Bad Day (2)
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date February 24, 2013
Written by Situationman
Directed by Situationman


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Bad Day (1)
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The thirtieth episode of Season 1

Main PlotEdit

Trevor's date with Damon can't go wrong... can't it?


Ramona's family come to the source of the "why" she left home.

Third PlotEdit

Cassie goes to an old enemy for help.


  • This episode is named after the sond Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
  • This marks Samantha and Cassie's first interaction since Family Portrait (2).
  • The Main Plot and Subplot were made by Situationman.
  • The Third Plot was made by ScottieTheHottie.
  • This marks the beginning of Damon and Trevor's relationship.
  • Maive and Ramona become sisters again.
  • Ramona is revealed to have taken self defense lessons.


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