-pop.

    Randi: Yes, Frankie?

    Frankie: Hey Molls.

    Molly: What's up Franks.

    Frankie: So Randi, wanna hang tonight? I mean, we haven't hung out in awhile.

    Randi: I've got tons of Homework.

    Frankie: Again? I'm starting to think you're avoiding me.

    Randi: Don't think that. I'm not.

    Frankie: Okay then.

    (Frankie walks away.)

    Molly: What's the deal with you guys?

    Randi: He and I are hanging around too much and he kept a secret from me.

    Molly: A secret?

    Randi: The conversation I falsely blamed you for.

    Molly: Oh.

    Randi: So now, I just need some space.

    Molly: Good luc…

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  • Situationman

    (Liam and Rebecca making out in the boiler room.)

    Liam: I'm glad we can keep this relationship secret.

    Rebecca: I know right. Mmmm. You smell like Hollister Social.

    Liam: It's awesome, right?

    Rebecca: We've been dating for two months.

    Liam: In secret.

    Rebecca: It's gotta stay that way.

    Liam: Cause we're twins. This is so wrong.

    Rebecca: But it feels so right. What if someone finds out about us?

    Liam: They won’t.

    (Liam and Rebecca continue making out until Liam's phone goes off.)

    Liam: It's Blake.

    (Liam answers his phone.)

    Blake: Where are you guys?

    Liam: We're still in the school.

    Blake: Well come on out. Class is over.

    Liam: On our way.

    (Liam hangs up.)

    Rebecca: And Blake, once again, interupts.

    Liam: It sucks but he'll come looking for us if we don't answer. …

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  • Situationman

    (Donavan knocks on Molly's door. Molly answers.)

    Molly: Baby, Hey. Come in.

    Donavan: Hey! Missed you all day!

    Molly: Yeah, same.

    Donovan: You okay, you don't happy. Is it because of May or...?

    Molly: It's hard to explain everything thats going on right now.

    Donovan: You can tell me anything. I promise that we can work it all out.

    Molly: Jacob wants me back...

    Donavan: What?

    Molly: He came to me last week begging me to leave you and take him back.

    Donovan: Why didn't you tell me?

    Molly: We just started dating, that last thing I need is for you to worry.

    Donovan: Well now I'm worried. What else is happened?

    Molly: Randi and her stooges still pick on me. What more can happen?

    Donovan: I can kick Jake's ass for you.

    Molly: If he starts trouble, then yes.


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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Molly, Frankie, and Mrs. Underwood are in her room)

    Elizabeth: In order to put on this production, we are going to money for sets, cosumes, tickets, things like that. Since were on budget cuts, we don't have much money for that.

    Frankie: Why can't we just put on a fundraiser?

    Elizabeth: That's what I was going to say. We need to find a way to fundraise for this play if we want it to be the best production this school has ever put on.

    (Travis walks into her room)

    Travis: Didn't mean to overhear your conversation, but I wanted to give you my essay Mrs. Underwood.

    Elizabeth: Thank you Travis.

    (Travis hands Mrs. Underwood his essay)

    Travis: And I have an idea on a way to fundraise.

    Molly: Do tell!

    Travis: Since Valentines Day is approaching, why not throw a d…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Molly arrives at the police station the next morning. May walks out of the jail cell and starts walking toward her. They leave the station and walk to Molly's car)

    May: One night in jail was just too much!

    Molly: Well, why were you drinking?

    May: It was just a one time mistake that will never happen again.

    Molly: You better school for once. Once it ends your going back here.

    May: Why would I be coming back?

    Molly: To determine your punishment. You committed a crime. You already got your warning from Frankie's Halloween Party if you don't remember.

    (May and Molly get into Molly's car)

    May: Stupid Donovan.

    Molly: But he made up for it!

    May: Let's just get the day over with.

    Molly: But my parents are hiring a good attorney to help you.

    May: Things can't get any w…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (May looks at the picture of her family sitting next to her bed. She then looks at her bag)

    May: Why the hell not!

    (She walks toward her bag and opens it up. She notices that she only has one bottle left)

    May: Everything is going by too fast. But I better make this moment last

    (May grabs her last bottle of wine and drinks it. She grabs her phone and calls Frankie)

    Frankie: May, what is it?

    May: Do you have any more bottles of wine? I could really use some.

    Frankie: No, cause my parents got rid of it all after the Christmas party. Why do you need it?

    May: I'm just in the mood for a couple of drinks, thats all. I don't have any on me. Just drank my last one.

    Frankie: Do you have a drinking problem?

    May: Just keep this our little secret, ok. And can you drive…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Mrs. Palmero drives Kayla and Ramona to school)

    Mrs. Palmero: Kayla, can you stay in the car, I'd like to talk to you privatley about everything.

    Ramona: I'll meet you at your locker Kayla!

    (Ramona walks out of Kayla's car and walks to the school)

    Mrs. Palmero: I'm sorry to hear about your break up Kayla.

    Kayla: Thanks mom, I don't see how everything can get worse.

    Mrs. Palmero: Do you know what your going to do with the baby?

    Kayla: I haven't even thought about that yet!

    Mrs. Palmero: I just want you to know that if you decide to keep it, I am willing to help you raise it. I will even raise the child when your off to college. I'm thirty-two, and still young as a parent. And I want you to still be able to do the things that you want to accomplish. We ca…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Kayla and Ramona are sitting on chairs outside a doctor’s office)

    Kayla: What if the test results come out positive? I don't know if I would be able to tell Seth.

    Ramona: Your gonna have to tell him. It's his baby too!

    Kayla: I know, I'm just afraid people are gonna hate me when they find out! I'm pretty sure my mom's gonna flip out on me, Seth's gonna dump me, and all my friends will abandon me.

    Ramona: Kayla, I'm still here. If I haven't left you, then everyone else is gonna go the same.

    Kayla: True. I just hope the tests are negative.

    Ramona: And maybe once we find out, we won't be late to school

    Kayla: Ray, I have a lot more serious problems going on then being late for school.

    Ramona: Well, lets just see the results first.

    (A doctor walks over to Kay…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    Ok since Orlando TCB is going to premire this Saturday (October 6th) I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak of the first episode With Arms Wide Open (1). Its gonna be the first scene of the first plot aka a sneak peak of Kayla's preganacy. Enjoy!

    (Kayla and Ramona are sitting on chairs outside a doctors office)

    Kayla: What if the test results come out positive? I don't know if I would be able to tell Seth.

    Ramona: Your gonna have to tell him. It's his baby too!

    Kayla: I know, I'm just afraid people are gonna hate me when they find out! I'm pretty sure my mom's gonna flip out on me, Seth's gonna dump me, and all my friends will abandon me.

    Ramona: Kayla, I'm still here. If I haven't left you, then everyone else is gonna go the same.

    Kayla: True…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    ...Coming This Fall...

    Elizabeth: Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a nice winter break!

    Daniel: Here we go again!

    ...The School Year Is Almost Done...

    May: Everything is going by too fast

    (May starts opening a bottle of wine. Molly walks in)

    Molly: What are you doing?

    May: My problem, not yours!

    Molly: You need to stop!

    …But The Drama…

    Doctor: Your pregnant!

    Kayla: I don't think I can tell him!

    Ramona: You have to!

    Kayla: He's gonna leave me, and I'll have no one!

    (Kayla starts crying on her Mom's shoulder)

    …Has Just Begun…

    Molly: You make me happy. Happier then I was before!

    (Donovan and Molly start kissing)

    Jacob: You think you can just take her from me? She was mine first!

    Donovan: She choose me over you! I was there for her when you were making fun of her. Acce…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Kayla is at her locker. Seth walks over to her)

    Seth: Merry Christmas!

    Kayla: Oh, Merry Christmas Babe!

    Seth: You ok?

    Kayla: I'm fine. Just a little headache, but I'll get over it.

    Seth: Well, I hope my christmas gift makes your headache go awa, even though Christmas isn't until five more days.

    Kayla: I hope you like mine too!

    (They take out their presents from their bags, and exchange gifts)

    Kayla: You first!

    Seth: No, you first!

    (Kayla opens her gift. She takes out a necklace)

    Kayla: It's a nice necklace! Let me put it on now. I like the K on it!

    Seth: You deserve it!

    (She puts on her necklace)

    Kayla: Now open yours!

    (Seth opens his gift)

    Seth: You made me a playlist? Thanks!

    Kayla: Of all the songs that remind me of you! We can listen to them together all winter br…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Liam is laying in bed sleeping. Rebecca walks into his room and throws a pillow at him)

    Liam: What was that for?

    Rebecca: I needed to get you up! We need to talk!

    Liam: About...

    Rebecca: Last night. That can't happen again.

    Liam: What do you mean?

    Rebecca: The kiss... us. It can't happen!

    Liam: Why not? I thought you liked it!

    Rebecca: Liam, were twins! That's just weird to do that kind of stuff with them!

    Liam: You kissed me back though.

    Rebecca: I know, but we can't happen!

    Liam: Just admit that you like me?

    Rebecca: I don't! Ok. Just do what I ask please!

    Liam: Then how come you kissed me back when I kissed you?

    Rebecca: Just don't bring it up to anyone else or talk about it! It's best that it remains between us!

    (Rebecca walks out of Liams room. Liam's alarm goes…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Liam walks over to Rebecca, who is at her locker)

    Liam: So, what are we doing babe?

    Rebecca: You really need to work on that. Don't call your girlfriend babe.... ever!

    Liam: Ok what do you wanna do?

    Rebecca: I don't know. I think maybe a nice romantic picnic with my boyfriend would be the best date ever!

    Liam: Really?

    Rebecca: Well, you are a special guy, aren't you?

    Liam: And you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!

    Rebecca: You are such a gentlemen. I'm just glad your not a douche like all the other guys.

    (Rebecca and Liam kiss. An alarm starts going off. Rebecca stops kissing him)

    Rebecca: Liam! Liam! Liam!

    (Liam wakes up. He notices his alarm going off, and Rebecca is in his room)

    Liam: What?

    Rebecca: Can you turn your alarm off! It woke me up, and…

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  • ScottieTheHottie

    (Randi and Frankie get out of Randi's car and pull into the school)

    Frankie: Today is the day we get our revenge!

    Randi: I think we should wait until she does something else. I know our plan is really good, but I don't think I should do something yet.

    Frankie: You sure you really want to do that?

    Randi: I think it's the best thing to do!

    (Savannah, Jo, Skyler, and Jacob stab the tires of Randi's car, and spray paint her car. Frankie and Randi turn around and see them. They run over to them)

    Randi: What the hell is this for?

    Savannah: Next time, think twice before kicking me off the cheer team.

    Frankie: You deserve being kicked off the team! You backstabbed her infront of her face!

    Jo: Well well well, isn't it the supportive boyfriend!

    Randi: This isn't over …

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