Bleeding Love (1)
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date July 23, 2012
Written by Scooter14
Directed by Scooter14
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Like A Virgin (2)
Bleeding Love (2)

The twelfth episode to Season 1 of Orlando The City Beautiful

Main PlotEdit

Molly gets hurt by the all of the bullying and hates all the stress thats getting put on her, until a jock tries to get her attention


Daniel's parents are released from jail, but will one big lie change his feelings for them?

Third PlotEdit

Frankie finally admits that he still likes Randi


  • This episode is named after the song Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
  • Molly starts cutting herself in this episode
  • This episode marks the start to Molly and Jacob's relationship
  • Frankie and Randi admit that they still like eachother
  • Daniel finds out his parents actually murdered someone and were never framed


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